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One of the best con jobs the Devil every created.

In our Bibles, we have reference to the Devil as an immortal many times in our history. Probably the most descriptive is the one in Job. Where the Devil and our God make a wager over the devoted worshiper Job and his family.

Nothing describes this better than the position of Job as described.

Everything goes wrong for Job as his fate is turned over to the Devil.

Makes me wonder what other wagers have been made.

Humans often breed and train dogs to fight to the death in an illegal arena.

We are described in the beginning as a copy of the species from which the Devil comes from only with a very limited lifespan. Before the flood it was approximately 900 plus years. After the flood, it was approximately 120. In today’s world it is often less than 80.

In the book, God makes note that he created us and he can do anything he wants with us.

I do not see anything changed. That is still the case.

With those rules in mind, the Devil is known for being the father of lies.

And that is permitted. Simply by the rules established in Job concerning us.

When it comes to this species, they consider us little more than pets with entertainment potential. We are after all mortal. Here today, gone tomorrow. In comparison we are probably at the level of a barrel of monkeys in our intelligence or less.

There seems to be a wager or contest concerning us that we do not know much about.

Like who gets the most followers. Like what is the prize if one or the other wins?

Ownership does not involve damage or not damage to said human beings.

So it is perfectly logical to lie to humans and give them false promises as to the outcome of their mortality.

That appears to be in these unknown rules that we do not even know we are playing by.

So generating a religion with promises of paradise if you die for the cause is perfectly logical to these superior beings we are dealing with apparently on this Earth.

Committing suicide in the cause gets you a reward of heaven in the hereafter.

Many religions have used this con on humans.

One King in the Bible and I am not sure where bargained with God for 15 extra years so he could raise his son. The rules were he could lose points in his life by doing so but gain nothing more if he was granted an exemption of 15 years to raise a son. It did not go well. The son still ended up in the Devil’s hands.

So a contest of some kind is going on. Only we do not know the rules.

I think though that in the ultimate court of God, each of us is either judged or not judged in accordance with the meter by which we judge others. (proverbs)

I think we crossed a line when Jesus was born, raised human, had god-like powers, claimed his father as the God of creation, and gave us an exception to judgement by his blood and the Grace.

Even so, Jesus always obeys his father’s will.

The greatest con of all time is probably the promise of paradise for sacrificing one’s life for one’s religion. There is nothing new about the promise.

I think with the invention of weapons of incredible destruction the game is almost over with. Because without intervention from this species in Job, none of us are likely to survive their wager at all.

This species considers us inferior without rights. That is the warning.

So allowing us to self-destruct is within their laws.

Helping us to self-destruct I think might be against their laws.

We are settled here on a planet that is beautiful in many ways. It is also a planet of mortality in that every species is killing every other species one way or another.

We have a time bomb. That bomb is mortality by aging. Even the best and wealthiest on the planet have this time bomb connected in their cells. No person no matter how wealthy has come up with a solution to this aging disease.

According to the Bible and I would have trouble telling where, we have a life after death of our bodies and something called a soul.

Said life appears to be a life that we have no definite evidence of.

Though we have an entire history of something called ghosts.

There appears to be a contest between God and the Devil over who gets those spirits that survive death of the body.

Jesus had a ministry in which he went around healing people. He was known to disobey the physics of the Universe in that he walked on liquid water.

I think it is all coming to a conclusion of the game.

It is a game of at least 5-6,000 years in duration.

Which is probably nothing considering these beings happen to be immortal.

Whenever mankind gets to the point where we are able to change the rules of the game, then that is when this other species steps in and throws us all back to the beginning of our technology.

The real difference being they are immortal and we are not.

Soon our engineers and scientists will figure out the aging disease and stop it cold.

Soon it is likely we will have manned expeditions exploring the Solar System and beyond.

I think this will trigger the end of the game. It is likely it will trigger the return of this species that apparently created us in their image. What happens from there is any one’s guess. Originally they confused our language with one another at a place called Babel. When we intermixed with their species, the hybrids were destroyed in a “world-wide” flood. That only does not make sense simply because of the wide range of species planet wide.

I think this species posed as gods and used us as slaves over a lengthy period of time in our prehistory and in the documentation of the Bible. I think they are linked to us biology wise and can have children by our women. The children appear to be illegal at this point in time by their rules. That is speculation.

I think they can eat our food.

I think also there is a Prime Directive now going on that prevents them from interacting with our species. That Directive is obsolete if we get to the point where we might destroy ourselves or transport our selves off planet. We are most likely disobeying those rules if we learn to become immortals.

God had a purpose in creating us. At every point in time that we learn too much, we are pushed back to the stone age.

The question is whether or not the “rules” are still in place. And that is the real Con job of the Devil. Is he one of the wager people and therefore exempt from punishment?








