Common Origins

by chumchingee

Looking at the myths surrounding the so-called gods of our ancient histories I have come to some conclusions I would like to share.

In the book of the beginning in the Bible there are some very interesting things that need to be looked at.

At some point in time, the moon is introduced. As is the Sun.

There is a description of what could only be called a project to bring life to this planet.

First we have the introduction of water. And after that we have the division of land from water.

There is a list of 6 stages upon which life is established here.

This is miss-translated as days.

I think it was a lot more than days involved here. But I think it is also accurate as to the terra-forming of the planet as a pre-stage to mankind and other creatures.

Now the interesting part to me is that this seeded life had to come from somewhere.

I suggest it came from another inhabited planet. But where is such a planet now?

I think we are talking about a long-term development possibly over millions of years if the planet was not all ready inhabited before the terra-forming situation began.

Now what is unusual about Earth vs. the rest of the solar system? Earth has heavy elements. It is not a gas-giant planet such as Neptune or Uranus might be. I figure both of those planets may have solid cores. Jupiter and Saturn maybe yes, maybe no.

There is an amazing amount of solid objects in this solar system orbiting around gas giants or not. Even circumstantial evidence that Venus might be quite young in our solar system or not even there millions of years ago.

We have a sub class of life called snakes. They are basically from the Reptile family.

What is unusual is their dependence on infrared light to “see” by. That suggests to me that Earth was not always where it is now in our Solar System. It is possible we orbited where the asteroid belt between Mars and Jupiter is now.

It also suggests a larger planet with a better heat source than we have now. Probably a much thinner crust and instead of 52 degrees F. it is probably more likely it was at least 80 degrees at the surface and offset by a much thicker atmosphere than we have now. Which would lead to giant creatures like the dinosaurs being better supported under our gravitational pull.

This is all speculation on my part.

This also assumes a lot. It assumes that the origin of life here on Earth may have started somewhere else and gradually was changed as millions of years passed in some natural manner.

I think somewhere around 10-15 million years ago the original life on this planet was disrupted and the orbit of the remaining core was changed inwards toward the Sun.

In this change, the huge amount of water condensed out of the atmosphere creating the oceans we have today. The base level of temperature was changed downwards at the same time the water left the upper atmosphere.

So that somewhere between 52 degrees F and 70 degrees F the crust of the Earth got more solid. And what life existed changed and adapted to the new conditions including plant and animal life coming into the new oceans. Which did cool the crust.

At some point in time a huge amount of carbon dioxide started changing over to oxygen and oil products. I suspect at one point in time our atmosphere may have changed to one of nitrogen and oxygen/carbon dioxide. When that happened the conductive nature of temperature changed with it. The more oxygen the less conductivity of temperature.

At some point something pushed our planet over on its side so we now have a 23 degree tilt causing seasons.

Enter an intelligent species from this other world.  I also speculate that it is larger with a much higher gravity possibly 2 to 3 times Earth normal. Some ten million years ago they started a staged change so that Earth had their life instead of our own. Obviously they seeded the planet with life from their own and left it to take nature’s form.

They did this approximately 6 times over the next few million years until we reach about 500,000 to 250,000 B.C. By this point in time most of the current species and much more were inhabiting the planet including possibly an ape like creature similar to us.

Based on our foot structure, I think the critter they chose was one that survived in the shallows and beaches of the planet. The critter had approximately half the brain capacity we currently enjoy. It had 48 chromosomes. It had almost no hair except the pubic hair and the hair on top of its head. This was an evolutionary feature simply because it was easier to move in 6 foot shallow water without hair.

I can see pubic hair as a survival characteristic protecting mankind at that point in time from animals in the water.

Along comes these so called “gods” that are changing Earth to meet their needs. We are basically a planetary core of a much larger planet that was partially destroyed and then covered with cooling water that became oceans.

That it is covered mostly in water is suspicious at best.

Most of the life on this planet appears to be used to a higher gravity than what we have now. But that also is speculation.

Thoses so called “gods” are into mining heavy elements for a project on their own planet that is probably way out there in the outer reaches of the Solar System somewhere.

