The hemlock society of nursing homes.

by chumchingee

I have a sister-in-law near death in a nursing facility in Cincinnati that will go unnamed for purposes of this article.

She has dementia. She is still coherent. But she is a very angry person inside. Her only daughter died of a heart condition in her 30s. This did leave her bitter.

She has been involuntarily admitted for about 10 years now.

She has been deemed incompetent to handle her own financial affairs by the courts.

Yet she has a “do not revive” paper she has signed after she was involuntarily admitted. If she was incompetent then she should not have been able to make a decision like this.

When she took the written test that resolved her as incompetent she could not see correctly. That was taken care of later. So there is some question as to how incompetent she was when she was admitted.

Doctors in a nursing home are very likely to be incompetent to practice real medicine.

This one failed on several counts. Pneumonia goes through a home like a wild fire through a forest.

She obviously did not have Pneumonia shots.

She was taken to ICU at a local hospital. They did not administer antibiotics? Actually, viruses respond to an entire set of drugs.

She still had it when she was returned to the Nursing home and she never did recover.

They did not do a follow up x-ray until it was too late.

Even now if she was given IVs and introvenious feeding she might recover. Not going to happen. Hospice has determined she is going to die.

All of which is due to the incompetent behavior of the doctor in charge of her care.

I think they are deliberately allowing her to die by omission of treatment. And that is where the question of the Hemlock Society comes in.

Was it deliberate omission or was it simple incompetent behavior on the part of the doctor involved?

Perhaps we will never know for sure . . .

By the way, my sister-in-law could be you, could be me, could be any of us, somewhere down the road.

The attitude I see here is one of omission rather than commission.

Though one of staff told me they are not allowed to clean with bleach in a nursing home. Bleach is one of the only effective methods of getting a virus out of a nursing home.

You decide. Is it a Hemlock Society in government or simple incompetence on the part of the home and government? The government has a lot to gain financially if she dies. And if so many more in her circumstance die.