A modest and impossible proposal to resolve our energy needs

The following is a rule of thumb formula and not necessarily terribly accurate given by a professional miner.

The temperature of the Earth increases 10 deg F per 1,000 feet of depth. Therefore a basement is commonly 52 degrees temperature fahrenheit.

Chart 1. Rule of thumb temperatures at various depths using feet and Fahrenheit.

52 F surface
62 F 1,000 feet
72 F 2,000 feet
82 F 3,000 feet
92 F 4,000 feet
102 F 5,000 feet
112 F 6,000 feet
122 F 7.000 feet
132 F 8,000 feet
142 F 9,000 feet
152 F 10,000 feet
162 F 11,000 feet
172 F 12,000 feet
182 F 13,000 feet
192 F 14,000 feet
202 F 15,000 feet
212 F 16,000 feet
222 F 17,000 feet

To heat a house using this guide, I would have to dig down at least 2,000 feet but more likely 3,000 feet as there is bound to be entrophy and a reduction in temperature. This temperature most likely would be transported by the use of heated water from the 3,000 feet level.

A standard furnace often produces 80 degree vent temperatures to keep the temperature at 68 degrees F.

From a practical stand point, using the 52 degrees F. temperature it is easier to heat from 52 than from the average 20 degrees in winter.

So if we went down a thousand feet we would be increasing the temperature manually about 10 degrees F.

Over the life of a house, say 100 years, that is a considerable utility bill savings.

But let us say we wanted to tap the earth’s temperature to boil water. I suggest an insulated pipe going to 16,000 feet would give you a continuous generation of electricity with a steam engine of some kind. The expense of going that deep is huge. Once such a depth is reached you have pollution free energy forever!

Meaning you have to have a substation controlling the pumping of said hot water.

Potentially such a system would generate enormous amounts of electricity without many side effects to worry about.

The real problem is the density of the water under pressures that deep altering the boiling point of water.

Or you tap into the temperature and transmit the heat to a station underground somewhere in between.

The reward of such a temperature at roughly 16K feet is that you have endless energy to work with at no real expense past getting to that depth.

If we could produce housing at approximately 400 feet below the surface it is not too far fetched that a constant temperature of 62 degrees would make utility heating a thing of the past. You would be heating approximately 5 to 10 degrees F.

In our town there is a river running about 400 feet below the surface. Said water is very hard. Meaning heavy mineral content. But it is useable.

The problem is getting materials capable of dealing with the intense pressures of the Earth at those depths.

God only knows if the temperature rule of thumb will be accurate or if there is a continuous increase above the formula 10 degrees F. per thousand feet.

I think that is relative to where you dig.

The exact engineering might differ considerably the deeper you go.

Water at 400 feet could be under considerable pressure.

The Earth itself is full of various liquids. The entire project may be useless if you run into water wells deep in the earth.

There is also the possibility of huge caverns depending on if Limestone is a factor deep in the Earth. More likely it will be granite. Or Iron deposits.

The amount of knowledge we all ready have from geologists is likely to be invaluable when putting it to practical use.

A comparison with nuclear energy with all of its baggage might make this source of energy more practical than nuclear energy is.

The core of the Earth itself is said to be about the same or higher than our Sun.

So the deeper you go, the chart is possibly inaccurate and the temperature rise is far greater than estimated by the rule of thumb.

We may get the same results at 10,000 feet that we have estimated at 16,000 feet.

We may have to only go 4,000 feet down for the same results in some areas near volcanic activity.

Geothermal energy is practical in places like Iceland.

It may be practical every where else once we know more about heat sources within the planet.


The search for the impossible, improbable Planet Nine

First, I am no astronomer. I have taken an interest in astronomy since I was a little boy. But as for the technical side of things I do not have any qualifications to be an astronomer at all.

I am however fairly good at recognizing patterns. And that is where we might find the probable Planet Nine.

In the early history of astronomy we had something called Bode’s Law. Simply put the planets all favor a pattern of general distance from the Sun. Starting with Mercury, at 36 million miles from the Sun, we then come to Venus at 67 million miles out, and then Earth at 93 million miles.

30 million miles between Mercury and Venus. 26 million miles between Venus and Earth. The pattern is similar. Not exact. I think we are doing it wrong.

What we have is a close resemblance between the orbits of the planets and the ripple effect of throwing a large stone into a pond.

The major players in this ripple effect in the inner solar system are Jupiter and the Sun. This ripple effect appears to stay constant between Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, and Neptune.

There is a missing planet! It is the necklace of asteroids between Mars and Jupiter where a planet should occur with the ripple effect in place.

