One of the best con jobs the Devil every created.

by chumchingee

In our Bibles, we have reference to the Devil as an immortal many times in our history. Probably the most descriptive is the one in Job. Where the Devil and our God make a wager over the devoted worshiper Job and his family.

Nothing describes this better than the position of Job as described.

Everything goes wrong for Job as his fate is turned over to the Devil.

Makes me wonder what other wagers have been made.

Humans often breed and train dogs to fight to the death in an illegal arena.

We are described in the beginning as a copy of the species from which the Devil comes from only with a very limited lifespan. Before the flood it was approximately 900 plus years. After the flood, it was approximately 120. In today’s world it is often less than 80.

In the book, God makes note that he created us and he can do anything he wants with us.

I do not see anything changed. That is still the case.

With those rules in mind, the Devil is known for being the father of lies.

And that is permitted. Simply by the rules established in Job concerning us.

When it comes to this species, they consider us little more than pets with entertainment potential. We are after all mortal. Here today, gone tomorrow. In comparison we are probably at the level of a barrel of monkeys in our intelligence or less.

There seems to be a wager or contest concerning us that we do not know much about.

Like who gets the most followers. Like what is the prize if one or the other wins?

Ownership does not involve damage or not damage to said human beings.

So it is perfectly logical to lie to humans and give them false promises as to the outcome of their mortality.

That appears to be in these unknown rules that we do not even know we are playing by.

So generating a religion with promises of paradise if you die for the cause is perfectly logical to these superior beings we are dealing with apparently on this Earth.

Committing suicide in the cause gets you a reward of heaven in the hereafter.

Many religions have used this con on humans.

One King in the Bible and I am not sure where bargained with God for 15 extra years so he could raise his son. The rules were he could lose points in his life by doing so but gain nothing more if he was granted an exemption of 15 years to raise a son. It did not go well. The son still ended up in the Devil’s hands.

So a contest of some kind is going on. Only we do not know the rules.

I think though that in the ultimate court of God, each of us is either judged or not judged in accordance with the meter by which we judge others. (proverbs)

I think we crossed a line when Jesus was born, raised human, had god-like powers, claimed his father as the God of creation, and gave us an exception to judgement by his blood and the Grace.

Even so, Jesus always obeys his father’s will.

The greatest con of all time is probably the promise of paradise for sacrificing one’s life for one’s religion. There is nothing new about the promise.

I think with the invention of weapons of incredible destruction the game is almost over with. Because without intervention from this species in Job, none of us are likely to survive their wager at all.

This species considers us inferior without rights. That is the warning.

So allowing us to self-destruct is within their laws.

Helping us to self-destruct I think might be against their laws.

We are settled here on a planet that is beautiful in many ways. It is also a planet of mortality in that every species is killing every other species one way or another.

We have a time bomb. That bomb is mortality by aging. Even the best and wealthiest on the planet have this time bomb connected in their cells. No person no matter how wealthy has come up with a solution to this aging disease.

According to the Bible and I would have trouble telling where, we have a life after death of our bodies and something called a soul.

Said life appears to be a life that we have no definite evidence of.

Though we have an entire history of something called ghosts.

There appears to be a contest between God and the Devil over who gets those spirits that survive death of the body.

Jesus had a ministry in which he went around healing people. He was known to disobey the physics of the Universe in that he walked on liquid water.

I think it is all coming to a conclusion of the game.

It is a game of at least 5-6,000 years in duration.

Which is probably nothing considering these beings happen to be immortal.

Whenever mankind gets to the point where we are able to change the rules of the game, then that is when this other species steps in and throws us all back to the beginning of our technology.

The real difference being they are immortal and we are not.

Soon our engineers and scientists will figure out the aging disease and stop it cold.

Soon it is likely we will have manned expeditions exploring the Solar System and beyond.

I think this will trigger the end of the game. It is likely it will trigger the return of this species that apparently created us in their image. What happens from there is any one’s guess. Originally they confused our language with one another at a place called Babel. When we intermixed with their species, the hybrids were destroyed in a “world-wide” flood. That only does not make sense simply because of the wide range of species planet wide.

I think this species posed as gods and used us as slaves over a lengthy period of time in our prehistory and in the documentation of the Bible. I think they are linked to us biology wise and can have children by our women. The children appear to be illegal at this point in time by their rules. That is speculation.

I think they can eat our food.

I think also there is a Prime Directive now going on that prevents them from interacting with our species. That Directive is obsolete if we get to the point where we might destroy ourselves or transport our selves off planet. We are most likely disobeying those rules if we learn to become immortals.

God had a purpose in creating us. At every point in time that we learn too much, we are pushed back to the stone age.

The question is whether or not the “rules” are still in place. And that is the real Con job of the Devil. Is he one of the wager people and therefore exempt from punishment?