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Promise and Contract breakers

This week in London people have experienced the terror of the Muslim Religious extreme beliefs.

Those beliefs involve deception. For according to their holy book they are allowed to deceive anyone not of their religion for purpose of gains.

Part of that system is prayer 5 times a day towards Mecca. It appears to be a form of suggestion that brain washes the subjects into absolute obeying.

Part is one of the strictest set of rules known to man. With Muslim controlled countries there is a fundamental puritan type belief system.

Part is a shortcut to heaven(paradise) by sacrificing one’s self and dying causing death and destruction to anyone not of their religious belief.

In the recent attack, one of the people involved was known to be an all around very nice guy. This guy was deceiving everyone. Even other Muslims rejected him.

Helping people whenever the opportunity came to him. He established trust in those around him.

His family was strict traditionalist and his wife was sequestered in accordance with their religion.

The deception is two fold. One: dying and taking a lot of people with you will not get you into paradise.

Lying to non-religious people of other religions only harms your religion in today’s world. Broken promises and broken contracts gives you a name. The name is not honorable.

If there are a great number of fairly innocent people of your religion in a country then a reputation for terror does those people no good.

Our President is right to forbid them from coming here for that reason alone. Terrorism. Deception. No one knows who goes off next.

The over all view of the world does matter to the majority of people in your religion.

Soon people all over the world are likely to take action against the people of this religion simply because they have no other choice if they want to remain safe within their own borders.

When the army of a nation takes the women and children and the men and deports all of them then the overall result of the terrorism is bad for the Muslims.

All because some idiot thinks he gains paradise by killing innocent civilians in their war against other religions.

There is a universal communication in today’s world and the result is all the nasty things these people are pulling is becoming known to the civilized world.

Eventually that means the entire world will be against you and your religion.

The price is too high. Muslim people everywhere need to be aware of this and condemn publicly anyone taking the violent view.

The fact is destroying one’s self is suicide. Even their holy book condemns suicide somewhere.

IF any group of people has a reputation for breaking their word given to anyone, then they cannot be trusted ever.

Especially if the whole world knows about it.

Violence is not an answer. Every action has an equal and opposite reaction. So when someone does this kind of thing the reaction is likely to harm a whole lot of people. And not just the victims.

The real victims? They are the innocent family of the terrorist. They are the wives and children that now have to face the people their family member wounded or killed.

Anyone destroying their own religion by acts of murder? Destroying your own religion will definitely keep you from paradise.

And that is what these 3 individuals did in Britain. Now there is going to be a class of people that wish them all gone. And they might just succeed.


The Entity Over Life and Death on Planet Earth.

We used to call this the Angel of Death.

The myth of this is that there might be an icon of death. An angel that comes to take people’s souls when they die. We even have a TV Series of a group of people that do that. There is even a book of fiction on a person that becomes the current icon angel of death.

Then in reading the many things I have seen on the internet I ran across a sentence that said that jurisdiction over all life on this planet has been given to Jesus Christ.

Jesus determines when we leave our bodies and He determines what happens to us next.

How Ironic. That all these religions that are hostile to Christianity meet Jesus after they die and are judged by Jesus as to where they go from here.

It brings up many questions.

Is there a Heaven place where true Christians go when their bodies give up life?

Is there a Hell place where people are punished for what they did wrong here on Earth?

Is there a form of immortality for the soul after death?

Are Christians truly exempt from judgement by the grace of Jesus Christ?

If you are in a mud wrestling match, your chances of remaining completely clean are nil. Same goes for sin on this planet. None of us are completely clean of sin.

Therefore, no Christian is completely without sin. If that were a determination then Heaven might be a very lonely place.

I accept Jesus Christ as my boss. I could say typically my lord and savior. Boss pretty much covers it.

Anytime Jesus wants to give me personal orders, given fate’s interference, given the weakness I have of life’s addictions, given that even Peter was not worthy at the cross, I will attempt to follow whatever orders Jesus gives me. He is boss.

Whether I am capable of doing so is questionable to me.

I have called on God many times in my life. Sometimes he answers my prayers and sometimes I feel ignored.

Ignored is not necessarily a bad thing.

Which also brings up the point of prayer. Is it answered or is it ignored?

I think it is answered. Sometimes yes and sometimes no. And the grief of no is very strong as is the anger that often accompanies “no”. Been there, done that. It still leaves me angry. Even when it is for my own good that my prayer goes unanswered.

I am not an apologist. I give no quarter. If I pray for some reason to step off a platform and I have faith that I will not fall, then it is false faith indeed when I fall. And I will fall unless some natural law keeps it from happening.

Jesus demonstrated this at the sea of Galilee and he walked on water. His disciples on the other hand without his help would have drowned. Oh you of little faith? More likely “you” that are human without access to the powers of the creator.

I have no power of my own. I have no special abilities or influence.

If I step off that boat into the water I will more than likely sink. I am subject to the natural laws of the universe.

