The political reality of things and why Donald Trump will be elected.

by chumchingee

I think it is over.
But money talks and there was a lot of money riding on Hillary Clinton winning the election.
Who in the US Government investigates election fraud?
Whoever is charged with investigations is falling down on the job.
But then again maybe they are right to stay in hiding.
Some people have enough money to be immune from prosecution or that is what it appears to be.
When this country was put together after the revolutionary war, it was put together to be ruled by the aristocrat class in the form of wealthy individuals.
Some of which in the South actually owned people body and soul.
Yes, most of the owned were black.
In the North, it was better hidden though still pretty obvious that anyone with millions of dollars to spend could own a Congressman.
The democrat/republican party system sat down and chose issues in which one was negative and one was positive. Yet the public con here is simply that they are owned body and soul by the same rich class of people. It was a brilliant way of doing things. Each party had a pipeline to governing, yet both participated in the con that there are actually two different parties ruling this country.
The truth and reality of things is they are both owned.
The trick here is we have two owners that are now battling it out for power. The puppets in this case are pathetic.
The owners are both billionaires.
They are amongst approximately 400 families that are billionaires in this country. Generally speaking they own the legal system of this country through most excellent lawyers.
It is only through increased technology that any of this is being uncovered. The internet being the current medium exposing it.
I predict now that the Bullsh*t stage is over, Donald Trump will lead with extreme conservative Republicans for the most part and they are all part of the established order of power. That will not change whether or not Donald Trump or Hillary Clinton is the President.
Only the name of the puppets might change and who owns them.
What one must ask, is what benefit does Donald Trump give these billionaires over Hillary Clinton and why would someone want to exchange one for the other?
Because that is what it really is all about.
Many of the campaign trail issues are dead. Simply because when all is said and done, they are impractical in the reality of who is in power in Washington, D.C.
And the threat of either overcoming an election or impeaching the winner is what is behind the current issue of a cabinet for Donald Trump being made up mostly of insiders in Washington. If he picks the right crew he is in. If he doesn’t he is out.
Donald is not stupid. He sees what is happening and is desperately trying to appease the power structure of D.C. right now.
What has to happen if he is allowed by these billionaires to take office is he has one really bad mess financially to straighten out.
And that right there is the key to the whole thing.
Who has the most to lose if he doesn’t straighten out the mess? I would say it is the billionaire class of this country and they stand to lose more money than I can even imagine in the next few years if it isn’t fixed.
We are talking about the wholesale ruin of our currency. I stand to lose as well. But not nearly anything compared to the wealthy of this country if he doesn’t fix things. I think he will fix things and part of that fix is a generous tax code to billionaires.
Those billionaires are not just in this country, They exist in every place in this world not just here.
What he is tasked with doing is rewriting the rule book by which we all live financially. He is very qualified to do so. So are many others such as Mr. Romney who made a fortune by taking bankrupt business and basically dismantling it and selling off the assets. In the process he put a lot of people out of work.
Hurting the average person is not in either person’s rule book. They will do what is convenient to them and that is their morale code.
In this particular case, fixing things for the middle class of this country might be convenient for them.
There is going to be an adjustment. That adjustment is going to lower the standard of living of everyone on a fixed income in this country. And no matter who is in charge, that adjustment is coming.