If I were Trump, this is how I would keep getting people behind me.

by chumchingee

The most famous politician to get re-elected time after time after time was FDR.

How did he do it?

I think his use of the radio program format did it for him.

He had fireside chats with the American People. The average person out there and bypassed the politicians all together.

And I think that is what Donald must do if he is to keep the American People informed as to what he is doing in the White House and the opposition he is running against. He must start a similar program on the internet to the Fireside Chat format used by FDR.

The advantage to this will only work if he asks questions of people and then sits back and listens to what they have to say in a non-committed neutral format. The minute he opens his mouth and starts ranting it won’t work.

When they expose government bureaus doing what they do best which is corruption, then he can step in and change things. Not before.

Needs to confirm the truth of the matter. That means the standard investigation format of questions Why, What, How, Where, and When.

It is all right to pin people down if it is done diplomatically and gently.

Mr. Trump has to come across as a family figure, a father figure in his image. Not an easy thing to do. What it does do is make him the most popular President in history