I suggest that we have gas giants and iron/nickel core planets and asteroids. We have a number of iron/nickel moons. So many in fact that Jupiter alone has over 61 satellites.

The gas giants fall into two categories. Saturn and Jupiter probably do not have a solid core. Though that is not for sure.

Uranus and Neptune possibly have solid cores with extemely high core temperatures close to that of the Sun. They also have extremely large atmospheres that suggests gas giants. But if they have high temperature cores, then it is possible they have thin crusts as well that are cooler.

I mention this only because Uranus and Neptune both have gravity similar to that of the Earth. To me the logic is that they might have the same iron/nickel hot cores that the Earth has with a considerably deeper and denser atmospheres. It is possible then that both planets might have goldilock zones where life might actually have evolved into something far different than we have on our planet. Namely life that is far larger than our own life supported by a far denser atmosphere than we have here.

Uranus might be a candidate simply because of the extreme slant of the planet in regards to its orbit around the sun. That might include huge electrical storms in the atmosphere.

Neptune has the highest speed winds in the solar system.

With a core temperature approaching 8K F. degrees, a thin layer of Earth type temperatures might exist deep in the planet’s atmosphere. Probably with liquid water involved.

The other factor is a large moon circling the planet.

Large moon means tides.

Next we have a large belt of asteroids and these are not a necklace but a continuous band of matter and small planets.

I would use the ripple effect observed in the other planets to predict where such a ninth planet might exist. That puts it somewhere between 26 million miles and 50 million miles out from the asteroid belt in the outer solar system.

What is problematic is the origin of such a planet might have come from a rogue somewhere out there. That suggests a brown dwarf star in the process of breaking up over millions of years. Such a rogue brown dwarf or sub-brown dwarf likely has a solid surface of iron/nickel spectrum of elements and possibly covered in liquid oceans. The interior heat of the star might be also in the 8K F. range or better. What is important here is that water is explosive. If it gets under the mantle of such an object it could very well explode extreme amounts of heavy matter off it’s surface into outer space. The atmosphere of said object is neither a star anymore or a planet and it most likely has a very light gravitational pull for its size. It more than likely has generated Earth/Venus sized planets currently rotating as moons around the star. In rare incidences such a planet may have entered orbit around the Sun between Jupiter and the Sun. Thus giving a possible origin of the inner planets Mars, Earth, Venus, and Mercury. I am suggesting gravity in the range of 2-5 earth gravity. It could be much higher or lower. I am guessing. It could be 10 times the gravity of Earth. Which suggests creating planets might be extremely rare occurances. I am suggesting that at least 6 or 7 such objects rotate around the planet and at least one has escaped the gravity all together to be where planet nine might be using the ripple pattern effect to determine where it is.

There is a probability said planet is in an extreme comet-like orbit. Then the ripple effect may not apply. Said planet may be rotating around the Sun opposite to every planet we know about.

Such an origin might explain Venus. Venus has some very strange things about it including a rotation larger than its year.

The other possibility is the star and its planets are moving in direct opposition to the orbits of the planets inside the outer asteroid belt. So until it reaches one of the big four(Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus or Neptune) it is traveling the wrong direction around the Sun. Such a conflict might include a lot of heat.

If Earth sized planets were created in this manner more than likely they would be flung outside the solar system. Rarely in the cases of Earth, Mars, Mercury and Venus, they stabilized between Jupiter and the Sun.

The deciding factor might be water that came from the star itself. Since the star no longer is a star but a huge planet with an iron/nickel core and enough energy left to have a hot core then liquid water is a natural conclusion and is probable around most of the major moons of the solar system in one form or another. I am proposing that the star has a huge ocean over most of the planet/star and said object is probably at least 1-2 light years out. Do not know if it is in a stable obit around the Sun that far out.

The question in my mind is could life have originated there and then get planted where ever a goldilocks zone exists.

Said life would then be capable of using food from the Earth. Common origin with life on the Earth being a factor.

Our legends and myths do contain indications that so called “gods” from space were capable of hybrid children between them and us. Also said “gods” did eat the same foods as we do.

Our own bible refers to mankind being an artificial creation in the pattern of the “gods”.

Said gods beings larger than us and also with a very long lifespan. Said gods referred often to as being immortal.

As theories go, this is one of my wilder notions. But it is very possible.

I would look for a planet rotating around the Sun in accordance with the ripple effect outside the outer asteroid belt. It is most likely orbiting the wrong direction around the Sun and it is most likely about the size of Uranus. Although it could also be much smaller and much denser with a gravity similar though higher than that of the Earth. Said object most likely would then have a gravity of less than 3 times that of the Earth.

I would suggest it is 30-50 degrees off the dish-like orbits of most of the other planets. Probably has oceans and probably is virtually invisible from space.