It is said do not tempt. Do not try things like that. Yet Jesus did.

But Jesus has administration privileges none of us have.

If Jesus commands anything Jesus commands are likely to happen.

We, on the other hand, command nothing. We have no power over anything in this universe except to work within the physics laws of the universe itself.

Jesus gets nothing if he helps us. With the possible exception of a bunch of helpless souls loving him and giving him their loyalty. The new Testament says when 2 or 3 Christians get together and pray then it moves mountains.

Show me. Because most “christians” are not clean of sin. And there is the clause out that Jesus has as if he even needed one. Jesus is the judge of things and he can fail to answer prayers any time he wants even though what I have said is in the Bible.

And that is why even though I had Christians praying, Vera’s 86 year old sister died Monday night.

My own faith is strong. If it has a logical basis in fact.

I had the people praying for her. Biblical or not, she died. We can ask but only Jesus makes the judgement as to what happens next.

I am not saying it was not the best thing for her to die and I sincerely hope Jesus takes her to heaven with his command.

Jesus has intelligence. Much more than a mere mortal such as myself.

I confess. I do not understand. I must be stupid or something.

Well I can pray until I am blue in the face without result. Or if Jesus decides, then the entire universe moves to do his bidding.

We can only ask. He decides life and He decides death.

Thank you, Jesus. Every person I know cannot make a difference as to whether you walk on water or are drowned. Thank you, Jesus, I will continue to ask for the things that I need from you. But let me make it perfectly clear. Whether or not I like it you make the decisions and only you can change things under the jurisdiction given to you by your Father.

On Earth, we love some people around us. They often do things to disappoint us and we hate that.

But we hate what they have done. Not who they are. I hate the decisions made in life. But I love you, the person that has made decisions and I love the Lord.  Whether I make it to Heaven or suffer in Hell, my conscious decision is you are the boss and I have to love you without conditions.

We all eventually die. Myself included.

See you soon. Love David.













The hemlock society of nursing homes.

I have a sister-in-law near death in a nursing facility in Cincinnati that will go unnamed for purposes of this article.

She has dementia. She is still coherent. But she is a very angry person inside. Her only daughter died of a heart condition in her 30s. This did leave her bitter.

She has been involuntarily admitted for about 10 years now.

She has been deemed incompetent to handle her own financial affairs by the courts.

Yet she has a “do not revive” paper she has signed after she was involuntarily admitted. If she was incompetent then she should not have been able to make a decision like this.

When she took the written test that resolved her as incompetent she could not see correctly. That was taken care of later. So there is some question as to how incompetent she was when she was admitted.

Doctors in a nursing home are very likely to be incompetent to practice real medicine.

This one failed on several counts. Pneumonia goes through a home like a wild fire through a forest.

She obviously did not have Pneumonia shots.

She was taken to ICU at a local hospital. They did not administer antibiotics? Actually, viruses respond to an entire set of drugs.

She still had it when she was returned to the Nursing home and she never did recover.

They did not do a follow up x-ray until it was too late.

Even now if she was given IVs and introvenious feeding she might recover. Not going to happen. Hospice has determined she is going to die.

All of which is due to the incompetent behavior of the doctor in charge of her care.

I think they are deliberately allowing her to die by omission of treatment. And that is where the question of the Hemlock Society comes in.

Was it deliberate omission or was it simple incompetent behavior on the part of the doctor involved?

Perhaps we will never know for sure . . .

By the way, my sister-in-law could be you, could be me, could be any of us, somewhere down the road.

The attitude I see here is one of omission rather than commission.

Though one of staff told me they are not allowed to clean with bleach in a nursing home. Bleach is one of the only effective methods of getting a virus out of a nursing home.

You decide. Is it a Hemlock Society in government or simple incompetence on the part of the home and government? The government has a lot to gain financially if she dies. And if so many more in her circumstance die.





A Major mistake our Federal Agencies are now making . . .

One thing about our new President is that he is entertaining. He has stirred up more trouble in a couple of months than most other people have been able to do in years.

In the course of human events this particular newly elected President has also alienated a large number of people in and people out of government.

The result has been that some people in government bureaus have actually targeted him and the people in his administration to bring them down.

There is a fine line between what they are doing and things that are basically against our legal system.

One democrat woman was threatening violence.

That is definitely against the law. Here is the law I speak of.

18 U.S. Code § 2384 – Seditious conspiracy
If two or more
persons in any State or Territory, or in any place subject to the
jurisdiction of the United States, conspire to overthrow, put down, or
to destroy by force the Government of the United States, or to levy war
against them, or to oppose by force the authority thereof, or by force
to prevent, hinder, or delay the execution of any law of the United
States, or by force to seize, take, or
possess any property of the United States contrary to the authority
thereof, they shall each be fined under this title or imprisoned not
more than twenty years, or both.
(June 25, 1948, ch. 645, 62 Stat.
808; July 24, 1956, ch. 678, § 1, 70 Stat. 623; Pub. L. 103–322, title
XXXIII, § 330016(1)(N), Sept. 13, 1994, 108 Stat. 2148.)

