The nuclear kind of war preparation will continue under Trump WHY?

by chumchingee

I have nothing against our country owning nuclear weapons. If that is the way of the world so be it. I do think it is really good con job by nuclear engineers for any country to even buy them.

I simply do not see it as a logical path. For one thing, no one dares use these weapons except some very insane people with a religious agenda to destroy everyone that doesn’t believe as they believe. In that case, they are likely to use these weapons against us and destroy millions of people in the process regardless of anything we do about it like retaliate against them when they do it.

These same people will end up destroying millions of people that believe as they believe. They are destroying their own people doing this.

Not because we send nuclear weapons against them. But because these same people have migrated into the United States and live here.

There is an old saying that you do not shit in your own nest. Obviously looking at Europe’s encounter with them, they actually do shit in their own nests quite often. Religious beliefs are often not based on logic. They are based on shoving it down one’s throat and giving people no choice in the matter. That is obviously what has happened. But now there are religous fanatics out there willing to commit suicide not only for themselves but everyone around them.

The other reason not to take this path is these weapons are simply obsolete. They are not only dangerous to everyone they are and have been obsolete from the moment we gained space travel and exploration of other planets. As it was stated in a book well over 50 years ago (The Moon is a Harsh Mistress by Robert Heinlein) launching rocks from space is far more devasting without the permanent radiation damage to the planet. 5 miles of asteroid pushed against the rotation of the planet is 18,000 miles per hour and by the time it reaches the surface it is likely to be liquid molten rock. Possibly with an iron/nickel core.

There is no defense against such a rock. The pure momentum of such a rock makes it almost impossible to stop even with nuclear missiles. There is no time to stop it. It can locate any location on the planet itself by simply changing the direction in which it is launched. The time factor is about 30 minutes tops at 5 miles per second. That is the approximate speed of rotation of the Earth.

This information is readily available to anyone reading classic science fiction.

It has been in our libraries for many years.

What I would love to see would be a weapon that neutralizes an atomic bomb. Such as changing the bomb so it cannot go off after it is launched.

Have no idea if that is even possible with our current level of science.

What I do see is conventional warfare continuing to be the way nations war against one another.

In that case we are not even close to being the top nation in that arena. The people with the largest army is. That would potentially be China.

The logistics of transportation of such an army prevents that from being a very effective method of warfare.

To even reach our shores, they would have to travel approximately 6,000 miles as the crow flies or 10,000 miles across Alaska and Canada.

What is more probable would be a huge migration of Chinese workers into this country in the form of Chinese Corporations setting up shop right here in the USA.

Turning them into a military force is possible. Not likely. But possible. More likely the benefits of industry far outweigh the ownership of the United States.

It is to their material advantage to support our currency any way that they can. They stand to lose trillions if they do not.

Going to war is going to be very costly to anyone that tries it in the near future.

IF it were my decision to make? I would instead finance the largest exploration of the Earth every attempted.

We currently exist on 1/7th of its surface. The rest is covered with vast amounts of ocean.

I see millions of starving people all over the planet. Go to war to feed that population. Instead of a war, put together industrial housing and safe water.

Put together new methods of agriculture that will feed the planet’s population for the next 20-40 years.

Put together energy methods that will replace the current methods in such a manner that everyone has electricity at their call.

Example: We have a planetary core that is hot. Very hot. Use that hot energy to produce and generate electricity for the entire planet to use.

We currently have a revolution in information. It is possible to engineer safe and cheap energy for the entire planet.

We need far more technical people than we have ever had in the past. It is time to generate those people with free education.

I want double the number of competent doctors earning a decent living right here in the USA.

We need to make those doctors with decent education at a decent scholarship. And that applies world wide.

We need to open up the opportunities for our drug industries to provide new and better solutions to many health problems.

With regulation comes stagnation. And that is the disease that kills most of all.

It is time to change all of that.

The nuclear challenge is that nuclear has too much baggage associated with it. It is time to change all that with competent engineering.

Geothermal is only one of several ways to do this. But it holds the best promise of clean energy.

We are on the verge of automating all our industry. That means less hours to do the same job if we do it right.

3-D printing in the next few years will mean a revolution in the tooling industry to produce new products.

In one of the very rare cases, I think Obama was right to put nuclear bombs on a back burner.

IF I see any use at all for nuclear products, it might be on a huge spaceship capable of exploring the entire Solar System including the potential planets past the ORT cloud.

Personally, I think there are possibly 12 planets in our solar system. But proving that is a very expensive proposition.

Since if it is so, those planets are likely very far away from the Sun.

70,000 years ago, our astronomers think we had a near pass with another sun. No, it didn’t come into our Solar System with an outer boundary of Neptune. It is likely such a Sun may have dragged planets out of the inner solar system.

If there were a way to transmit electricity, our own Moon is an ideal generator of electricity. It goes approximately 400 degrees F. between the night side and the day side of the moon every two weeks. Using primitive steam engineering makes that heat difference a tremendous generator.

It is all clean energy and does not require the baggage of nuclear engineering. So why not explore it?

I think nations all over the planet are capable of producing nuclear bombs. It is time for some common sense. It is time to pack them all up and disable them permanently.