If I were Trump, this is how I would keep getting people behind me.

The most famous politician to get re-elected time after time after time was FDR.

How did he do it?

I think his use of the radio program format did it for him.

He had fireside chats with the American People. The average person out there and bypassed the politicians all together.

And I think that is what Donald must do if he is to keep the American People informed as to what he is doing in the White House and the opposition he is running against. He must start a similar program on the internet to the Fireside Chat format used by FDR.

The advantage to this will only work if he asks questions of people and then sits back and listens to what they have to say in a non-committed neutral format. The minute he opens his mouth and starts ranting it won’t work.

When they expose government bureaus doing what they do best which is corruption, then he can step in and change things. Not before.

Needs to confirm the truth of the matter. That means the standard investigation format of questions Why, What, How, Where, and When.

It is all right to pin people down if it is done diplomatically and gently.

Mr. Trump has to come across as a family figure, a father figure in his image. Not an easy thing to do. What it does do is make him the most popular President in history

The nuclear kind of war preparation will continue under Trump WHY?

I have nothing against our country owning nuclear weapons. If that is the way of the world so be it. I do think it is really good con job by nuclear engineers for any country to even buy them.

I simply do not see it as a logical path. For one thing, no one dares use these weapons except some very insane people with a religious agenda to destroy everyone that doesn’t believe as they believe. In that case, they are likely to use these weapons against us and destroy millions of people in the process regardless of anything we do about it like retaliate against them when they do it.

These same people will end up destroying millions of people that believe as they believe. They are destroying their own people doing this.

Not because we send nuclear weapons against them. But because these same people have migrated into the United States and live here.

There is an old saying that you do not shit in your own nest. Obviously looking at Europe’s encounter with them, they actually do shit in their own nests quite often. Religious beliefs are often not based on logic. They are based on shoving it down one’s throat and giving people no choice in the matter. That is obviously what has happened. But now there are religous fanatics out there willing to commit suicide not only for themselves but everyone around them.

The other reason not to take this path is these weapons are simply obsolete. They are not only dangerous to everyone they are and have been obsolete from the moment we gained space travel and exploration of other planets. As it was stated in a book well over 50 years ago (The Moon is a Harsh Mistress by Robert Heinlein) launching rocks from space is far more devasting without the permanent radiation damage to the planet. 5 miles of asteroid pushed against the rotation of the planet is 18,000 miles per hour and by the time it reaches the surface it is likely to be liquid molten rock. Possibly with an iron/nickel core.

There is no defense against such a rock. The pure momentum of such a rock makes it almost impossible to stop even with nuclear missiles. There is no time to stop it. It can locate any location on the planet itself by simply changing the direction in which it is launched. The time factor is about 30 minutes tops at 5 miles per second. That is the approximate speed of rotation of the Earth.

This information is readily available to anyone reading classic science fiction.

It has been in our libraries for many years.

What I would love to see would be a weapon that neutralizes an atomic bomb. Such as changing the bomb so it cannot go off after it is launched.

Have no idea if that is even possible with our current level of science.

What I do see is conventional warfare continuing to be the way nations war against one another.

In that case we are not even close to being the top nation in that arena. The people with the largest army is. That would potentially be China.

The logistics of transportation of such an army prevents that from being a very effective method of warfare.

To even reach our shores, they would have to travel approximately 6,000 miles as the crow flies or 10,000 miles across Alaska and Canada.

What is more probable would be a huge migration of Chinese workers into this country in the form of Chinese Corporations setting up shop right here in the USA.

Turning them into a military force is possible. Not likely. But possible. More likely the benefits of industry far outweigh the ownership of the United States.

It is to their material advantage to support our currency any way that they can. They stand to lose trillions if they do not.

Going to war is going to be very costly to anyone that tries it in the near future.

IF it were my decision to make? I would instead finance the largest exploration of the Earth every attempted.

We currently exist on 1/7th of its surface. The rest is covered with vast amounts of ocean.

I see millions of starving people all over the planet. Go to war to feed that population. Instead of a war, put together industrial housing and safe water.

Put together new methods of agriculture that will feed the planet’s population for the next 20-40 years.

Put together energy methods that will replace the current methods in such a manner that everyone has electricity at their call.

Example: We have a planetary core that is hot. Very hot. Use that hot energy to produce and generate electricity for the entire planet to use.

We currently have a revolution in information. It is possible to engineer safe and cheap energy for the entire planet.

We need far more technical people than we have ever had in the past. It is time to generate those people with free education.

I want double the number of competent doctors earning a decent living right here in the USA.

We need to make those doctors with decent education at a decent scholarship. And that applies world wide.

We need to open up the opportunities for our drug industries to provide new and better solutions to many health problems.