I am no lawyer. But this law may address what has happened to Gen. Flynn with the FBI.

The phrase “conspire to overthrow,” comes to mind.

If it had been handled without the press being involved . . . perhaps it had a legitimate basis for the FBI to act. Doubtful. They didn’t act in a number of cases where Obama and his crew were involved.

I think the Democrats should look seriously at this Seditious conspiracy law and keep that in mind when they start riots and other nefarious activity.

Especially if Mr. Obama with his 30,000 people start something like overthrowing Mr. Trump after he is in office.

All it will take is one person enforcing this law with plenty of evidence to back it up and a whole political group might be sharing jail cells.

The whole idea is to keep any one political group in or out of power from committing an act of treason. It can work both ways. It is a two-edged sword. But right now what I am seeing might be completely illegal and a charge of Seditious conspiracy might be made against a whole lot of people currently going around attempting to cause trouble.

As much as it might happen, these political opponents should keep their noses clean.





Common Origins

Looking at the myths surrounding the so-called gods of our ancient histories I have come to some conclusions I would like to share.

In the book of the beginning in the Bible there are some very interesting things that need to be looked at.

At some point in time, the moon is introduced. As is the Sun.

There is a description of what could only be called a project to bring life to this planet.

First we have the introduction of water. And after that we have the division of land from water.

There is a list of 6 stages upon which life is established here.

This is miss-translated as days.

I think it was a lot more than days involved here. But I think it is also accurate as to the terra-forming of the planet as a pre-stage to mankind and other creatures.

Now the interesting part to me is that this seeded life had to come from somewhere.

I suggest it came from another inhabited planet. But where is such a planet now?

I think we are talking about a long-term development possibly over millions of years if the planet was not all ready inhabited before the terra-forming situation began.

Now what is unusual about Earth vs. the rest of the solar system? Earth has heavy elements. It is not a gas-giant planet such as Neptune or Uranus might be. I figure both of those planets may have solid cores. Jupiter and Saturn maybe yes, maybe no.

There is an amazing amount of solid objects in this solar system orbiting around gas giants or not. Even circumstantial evidence that Venus might be quite young in our solar system or not even there millions of years ago.

We have a sub class of life called snakes. They are basically from the Reptile family.

What is unusual is their dependence on infrared light to “see” by. That suggests to me that Earth was not always where it is now in our Solar System. It is possible we orbited where the asteroid belt between Mars and Jupiter is now.

It also suggests a larger planet with a better heat source than we have now. Probably a much thinner crust and instead of 52 degrees F. it is probably more likely it was at least 80 degrees at the surface and offset by a much thicker atmosphere than we have now. Which would lead to giant creatures like the dinosaurs being better supported under our gravitational pull.

This is all speculation on my part.

This also assumes a lot. It assumes that the origin of life here on Earth may have started somewhere else and gradually was changed as millions of years passed in some natural manner.

I think somewhere around 10-15 million years ago the original life on this planet was disrupted and the orbit of the remaining core was changed inwards toward the Sun.

In this change, the huge amount of water condensed out of the atmosphere creating the oceans we have today. The base level of temperature was changed downwards at the same time the water left the upper atmosphere.

So that somewhere between 52 degrees F and 70 degrees F the crust of the Earth got more solid. And what life existed changed and adapted to the new conditions including plant and animal life coming into the new oceans. Which did cool the crust.

At some point in time a huge amount of carbon dioxide started changing over to oxygen and oil products. I suspect at one point in time our atmosphere may have changed to one of nitrogen and oxygen/carbon dioxide. When that happened the conductive nature of temperature changed with it. The more oxygen the less conductivity of temperature.

At some point something pushed our planet over on its side so we now have a 23 degree tilt causing seasons.

Enter an intelligent species from this other world.  I also speculate that it is larger with a much higher gravity possibly 2 to 3 times Earth normal. Some ten million years ago they started a staged change so that Earth had their life instead of our own. Obviously they seeded the planet with life from their own and left it to take nature’s form.

They did this approximately 6 times over the next few million years until we reach about 500,000 to 250,000 B.C. By this point in time most of the current species and much more were inhabiting the planet including possibly an ape like creature similar to us.

Based on our foot structure, I think the critter they chose was one that survived in the shallows and beaches of the planet. The critter had approximately half the brain capacity we currently enjoy. It had 48 chromosomes. It had almost no hair except the pubic hair and the hair on top of its head. This was an evolutionary feature simply because it was easier to move in 6 foot shallow water without hair.

I can see pubic hair as a survival characteristic protecting mankind at that point in time from animals in the water.

Along comes these so called “gods” that are changing Earth to meet their needs. We are basically a planetary core of a much larger planet that was partially destroyed and then covered with cooling water that became oceans.

That it is covered mostly in water is suspicious at best.

