Why we cannot find the dark star Y-dwarf . . .

I am speculating.

I think the brown dwarf star has gone out.

It no longer broadcasts much light anywhere.

Between going out and what it is now?

I think we are looking at a body of a dead star. Probably with an abundance of heavy elements.

There is a solid surface on this star. Probably fairly thin crust material.

On top of this crust is a world wide ocean with mountains above the surface of the ocean. These mountains are volcanic.

I am suggesting a surface gravity somewhere between 2.0 and 3.5 earth gravity. It is offset by a fairly thick atmosphere.

There is a goldilocks zone where things are Earth normal temperatures. There is most likely life inhabiting this zone.

Most of the light is generated in the infrared zone. Giving these life forms the ability to see through things like clothing.

I think this dead star is not quite dead yet. I think it is a place with enormous explosions generated by huge volcanoes and ocean waters.

When the ocean water for any reason hits the raw subsurface it literally blows planet sized bodies into space.

I think it is in a retrograde orbit around the sun extending out about 1.5 light years and in as far as Saturn. It is orbiting in our southern constellations and the star is at an angle from the normal planet rotations and orbits so it seldom is in a collision type situation with any of the gas giants. I suspect at least one planet in our solar system came from the dead star.

While this star is partially dead, the core is still hot to the tune of about 8,000-12,000 degrees F.

It is likely to have several earth-sized planets in close orbit tidally locked and probably between 36 million miles and 70 million miles out from the dead star.

These planets have an internally hot core. Meaning life could exist if they have taken ocean water with them when they left the surface of the dead star.

I am suggesting that water matches the water on Earth.

Somewhere in the asteroid necklace between Mars and Jupiter there is a possibility of frozen glacier water that matches Earth water.

In those glacier asteroids there is a possibility we will find the remains of life. Possibly bacteria on up to an actual dinosaur.

I think the dark star planets collided with a planet between Mars and Jupiter a long time ago and the Earth might have come from the Dark Star.

I think Venus may have come from a similar situation.

I think the moon itself might also be a result of a similar situation and took up orbit around our planet a long time ago. That the Moon has buried water in it suggests to me that it also might have come from the dark star originally.

Which means in the depths of that moon there is likely ocean life.

Same goes for Mars. Mars might have life in oceans under the surface.

Europa might also have similar life.

I am suggesting most life on Earth had a common origin with other life in the solar system.

I think Neptune might be in a goldilocks situation deep in the planet itself and I think some form of life might be down there. Neptune has a core temperature of approximately 8,000 degrees F.

Which means some form of life is possible in most of the solar system if it all came from the dark star originally or one of its planets.

It is suggested there might be at least 6 planets orbiting the dark star.

We have an enormous amount of heavy matter (nickel/iron core objects) right here. Jupiter has at least 4 major moons and a total of 67 moons orbiting.

Uranus rotates at a 90 degree angle in its orbit around the Sun. Something caused that.

There is a gap in the outer solar system full of asteroids that possibly occurred when Venus first came into our solar system after breaking away from the Dark Star.

We have numerous records of so called gods being worshipped all over the planet. They were a species 8-9 feet tall and very strong. They were supposed to be immortals with an extremely long life span.

They came from the heavens. They could eat our food and were compatible with life on this planet.

There are legends of them taking human women as wives and having children with those shorter lived women.

Even the Bible refers to it prior to the flood.

This species had long lives and had a very sophisticated technology.

I am suggesting that the book the 12th planet is correct.

Finding a needle in a haystack is what it will take to locate that dead star out there somewhere about 1.5 light years from Earth.