The Entity Over Life and Death on Planet Earth.

by chumchingee

We used to call this the Angel of Death.

The myth of this is that there might be an icon of death. An angel that comes to take people’s souls when they die. We even have a TV Series of a group of people that do that. There is even a book of fiction on a person that becomes the current icon angel of death.

Then in reading the many things I have seen on the internet I ran across a sentence that said that jurisdiction over all life on this planet has been given to Jesus Christ.

Jesus determines when we leave our bodies and He determines what happens to us next.

How Ironic. That all these religions that are hostile to Christianity meet Jesus after they die and are judged by Jesus as to where they go from here.

It brings up many questions.

Is there a Heaven place where true Christians go when their bodies give up life?

Is there a Hell place where people are punished for what they did wrong here on Earth?

Is there a form of immortality for the soul after death?

Are Christians truly exempt from judgement by the grace of Jesus Christ?

If you are in a mud wrestling match, your chances of remaining completely clean are nil. Same goes for sin on this planet. None of us are completely clean of sin.

Therefore, no Christian is completely without sin. If that were a determination then Heaven might be a very lonely place.

I accept Jesus Christ as my boss. I could say typically my lord and savior. Boss pretty much covers it.

Anytime Jesus wants to give me personal orders, given fate’s interference, given the weakness I have of life’s addictions, given that even Peter was not worthy at the cross, I will attempt to follow whatever orders Jesus gives me. He is boss.

Whether I am capable of doing so is questionable to me.

I have called on God many times in my life. Sometimes he answers my prayers and sometimes I feel ignored.

Ignored is not necessarily a bad thing.

Which also brings up the point of prayer. Is it answered or is it ignored?

I think it is answered. Sometimes yes and sometimes no. And the grief of no is very strong as is the anger that often accompanies “no”. Been there, done that. It still leaves me angry. Even when it is for my own good that my prayer goes unanswered.

I am not an apologist. I give no quarter. If I pray for some reason to step off a platform and I have faith that I will not fall, then it is false faith indeed when I fall. And I will fall unless some natural law keeps it from happening.

Jesus demonstrated this at the sea of Galilee and he walked on water. His disciples on the other hand without his help would have drowned. Oh you of little faith? More likely “you” that are human without access to the powers of the creator.

I have no power of my own. I have no special abilities or influence.

If I step off that boat into the water I will more than likely sink. I am subject to the natural laws of the universe.

It is said do not tempt. Do not try things like that. Yet Jesus did.

But Jesus has administration privileges none of us have.

If Jesus commands anything Jesus commands are likely to happen.

We, on the other hand, command nothing. We have no power over anything in this universe except to work within the physics laws of the universe itself.

Jesus gets nothing if he helps us. With the possible exception of a bunch of helpless souls loving him and giving him their loyalty. The new Testament says when 2 or 3 Christians get together and pray then it moves mountains.

Show me. Because most “christians” are not clean of sin. And there is the clause out that Jesus has as if he even needed one. Jesus is the judge of things and he can fail to answer prayers any time he wants even though what I have said is in the Bible.

And that is why even though I had Christians praying, Vera’s 86 year old sister died Monday night.

My own faith is strong. If it has a logical basis in fact.

I had the people praying for her. Biblical or not, she died. We can ask but only Jesus makes the judgement as to what happens next.

I am not saying it was not the best thing for her to die and I sincerely hope Jesus takes her to heaven with his command.

Jesus has intelligence. Much more than a mere mortal such as myself.

I confess. I do not understand. I must be stupid or something.

Well I can pray until I am blue in the face without result. Or if Jesus decides, then the entire universe moves to do his bidding.

We can only ask. He decides life and He decides death.

Thank you, Jesus. Every person I know cannot make a difference as to whether you walk on water or are drowned. Thank you, Jesus, I will continue to ask for the things that I need from you. But let me make it perfectly clear. Whether or not I like it you make the decisions and only you can change things under the jurisdiction given to you by your Father.

On Earth, we love some people around us. They often do things to disappoint us and we hate that.

But we hate what they have done. Not who they are. I hate the decisions made in life. But I love you, the person that has made decisions and I love the Lord.  Whether I make it to Heaven or suffer in Hell, my conscious decision is you are the boss and I have to love you without conditions.

We all eventually die. Myself included.

See you soon. Love David.