Most of the life on this planet appears to be used to a higher gravity than what we have now. But that also is speculation.

Thoses so called “gods” are into mining heavy elements for a project on their own planet that is probably way out there in the outer reaches of the Solar System somewhere.

Possibly it is in the southern side of the solar system and moving in a contrary direction to the rest of the solar system and possibly as far out as a couple of light years away.

What they needed was a small ape-like creature capable of going deep in the mines yet intelligent enough to take instructions.

Our 48-chromosome ancestor may have fit the bill.

Time for a long lived species might be different from us. So I am suggesting they took eggs and sperm from the existing ape like creatures found on beaches and altered them to create their own slave species.

In order to do that I think they used their own females to bring them to birth.

In order for that to work, they had to neutralize the inter-species lock that keeps other species from conception with our own. Specifically their own chromosomes and genes.

The genetically altered mankind had to have spliced genes in order for them to copy a look-alike miniature version of themselves. I say miniature because they designed mankind to mine deep in the Earth where they would have trouble going.

They had to increase the brain to a level to except communication with themselves. So I suggest they created us in their own image. Possibly with only enough intelligence to become their slaves and accept instructions from them.

All of which was done by splicing material from 4 chromosomes down to a merged chromosome on each side of the helix. So instead of the new creature having 48 chromosomes it had 46.They then did a minor rewrite of the genetic code we have today.

No one knows how many chromosomes the aliens had because I think they had a common evolution with our own on their own planet.

Explains why they were able to survive here. They were able to eat the food on this planet. They were able to eat meat from the animals of this planet only because they shared a common ancestry with the life of this planet.

I think they long ago conquered the genetic code of their own species.

Thus they have an incredibly long life expectancy if they are not killed accidentally by things in the Universe.

I think we are talking about a species with a much larger brain than our own. But I think they share with us a lot of personality traits including greed, lust, and violence towards one another. This is basically controlled by their system of laws which may be similar to a feudal system. The description in the book of Job which is the oldest book of the Bible might give us some clues.

They apparently hold their dictator in all of this quite highly. Do they have a genetic royal family? If so is their lifespan so long that it is virtually immortal to our eyes?

There are disturbing indications that mankind has been up and down the technical engineering scale several times with even space travel possibly in there somewhere.

Each time we reach a certain level, this “god” species stepped in with tech 10,000 or more years in advance of our own and throws mankind back to the cave level.

The tower of Babel comes to mind.

I see that they mixed with our women in Genesis and created a hybrid problem species far more talented and intelligent than they meant to occur.

Their law was xenophobic in that it stepped in and created a natural disaster to kill off mankind. Only a limited few families survived and they were deliberately short lived families. Mankind went from 900 year lifespans down to 125 year life spans. We are currently at an average under 90 years. Most die between 65-80 years.

Our tech including nuclear energy is at a level where this species may come back and push us back to the cave age again.

I am not judging that. I am simply saying we seem to have the status of livestock.

Something in the last 5,000 years caused them to abandon this planet.

The various worshippers remained and continued this species’ status as gods.

The description of the Jewish God of history is one of a superior being. This being has the ability to move through the past, the present, and the future. Jesus is described as the son of a Spirit being called the Holy Spirit/ghost/something and that being conceived Jesus with one of our females(Mary). It did so from a virgin. That in itself is a mystery.

Thus we have a networked God between God, the Holy Spirit(father), and Jesus the demi-god son(Demi meaning half human and half god). Further mystery is Jesus referring to God as his father instead of the Holy Spirit as his father, implying they are one and the same. Yet different.

Our Jewish God is described in Job as creating the heaven and the Earth and as a Universal God over the entire Universe.

Our Jewish God is also described as a god of time being Alpha and Omega, the beginning and the end. This also is described in both Revelations and Job.

Said Jewish God is supposedly perfect.

Yet in mankind as we know ourselves we have well over 400 genetic mistakes in our bodies. Something simply does not compute here.

What does compute is a species identical in appearance to our own that is fairly long lived. Possibly as long as half a million years or longer. Said species must by obvious definition be tens of thousands possibly millions of years ahead of us in their knowledge of everything. Including biology and physics. Yet here we sit. Very imperfect human specimens. Here they sit having created and destroyed hybrid beings half human and half god.

Given the past nature of these so called gods, I think they will return and they will either eliminate us or send us back once again to the stone age.










One of the best con jobs the Devil every created.

In our Bibles, we have reference to the Devil as an immortal many times in our history. Probably the most descriptive is the one in Job. Where the Devil and our God make a wager over the devoted worshiper Job and his family.

Nothing describes this better than the position of Job as described.

Everything goes wrong for Job as his fate is turned over to the Devil.

Makes me wonder what other wagers have been made.

Humans often breed and train dogs to fight to the death in an illegal arena.

We are described in the beginning as a copy of the species from which the Devil comes from only with a very limited lifespan. Before the flood it was approximately 900 plus years. After the flood, it was approximately 120. In today’s world it is often less than 80.