With regulation comes stagnation. And that is the disease that kills most of all.

It is time to change all of that.

The nuclear challenge is that nuclear has too much baggage associated with it. It is time to change all that with competent engineering.

Geothermal is only one of several ways to do this. But it holds the best promise of clean energy.

We are on the verge of automating all our industry. That means less hours to do the same job if we do it right.

3-D printing in the next few years will mean a revolution in the tooling industry to produce new products.

In one of the very rare cases, I think Obama was right to put nuclear bombs on a back burner.

IF I see any use at all for nuclear products, it might be on a huge spaceship capable of exploring the entire Solar System including the potential planets past the ORT cloud.

Personally, I think there are possibly 12 planets in our solar system. But proving that is a very expensive proposition.

Since if it is so, those planets are likely very far away from the Sun.

70,000 years ago, our astronomers think we had a near pass with another sun. No, it didn’t come into our Solar System with an outer boundary of Neptune. It is likely such a Sun may have dragged planets out of the inner solar system.

If there were a way to transmit electricity, our own Moon is an ideal generator of electricity. It goes approximately 400 degrees F. between the night side and the day side of the moon every two weeks. Using primitive steam engineering makes that heat difference a tremendous generator.

It is all clean energy and does not require the baggage of nuclear engineering. So why not explore it?

I think nations all over the planet are capable of producing nuclear bombs. It is time for some common sense. It is time to pack them all up and disable them permanently.




The political reality of things and why Donald Trump will be elected.

I think it is over.
But money talks and there was a lot of money riding on Hillary Clinton winning the election.
Who in the US Government investigates election fraud?
Whoever is charged with investigations is falling down on the job.
But then again maybe they are right to stay in hiding.
Some people have enough money to be immune from prosecution or that is what it appears to be.
When this country was put together after the revolutionary war, it was put together to be ruled by the aristocrat class in the form of wealthy individuals.
Some of which in the South actually owned people body and soul.
Yes, most of the owned were black.
In the North, it was better hidden though still pretty obvious that anyone with millions of dollars to spend could own a Congressman.
The democrat/republican party system sat down and chose issues in which one was negative and one was positive. Yet the public con here is simply that they are owned body and soul by the same rich class of people. It was a brilliant way of doing things. Each party had a pipeline to governing, yet both participated in the con that there are actually two different parties ruling this country.
The truth and reality of things is they are both owned.
The trick here is we have two owners that are now battling it out for power. The puppets in this case are pathetic.
The owners are both billionaires.
They are amongst approximately 400 families that are billionaires in this country. Generally speaking they own the legal system of this country through most excellent lawyers.
It is only through increased technology that any of this is being uncovered. The internet being the current medium exposing it.
I predict now that the Bullsh*t stage is over, Donald Trump will lead with extreme conservative Republicans for the most part and they are all part of the established order of power. That will not change whether or not Donald Trump or Hillary Clinton is the President.
Only the name of the puppets might change and who owns them.
What one must ask, is what benefit does Donald Trump give these billionaires over Hillary Clinton and why would someone want to exchange one for the other?
Because that is what it really is all about.
Many of the campaign trail issues are dead. Simply because when all is said and done, they are impractical in the reality of who is in power in Washington, D.C.
And the threat of either overcoming an election or impeaching the winner is what is behind the current issue of a cabinet for Donald Trump being made up mostly of insiders in Washington. If he picks the right crew he is in. If he doesn’t he is out.
Donald is not stupid. He sees what is happening and is desperately trying to appease the power structure of D.C. right now.
What has to happen if he is allowed by these billionaires to take office is he has one really bad mess financially to straighten out.
And that right there is the key to the whole thing.
Who has the most to lose if he doesn’t straighten out the mess? I would say it is the billionaire class of this country and they stand to lose more money than I can even imagine in the next few years if it isn’t fixed.
We are talking about the wholesale ruin of our currency. I stand to lose as well. But not nearly anything compared to the wealthy of this country if he doesn’t fix things. I think he will fix things and part of that fix is a generous tax code to billionaires.
Those billionaires are not just in this country, They exist in every place in this world not just here.
What he is tasked with doing is rewriting the rule book by which we all live financially. He is very qualified to do so. So are many others such as Mr. Romney who made a fortune by taking bankrupt business and basically dismantling it and selling off the assets. In the process he put a lot of people out of work.
Hurting the average person is not in either person’s rule book. They will do what is convenient to them and that is their morale code.
In this particular case, fixing things for the middle class of this country might be convenient for them.
There is going to be an adjustment. That adjustment is going to lower the standard of living of everyone on a fixed income in this country. And no matter who is in charge, that adjustment is coming.