Possibly it is in the southern side of the solar system and moving in a contrary direction to the rest of the solar system and possibly as far out as a couple of light years away.

What they needed was a small ape-like creature capable of going deep in the mines yet intelligent enough to take instructions.

Our 48-chromosome ancestor may have fit the bill.

Time for a long lived species might be different from us. So I am suggesting they took eggs and sperm from the existing ape like creatures found on beaches and altered them to create their own slave species.

In order to do that I think they used their own females to bring them to birth.

In order for that to work, they had to neutralize the inter-species lock that keeps other species from conception with our own. Specifically their own chromosomes and genes.

The genetically altered mankind had to have spliced genes in order for them to copy a look-alike miniature version of themselves. I say miniature because they designed mankind to mine deep in the Earth where they would have trouble going.

They had to increase the brain to a level to except communication with themselves. So I suggest they created us in their own image. Possibly with only enough intelligence to become their slaves and accept instructions from them.

All of which was done by splicing material from 4 chromosomes down to a merged chromosome on each side of the helix. So instead of the new creature having 48 chromosomes it had 46.They then did a minor rewrite of the genetic code we have today.

No one knows how many chromosomes the aliens had because I think they had a common evolution with our own on their own planet.

Explains why they were able to survive here. They were able to eat the food on this planet. They were able to eat meat from the animals of this planet only because they shared a common ancestry with the life of this planet.

I think they long ago conquered the genetic code of their own species.

Thus they have an incredibly long life expectancy if they are not killed accidentally by things in the Universe.

I think we are talking about a species with a much larger brain than our own. But I think they share with us a lot of personality traits including greed, lust, and violence towards one another. This is basically controlled by their system of laws which may be similar to a feudal system. The description in the book of Job which is the oldest book of the Bible might give us some clues.

They apparently hold their dictator in all of this quite highly. Do they have a genetic royal family? If so is their lifespan so long that it is virtually immortal to our eyes?

There are disturbing indications that mankind has been up and down the technical engineering scale several times with even space travel possibly in there somewhere.

Each time we reach a certain level, this “god” species stepped in with tech 10,000 or more years in advance of our own and throws mankind back to the cave level.

The tower of Babel comes to mind.

I see that they mixed with our women in Genesis and created a hybrid problem species far more talented and intelligent than they meant to occur.

Their law was xenophobic in that it stepped in and created a natural disaster to kill off mankind. Only a limited few families survived and they were deliberately short lived families. Mankind went from 900 year lifespans down to 125 year life spans. We are currently at an average under 90 years. Most die between 65-80 years.

Our tech including nuclear energy is at a level where this species may come back and push us back to the cave age again.

I am not judging that. I am simply saying we seem to have the status of livestock.

Something in the last 5,000 years caused them to abandon this planet.

The various worshippers remained and continued this species’ status as gods.

The description of the Jewish God of history is one of a superior being. This being has the ability to move through the past, the present, and the future. Jesus is described as the son of a Spirit being called the Holy Spirit/ghost/something and that being conceived Jesus with one of our females(Mary). It did so from a virgin. That in itself is a mystery.

Thus we have a networked God between God, the Holy Spirit(father), and Jesus the demi-god son(Demi meaning half human and half god). Further mystery is Jesus referring to God as his father instead of the Holy Spirit as his father, implying they are one and the same. Yet different.

Our Jewish God is described in Job as creating the heaven and the Earth and as a Universal God over the entire Universe.

Our Jewish God is also described as a god of time being Alpha and Omega, the beginning and the end. This also is described in both Revelations and Job.

Said Jewish God is supposedly perfect.

Yet in mankind as we know ourselves we have well over 400 genetic mistakes in our bodies. Something simply does not compute here.

What does compute is a species identical in appearance to our own that is fairly long lived. Possibly as long as half a million years or longer. Said species must by obvious definition be tens of thousands possibly millions of years ahead of us in their knowledge of everything. Including biology and physics. Yet here we sit. Very imperfect human specimens. Here they sit having created and destroyed hybrid beings half human and half god.

Given the past nature of these so called gods, I think they will return and they will either eliminate us or send us back once again to the stone age.