In the book, God makes note that he created us and he can do anything he wants with us.

I do not see anything changed. That is still the case.

With those rules in mind, the Devil is known for being the father of lies.

And that is permitted. Simply by the rules established in Job concerning us.

When it comes to this species, they consider us little more than pets with entertainment potential. We are after all mortal. Here today, gone tomorrow. In comparison we are probably at the level of a barrel of monkeys in our intelligence or less.

There seems to be a wager or contest concerning us that we do not know much about.

Like who gets the most followers. Like what is the prize if one or the other wins?

Ownership does not involve damage or not damage to said human beings.

So it is perfectly logical to lie to humans and give them false promises as to the outcome of their mortality.

That appears to be in these unknown rules that we do not even know we are playing by.

So generating a religion with promises of paradise if you die for the cause is perfectly logical to these superior beings we are dealing with apparently on this Earth.

Committing suicide in the cause gets you a reward of heaven in the hereafter.

Many religions have used this con on humans.

One King in the Bible and I am not sure where bargained with God for 15 extra years so he could raise his son. The rules were he could lose points in his life by doing so but gain nothing more if he was granted an exemption of 15 years to raise a son. It did not go well. The son still ended up in the Devil’s hands.

So a contest of some kind is going on. Only we do not know the rules.

I think though that in the ultimate court of God, each of us is either judged or not judged in accordance with the meter by which we judge others. (proverbs)

I think we crossed a line when Jesus was born, raised human, had god-like powers, claimed his father as the God of creation, and gave us an exception to judgement by his blood and the Grace.

Even so, Jesus always obeys his father’s will.

The greatest con of all time is probably the promise of paradise for sacrificing one’s life for one’s religion. There is nothing new about the promise.

I think with the invention of weapons of incredible destruction the game is almost over with. Because without intervention from this species in Job, none of us are likely to survive their wager at all.

This species considers us inferior without rights. That is the warning.

So allowing us to self-destruct is within their laws.

Helping us to self-destruct I think might be against their laws.

We are settled here on a planet that is beautiful in many ways. It is also a planet of mortality in that every species is killing every other species one way or another.

We have a time bomb. That bomb is mortality by aging. Even the best and wealthiest on the planet have this time bomb connected in their cells. No person no matter how wealthy has come up with a solution to this aging disease.

According to the Bible and I would have trouble telling where, we have a life after death of our bodies and something called a soul.

Said life appears to be a life that we have no definite evidence of.

Though we have an entire history of something called ghosts.

There appears to be a contest between God and the Devil over who gets those spirits that survive death of the body.

Jesus had a ministry in which he went around healing people. He was known to disobey the physics of the Universe in that he walked on liquid water.

I think it is all coming to a conclusion of the game.

It is a game of at least 5-6,000 years in duration.

Which is probably nothing considering these beings happen to be immortal.

Whenever mankind gets to the point where we are able to change the rules of the game, then that is when this other species steps in and throws us all back to the beginning of our technology.

The real difference being they are immortal and we are not.

Soon our engineers and scientists will figure out the aging disease and stop it cold.

Soon it is likely we will have manned expeditions exploring the Solar System and beyond.

I think this will trigger the end of the game. It is likely it will trigger the return of this species that apparently created us in their image. What happens from there is any one’s guess. Originally they confused our language with one another at a place called Babel. When we intermixed with their species, the hybrids were destroyed in a “world-wide” flood. That only does not make sense simply because of the wide range of species planet wide.

I think this species posed as gods and used us as slaves over a lengthy period of time in our prehistory and in the documentation of the Bible. I think they are linked to us biology wise and can have children by our women. The children appear to be illegal at this point in time by their rules. That is speculation.

I think they can eat our food.

I think also there is a Prime Directive now going on that prevents them from interacting with our species. That Directive is obsolete if we get to the point where we might destroy ourselves or transport our selves off planet. We are most likely disobeying those rules if we learn to become immortals.

God had a purpose in creating us. At every point in time that we learn too much, we are pushed back to the stone age.

The question is whether or not the “rules” are still in place. And that is the real Con job of the Devil. Is he one of the wager people and therefore exempt from punishment?







A modest and impossible proposal to resolve our energy needs

The following is a rule of thumb formula and not necessarily terribly accurate given by a professional miner.

The temperature of the Earth increases 10 deg F per 1,000 feet of depth. Therefore a basement is commonly 52 degrees temperature fahrenheit.

Chart 1. Rule of thumb temperatures at various depths using feet and Fahrenheit.