Economic change and Donald Trump

The problem is debt is a tiger by the tail. The minute you release that tiger it is going to come back and destroy you.
The main losers in this battle of debt are going to be anyone on a fixed income without the ability to increase that income.
I include myself in this group. We are on Social Security with fixed pensions. We are fortunate in that we both worked most of our lives and at the same place so we did get good pensions and union wages.
Most people in today’s world get 401Ks instead of pensions.
Since about 1980, this world has been going against the common person out there and wages and pensions have not even began to keep up with things.
People that own our corporate economy understand this. Hyperinflation under Donald Trump’s plan will occur. The result will be a disaster because the very people that profit from this plan will be the ones that go bankrupt.
The delicate balance is the cost of material goods produced by low-cost labor abroad. This cost is not realistic. Has never been realistic. But the basis of it was to feed millions of people that would have otherwise had no choice but to go to war or starve. That was in 1970 under Nixon.
There is an old oriental proverb. It says that “Those that feed China rule.”
All other considerations in China are meaningless.
What China has to have is a delicate balance between feeding and employing their massive population and keeping their host alive.
Their host is the rest of the world. The obvious host is not the United States. It is the USSR which happens to be right next door.
At this point in time, transportation costs and automation of products is quickly making the Chinese economy obsolete. With Robotics and new tooling methods such as the 3-d printing method of producing new tools to put industry together, retail goods can be produced cheaper here than they are produced by Chinese and Indian labor abroad.
So what happens next? Obviously the Russians and Chinese are preparing. Possibly for war. That is the obvious truth. They are willing and able to spend millions of lives to keep in power. Without food, they have no choice.
We do have choices. One solution is the reduction in hours of the workforce to produce an economy where almost everyone that wants a job can have one. Mr. Franklin Roosevelt tried this with some success.
In the 30s. We went from a 48 hour 6 day week down to a 40 hour week with everything over 40 hours considered time and one half wages.
It worked but it took a lot of time and a world war to bring us totally out of the depression of the 30s.
We went to national unions to increase wages.
This was offset by a national inflation rate of approximately 4.5% per year. What it did do is increase the number of people paying income tax and gave the government a lot of economic power.
That national unions was a poor man’s way of increasing gradually the national standard of living. The main winners of that were the corporations. With an increase in wages, they were able to make huge profits on the masses.
To bring all of that back, we have to reverse the trend of corporate greed to the point that they make a healthy profit but are not draining the economy of ready funds for the masses.
This is so complicated and economic change that I doubt if any one person can accomplish it in 4-8 years. But that is what must happen if we are to avoid a currency collapse.

What is needed is going to be a complete reversal of the wage structure of the country and possibly the world. There has to be a change so that people have money to save and to spend. Right now with the changes in debt of the average person due to the change in health care insurance no one has discretionary income to help the economy. I predict that retail stores will close after this Christmas season or the public will go into a massive credit card debt to do Christmas.

I think China sees this and is preparing to go to war.

I think that Russia is also preparing to aid and abet this war supplying weapons and other goods to the Chinese. China will spend the money in Russia to accomplish this.

I think Russia wants Alaska back! And is using the China to get it. I believe they have an agreement to allow a massive troop movement over the Bering Straits with China producing the Army.

I believe the agreement might be that China gets Canada and Russia gets Alaska.

I hope I am wrong.





The unknown planet is going in the wrong direction . . .

There is considerable evidence that a Neptune-sized planet may exist in the outer solar system.

So why exactly can Astronomers not find this planet now that we know it possibly exists? Especially if it is large.

My theory is they have all ready found it but do not know they have found it. It is plainly visible on their photo plates.

So why wouldn’t they know it?

I think the planet is rotating around the Sun in the opposite direction to every other planet in the solar system.

My own guess would be it is equally distant to two normal planets orbit around the Sun. In the area between Mars and Jupiter we have an asteroid belt.

I am suggesting that the Ort Cloud belt counts as a planet. So just like the asteroid belt counts, then it might be equally distant so that the planet is really way out there.

If you look at the orbits of every major planet in our solar system they form a ring similar to the ring of ripples on a lake. Calculating these ripples distance from one another forms a fairly consistent predictable orbit for the ninth planet if you ignore the minor planets in the outer asteroid/comet belt. Bode’s Law was an early example of this idea. The dynamics of the ripple effect might be a little more realistic than the set number of Bode’s Law.

So if it is out there where I think it is, the only excuse I can come up with for not finding it is: it is going in a direction and possibly an angle off the other planets to such an extent that even though it shows up on the plates it does not consistently show a progressive orbit.  It may be complicated by the idea that it is at an angle of 50 degrees off and possibly south of the orbits of ever other planet in the solar system.

That makes it virtually impossible to find unless you actually know where to look.

