Promise and Contract breakers

This week in London people have experienced the terror of the Muslim Religious extreme beliefs.

Those beliefs involve deception. For according to their holy book they are allowed to deceive anyone not of their religion for purpose of gains.

Part of that system is prayer 5 times a day towards Mecca. It appears to be a form of suggestion that brain washes the subjects into absolute obeying.

Part is one of the strictest set of rules known to man. With Muslim controlled countries there is a fundamental puritan type belief system.

Part is a shortcut to heaven(paradise) by sacrificing one’s self and dying causing death and destruction to anyone not of their religious belief.

In the recent attack, one of the people involved was known to be an all around very nice guy. This guy was deceiving everyone. Even other Muslims rejected him.

Helping people whenever the opportunity came to him. He established trust in those around him.

His family was strict traditionalist and his wife was sequestered in accordance with their religion.

The deception is two fold. One: dying and taking a lot of people with you will not get you into paradise.

Lying to non-religious people of other religions only harms your religion in today’s world. Broken promises and broken contracts gives you a name. The name is not honorable.

If there are a great number of fairly innocent people of your religion in a country then a reputation for terror does those people no good.

Our President is right to forbid them from coming here for that reason alone. Terrorism. Deception. No one knows who goes off next.

The over all view of the world does matter to the majority of people in your religion.

Soon people all over the world are likely to take action against the people of this religion simply because they have no other choice if they want to remain safe within their own borders.

When the army of a nation takes the women and children and the men and deports all of them then the overall result of the terrorism is bad for the Muslims.

All because some idiot thinks he gains paradise by killing innocent civilians in their war against other religions.

There is a universal communication in today’s world and the result is all the nasty things these people are pulling is becoming known to the civilized world.

Eventually that means the entire world will be against you and your religion.

The price is too high. Muslim people everywhere need to be aware of this and condemn publicly anyone taking the violent view.

The fact is destroying one’s self is suicide. Even their holy book condemns suicide somewhere.

IF any group of people has a reputation for breaking their word given to anyone, then they cannot be trusted ever.

Especially if the whole world knows about it.

Violence is not an answer. Every action has an equal and opposite reaction. So when someone does this kind of thing the reaction is likely to harm a whole lot of people. And not just the victims.

The real victims? They are the innocent family of the terrorist. They are the wives and children that now have to face the people their family member wounded or killed.

Anyone destroying their own religion by acts of murder? Destroying your own religion will definitely keep you from paradise.

And that is what these 3 individuals did in Britain. Now there is going to be a class of people that wish them all gone. And they might just succeed.