52 F surface
62 F 1,000 feet
72 F 2,000 feet
82 F 3,000 feet
92 F 4,000 feet
102 F 5,000 feet
112 F 6,000 feet
122 F 7.000 feet
132 F 8,000 feet
142 F 9,000 feet
152 F 10,000 feet
162 F 11,000 feet
172 F 12,000 feet
182 F 13,000 feet
192 F 14,000 feet
202 F 15,000 feet
212 F 16,000 feet
222 F 17,000 feet

To heat a house using this guide, I would have to dig down at least 2,000 feet but more likely 3,000 feet as there is bound to be entrophy and a reduction in temperature. This temperature most likely would be transported by the use of heated water from the 3,000 feet level.

A standard furnace often produces 80 degree vent temperatures to keep the temperature at 68 degrees F.

From a practical stand point, using the 52 degrees F. temperature it is easier to heat from 52 than from the average 20 degrees in winter.

So if we went down a thousand feet we would be increasing the temperature manually about 10 degrees F.

Over the life of a house, say 100 years, that is a considerable utility bill savings.

But let us say we wanted to tap the earth’s temperature to boil water. I suggest an insulated pipe going to 16,000 feet would give you a continuous generation of electricity with a steam engine of some kind. The expense of going that deep is huge. Once such a depth is reached you have pollution free energy forever!

Meaning you have to have a substation controlling the pumping of said hot water.

Potentially such a system would generate enormous amounts of electricity without many side effects to worry about.

The real problem is the density of the water under pressures that deep altering the boiling point of water.

Or you tap into the temperature and transmit the heat to a station underground somewhere in between.

The reward of such a temperature at roughly 16K feet is that you have endless energy to work with at no real expense past getting to that depth.

If we could produce housing at approximately 400 feet below the surface it is not too far fetched that a constant temperature of 62 degrees would make utility heating a thing of the past. You would be heating approximately 5 to 10 degrees F.

In our town there is a river running about 400 feet below the surface. Said water is very hard. Meaning heavy mineral content. But it is useable.

The problem is getting materials capable of dealing with the intense pressures of the Earth at those depths.

God only knows if the temperature rule of thumb will be accurate or if there is a continuous increase above the formula 10 degrees F. per thousand feet.

I think that is relative to where you dig.

The exact engineering might differ considerably the deeper you go.

Water at 400 feet could be under considerable pressure.

The Earth itself is full of various liquids. The entire project may be useless if you run into water wells deep in the earth.

There is also the possibility of huge caverns depending on if Limestone is a factor deep in the Earth. More likely it will be granite. Or Iron deposits.

The amount of knowledge we all ready have from geologists is likely to be invaluable when putting it to practical use.

A comparison with nuclear energy with all of its baggage might make this source of energy more practical than nuclear energy is.

The core of the Earth itself is said to be about the same or higher than our Sun.

So the deeper you go, the chart is possibly inaccurate and the temperature rise is far greater than estimated by the rule of thumb.

We may get the same results at 10,000 feet that we have estimated at 16,000 feet.

We may have to only go 4,000 feet down for the same results in some areas near volcanic activity.

Geothermal energy is practical in places like Iceland.

It may be practical every where else once we know more about heat sources within the planet.


The search for the impossible, improbable Planet Nine

First, I am no astronomer. I have taken an interest in astronomy since I was a little boy. But as for the technical side of things I do not have any qualifications to be an astronomer at all.

I am however fairly good at recognizing patterns. And that is where we might find the probable Planet Nine.

In the early history of astronomy we had something called Bode’s Law. Simply put the planets all favor a pattern of general distance from the Sun. Starting with Mercury, at 36 million miles from the Sun, we then come to Venus at 67 million miles out, and then Earth at 93 million miles.

30 million miles between Mercury and Venus. 26 million miles between Venus and Earth. The pattern is similar. Not exact. I think we are doing it wrong.

What we have is a close resemblance between the orbits of the planets and the ripple effect of throwing a large stone into a pond.

The major players in this ripple effect in the inner solar system are Jupiter and the Sun. This ripple effect appears to stay constant between Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, and Neptune.

There is a missing planet! It is the necklace of asteroids between Mars and Jupiter where a planet should occur with the ripple effect in place.

I suggest that we have gas giants and iron/nickel core planets and asteroids. We have a number of iron/nickel moons. So many in fact that Jupiter alone has over 61 satellites.

The gas giants fall into two categories. Saturn and Jupiter probably do not have a solid core. Though that is not for sure.

Uranus and Neptune possibly have solid cores with extemely high core temperatures close to that of the Sun. They also have extremely large atmospheres that suggests gas giants. But if they have high temperature cores, then it is possible they have thin crusts as well that are cooler.

I mention this only because Uranus and Neptune both have gravity similar to that of the Earth. To me the logic is that they might have the same iron/nickel hot cores that the Earth has with a considerably deeper and denser atmospheres. It is possible then that both planets might have goldilock zones where life might actually have evolved into something far different than we have on our planet. Namely life that is far larger than our own life supported by a far denser atmosphere than we have here.

Uranus might be a candidate simply because of the extreme slant of the planet in regards to its orbit around the sun. That might include huge electrical storms in the atmosphere.

Neptune has the highest speed winds in the solar system.