My guess is that it never originated here. There is a huge amount of matter that is unaccounted for in our galaxy. Maverick bodies are likely to be everywhere. The most crazy actual planet in our Solar System is Venus. With its day longer than its year. With its fantastically high surface temperature. With its very dense Hydrocarbon atmosphere with sulfur. With a considerable amount of evidence that it is a relatively recent edition to our Solar System.

I am saying we may have a Brown Dwarf Star generating rocky planets in our outer solar system somewhere. Orbits do not necessarily have to follow Jupiter’s example. Though every known planet does with the exception of one small planet near Neptune.

Neptune as a very hot core. Where did that hot core come from? I am suggesting it might have a rocky core and that it came from this same brown dwarf breaking up gradually.

This could suggest a number of Venus and Earth type bodies floating around in the outer reaches of the Solar System. More likely would be bodies about the size of Pluto give or take some.

If there is a brown dwarf out there it has to be virtually invisible. IF it is a hot core, and cold outer surface with a huge ocean of water then volcanic action might actually blow planet sized objects occasionally off it’s surface. Such actions might predict a change in orbit each time such a body is born.

The alternative is a planet in an extreme comet like orbit that could be anywhere in the outer system including an orbit taking it as far out as a light year or two. Though I find it possible it is not likely to be in such an orbit without it breaking free entirely of the Sun’s gravity.

I would go over the data found to see if there is a consistent body traveling in the wrong direction on the plates.


Given: Life exists everywhere in one form or another, so what might it look like.

Recently I have looked into the idea that there might be life on the Moon.

Crazy? It is after all in a near vacuum of space.

The surface is obviously dead.

The temperatures over a 28 day cycle are over 400 degrees F. That varies between about 220 degrees F to around 300 degrees F. below zero.

But that is on the desolate surface of this near-by planet sized moon.

So what life could possibly exist on this harsh environment?

I am thinking the most hardy of creatures on this planet are insects.

Life would have to have a space suit of some kind. Don’t laugh. It is possible. That space suit would have to be the exo-skeleton of an insect.

The atmosphere in this exo-skeleton has to be self-renewing.

So this life form would be incredibly self-regenerating with a symbiototic relationship with a whole lot of internal plants. Those plants constantly removing poisons and carbon dioxide from the internal workings of the insect. Most insects of this type belong to a hive. So without external competition these insects might have had time to evolve into an intelligent being.

Possibly living far beneath the surface and dependent on internal temperatures of the core of the Moon to maintain a stable environment.

I think such a creature would have to have a sign language instead of a vocal language.

Such a creature is possibly using an antenna to communicate.

Or it could use a scent language.

Its reaction to our space program would be hostile. Stay away or die.

But all of this is guesswork so it may or may not be true.


What I believe — Dave

Over the last few years I have observed much and what I have observed scares me.

I am very good with noticing patterns. Whether those patterns be international, national, local, or whatever.

I am good with ideas and also with computers. I am capable of using a MAC, a PC, a windows based operating system, several different Linux based systems, and a variety of word processing programs. I built advertising for years and am fully aware of the dynamics of what makes a good ad sell products.


I believe in a being called GOD as described in the Bible. By definition, to me God is the operating system by which everything in our Universe operates. God is in charge of the entire universe.

Since that universe as defined by science is enormous beyond comprehension that is quite a feat in itself.

We as human beings are basically under that God in the food chain of things. There are many things below us in that food chain and many things above us in that food chain.

We basically have a short life-span compared with the Universe age. Perhaps all of us will live a lifespan of less than 126 years. With one or two exceptions and I do not envy them that. By the time they reach that age they are dealing with a body that is coming apart at the seams and probably in quite a lot of pain.

Science estimates today that age of the universe to be about 15 billion years. I say they are way off base. It is much older than that.

Einstein calculated time. He calculated that any object going faster than 186,126 plus miles per second would in fact be going backwards in time. SO therefore nothing could ever go faster than the speed of light and remain in our current space/time environment. What he miscalculated was objects traveling at speeds that escape our current time/space universe. Those objects have to be under a different set of physics rules than we are capable of understanding at this time. Objects traveling at this speed are often the results of supernovas. Meaning that entrophy has a significant factor in when and where such objects reappear in our universe. Light itself is not completely in our universe. It is on the edge. Meaning it often travels unimpeded through objects such as matter in our universe depending of course on the frequency of light involved. X-rays come to mind.

In order for the creation of our Universe to occur, science thinks an enormous explosion took place. A super object that was incredibly dense blew up. In the process, all the rules of our current existence came into being within micro seconds of the explosion occurring. Only the rules change. At one level, there are at least 11 dimensions involved in our space/time universe. That level is very small. At an entirely different level, our current physics laws exist. Probably both sets of laws work with one another to make our current visual graphic interface of the universe as we know it. Meaning we really do not have any idea how it really works. We are getting into an understanding of how it works though.