With a core temperature approaching 8K F. degrees, a thin layer of Earth type temperatures might exist deep in the planet’s atmosphere. Probably with liquid water involved.

The other factor is a large moon circling the planet.

Large moon means tides.

Next we have a large belt of asteroids and these are not a necklace but a continuous band of matter and small planets.

I would use the ripple effect observed in the other planets to predict where such a ninth planet might exist. That puts it somewhere between 26 million miles and 50 million miles out from the asteroid belt in the outer solar system.

What is problematic is the origin of such a planet might have come from a rogue somewhere out there. That suggests a brown dwarf star in the process of breaking up over millions of years. Such a rogue brown dwarf or sub-brown dwarf likely has a solid surface of iron/nickel spectrum of elements and possibly covered in liquid oceans. The interior heat of the star might be also in the 8K F. range or better. What is important here is that water is explosive. If it gets under the mantle of such an object it could very well explode extreme amounts of heavy matter off it’s surface into outer space. The atmosphere of said object is neither a star anymore or a planet and it most likely has a very light gravitational pull for its size. It more than likely has generated Earth/Venus sized planets currently rotating as moons around the star. In rare incidences such a planet may have entered orbit around the Sun between Jupiter and the Sun. Thus giving a possible origin of the inner planets Mars, Earth, Venus, and Mercury. I am suggesting gravity in the range of 2-5 earth gravity. It could be much higher or lower. I am guessing. It could be 10 times the gravity of Earth. Which suggests creating planets might be extremely rare occurances. I am suggesting that at least 6 or 7 such objects rotate around the planet and at least one has escaped the gravity all together to be where planet nine might be using the ripple pattern effect to determine where it is.

There is a probability said planet is in an extreme comet-like orbit. Then the ripple effect may not apply. Said planet may be rotating around the Sun opposite to every planet we know about.

Such an origin might explain Venus. Venus has some very strange things about it including a rotation larger than its year.

The other possibility is the star and its planets are moving in direct opposition to the orbits of the planets inside the outer asteroid belt. So until it reaches one of the big four(Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus or Neptune) it is traveling the wrong direction around the Sun. Such a conflict might include a lot of heat.

If Earth sized planets were created in this manner more than likely they would be flung outside the solar system. Rarely in the cases of Earth, Mars, Mercury and Venus, they stabilized between Jupiter and the Sun.

The deciding factor might be water that came from the star itself. Since the star no longer is a star but a huge planet with an iron/nickel core and enough energy left to have a hot core then liquid water is a natural conclusion and is probable around most of the major moons of the solar system in one form or another. I am proposing that the star has a huge ocean over most of the planet/star and said object is probably at least 1-2 light years out. Do not know if it is in a stable obit around the Sun that far out.

The question in my mind is could life have originated there and then get planted where ever a goldilocks zone exists.

Said life would then be capable of using food from the Earth. Common origin with life on the Earth being a factor.

Our legends and myths do contain indications that so called “gods” from space were capable of hybrid children between them and us. Also said “gods” did eat the same foods as we do.

Our own bible refers to mankind being an artificial creation in the pattern of the “gods”.

Said gods beings larger than us and also with a very long lifespan. Said gods referred often to as being immortal.

As theories go, this is one of my wilder notions. But it is very possible.

I would look for a planet rotating around the Sun in accordance with the ripple effect outside the outer asteroid belt. It is most likely orbiting the wrong direction around the Sun and it is most likely about the size of Uranus. Although it could also be much smaller and much denser with a gravity similar though higher than that of the Earth. Said object most likely would then have a gravity of less than 3 times that of the Earth.

I would suggest it is 30-50 degrees off the dish-like orbits of most of the other planets. Probably has oceans and probably is virtually invisible from space.



If I were Trump, this is how I would keep getting people behind me.

The most famous politician to get re-elected time after time after time was FDR.

How did he do it?

I think his use of the radio program format did it for him.

He had fireside chats with the American People. The average person out there and bypassed the politicians all together.

And I think that is what Donald must do if he is to keep the American People informed as to what he is doing in the White House and the opposition he is running against. He must start a similar program on the internet to the Fireside Chat format used by FDR.

The advantage to this will only work if he asks questions of people and then sits back and listens to what they have to say in a non-committed neutral format. The minute he opens his mouth and starts ranting it won’t work.

When they expose government bureaus doing what they do best which is corruption, then he can step in and change things. Not before.

Needs to confirm the truth of the matter. That means the standard investigation format of questions Why, What, How, Where, and When.

It is all right to pin people down if it is done diplomatically and gently.

Mr. Trump has to come across as a family figure, a father figure in his image. Not an easy thing to do. What it does do is make him the most popular President in history

The nuclear kind of war preparation will continue under Trump WHY?

I have nothing against our country owning nuclear weapons. If that is the way of the world so be it. I do think it is really good con job by nuclear engineers for any country to even buy them.

I simply do not see it as a logical path. For one thing, no one dares use these weapons except some very insane people with a religious agenda to destroy everyone that doesn’t believe as they believe. In that case, they are likely to use these weapons against us and destroy millions of people in the process regardless of anything we do about it like retaliate against them when they do it.

These same people will end up destroying millions of people that believe as they believe. They are destroying their own people doing this.

Not because we send nuclear weapons against them. But because these same people have migrated into the United States and live here.

There is an old saying that you do not shit in your own nest. Obviously looking at Europe’s encounter with them, they actually do shit in their own nests quite often. Religious beliefs are often not based on logic. They are based on shoving it down one’s throat and giving people no choice in the matter. That is obviously what has happened. But now there are religous fanatics out there willing to commit suicide not only for themselves but everyone around them.

The other reason not to take this path is these weapons are simply obsolete. They are not only dangerous to everyone they are and have been obsolete from the moment we gained space travel and exploration of other planets. As it was stated in a book well over 50 years ago (The Moon is a Harsh Mistress by Robert Heinlein) launching rocks from space is far more devasting without the permanent radiation damage to the planet. 5 miles of asteroid pushed against the rotation of the planet is 18,000 miles per hour and by the time it reaches the surface it is likely to be liquid molten rock. Possibly with an iron/nickel core.

There is no defense against such a rock. The pure momentum of such a rock makes it almost impossible to stop even with nuclear missiles. There is no time to stop it. It can locate any location on the planet itself by simply changing the direction in which it is launched. The time factor is about 30 minutes tops at 5 miles per second. That is the approximate speed of rotation of the Earth.

This information is readily available to anyone reading classic science fiction.

It has been in our libraries for many years.

What I would love to see would be a weapon that neutralizes an atomic bomb. Such as changing the bomb so it cannot go off after it is launched.

Have no idea if that is even possible with our current level of science.

What I do see is conventional warfare continuing to be the way nations war against one another.

In that case we are not even close to being the top nation in that arena. The people with the largest army is. That would potentially be China.

The logistics of transportation of such an army prevents that from being a very effective method of warfare.

To even reach our shores, they would have to travel approximately 6,000 miles as the crow flies or 10,000 miles across Alaska and Canada.

What is more probable would be a huge migration of Chinese workers into this country in the form of Chinese Corporations setting up shop right here in the USA.

Turning them into a military force is possible. Not likely. But possible. More likely the benefits of industry far outweigh the ownership of the United States.

It is to their material advantage to support our currency any way that they can. They stand to lose trillions if they do not.

Going to war is going to be very costly to anyone that tries it in the near future.

IF it were my decision to make? I would instead finance the largest exploration of the Earth every attempted.

We currently exist on 1/7th of its surface. The rest is covered with vast amounts of ocean.

I see millions of starving people all over the planet. Go to war to feed that population. Instead of a war, put together industrial housing and safe water.

Put together new methods of agriculture that will feed the planet’s population for the next 20-40 years.

Put together energy methods that will replace the current methods in such a manner that everyone has electricity at their call.

Example: We have a planetary core that is hot. Very hot. Use that hot energy to produce and generate electricity for the entire planet to use.

We currently have a revolution in information. It is possible to engineer safe and cheap energy for the entire planet.

We need far more technical people than we have ever had in the past. It is time to generate those people with free education.

I want double the number of competent doctors earning a decent living right here in the USA.

We need to make those doctors with decent education at a decent scholarship. And that applies world wide.

We need to open up the opportunities for our drug industries to provide new and better solutions to many health problems.

With regulation comes stagnation. And that is the disease that kills most of all.

It is time to change all of that.

The nuclear challenge is that nuclear has too much baggage associated with it. It is time to change all that with competent engineering.

Geothermal is only one of several ways to do this. But it holds the best promise of clean energy.

We are on the verge of automating all our industry. That means less hours to do the same job if we do it right.

3-D printing in the next few years will mean a revolution in the tooling industry to produce new products.

In one of the very rare cases, I think Obama was right to put nuclear bombs on a back burner.

IF I see any use at all for nuclear products, it might be on a huge spaceship capable of exploring the entire Solar System including the potential planets past the ORT cloud.

Personally, I think there are possibly 12 planets in our solar system. But proving that is a very expensive proposition.

Since if it is so, those planets are likely very far away from the Sun.

70,000 years ago, our astronomers think we had a near pass with another sun. No, it didn’t come into our Solar System with an outer boundary of Neptune. It is likely such a Sun may have dragged planets out of the inner solar system.

If there were a way to transmit electricity, our own Moon is an ideal generator of electricity. It goes approximately 400 degrees F. between the night side and the day side of the moon every two weeks. Using primitive steam engineering makes that heat difference a tremendous generator.

It is all clean energy and does not require the baggage of nuclear engineering. So why not explore it?

I think nations all over the planet are capable of producing nuclear bombs. It is time for some common sense. It is time to pack them all up and disable them permanently.