Our entire existence is based on a genetic chemical code that defines everything about us. That includes life. And the lack thereof at some point in time.

Nothing is ever created or destroyed in the universe we comprehend. What we do not comprehend speaks volumes.

Does a form of life exist after we die? I think so. I think we have an operator beyond the brain and beyond our stored brain memories. That operator being a soul. Where that soul exists in relationship to our bodies is any body’s guess and we do not know the rules governing it.

Is there re-incarnation and our soul traveling from body to body throughout time? I do not know. It is possible. I think Jesus refers to it. I do not think religion has a handle on it.

That implies a ghost state. If there is such a state then the Holy Spirit suddenly has a whole new meaning. I believe it is all there and the universe has rules we are not even aware of. Such as the return of souls to bodies that have died. But only if said body is capable of existing in further life. I believe forensic medicine is about half right. And that without oxygen normally the brain dies and with it our memories in this life. But the soul may or may not have duplicated those memories on a different plain of existence than the body exists on.

I believe in the Holy Spirit. What is more, I think the Holy Spirit is capable of interaction with this universal plain of dimensions and is capable of changing or altering existing conditions here.

Meaning that if souls exist they are interacting with this plain of dimensions and with our physical bodies.

Jesus was different. He was basically far above us on the food chain. Meaning he was capable of changing any and all rules on this plain of existence possibly through the spirit plain of existence.

In the chain of command of this universe, Jesus was possibly third. Meaning he was conceived by the Holy Spirit. Meaning he considered GOD as his father. Meaning he actually existed on both plains of the universe at the same time. Meaning that he shared the ability of changing anything in our existence that he chose to change.

Walking on water was a demonstration of that ability to change any rules of existence in this universe that he wanted to. He attempted with his disciples to teach them how to do that but with little success. They on the other hand were capable of much more than normal human beings after his teaching.

They were limited by their concepts of what rules this universe had before their teachings.

The God in charge of this universe is a god of time moving backwards and forwards in time altering that time/space universe to suit whatever purpose that God in charge of this universe has.

To some extent this universe is the result. We are mortals with a limited existence on a tiny planet in an enormous universe.

I believe that fraud in the form of people way above us on the food chain and somewhat immortal (average lifespan probably of 440,000 years) exist. I believe originally they created us in their image. I think what they did was against the laws of the universe at large. And they got caught.

One law they violated was representing themselves as God.

The ramifications of that violating of laws instituted by God is still going on to this day.

The great weakness of this universe is its enormous size. Meaning in the universe of a whole, they have been getting away with it for some time and only recently have they been caught.

We do not understand the rules by which they are operating and they are masters at getting around those rules.

I believe they wish to steal the planet away from us. Possibly taking whatever survivors as slaves.

I believe they artificially took a creature on this planet and artificially evolved them way beyond their spiritual ability to command this planet.

The result has been a nightmare. And eventually they will destroy mankind and take over this planet again.

The real question is what will God do about it?

We are mortals contending with immortals that are way above us in smarts.

Are we protected? Will God step in and take away the destructive toys by which we are capable of destroying this planet?

Something is going to come down.

Ideally God will step in like a parent would and keep us from destroying our planet. In fact, we do not know by which rules we are governed by.

As a mere human, if I could, I would request such an action. But I am not in charge of anything or anybody.

I am at the end of my lifespan. I may live another year, or another 20 years. I am defective in that I have diabetes. It is a terminal condition within the next 40 years.

I am aging and that will be the end of me in this body.

I am on a planet on the verge of destroying itself with greed and war. Nothing I can do can change any of that.

When this frail body is destroyed will my soul survive? Or is this it. When I die it all dies with me?

Every one of us faces that situation.

I believe in the God of this Universe. I believe that our representative with that God is Jesus Christ, crucified, died, revived, and then taken from us by angels to be with his Father in Heaven.

I believe he was conceived of Mary by the Holy Spirit. And that he is part human and part god. I believe in the chain of command God commands everything and is responsible for everything.

I believe He allowed the Devil jurisdiction over this Earth. Now a change of command might be coming with Jesus in command instead. But anything the Devil does, he does as a representative of God. Otherwise it doesn’t even make sense to a human being such as myself.

Will the Devil be punished? Big question, no answers. My guess is everything done is done at the order of God.

We as humans do not even know the rules by which such things are handled at God’s level.

Hint: Job shows a lot of the mechanics of the situation.

Time is God’s realm. He can go back and change anything in time that He wishes changed.

He is the beginning of this Universe and the end of this Universe. Apparently that end might be soon.