Given: Life exists everywhere in one form or another, so what might it look like.

by chumchingee

Recently I have looked into the idea that there might be life on the Moon.

Crazy? It is after all in a near vacuum of space.

The surface is obviously dead.

The temperatures over a 28 day cycle are over 400 degrees F. That varies between about 220 degrees F to around 300 degrees F. below zero.

But that is on the desolate surface of this near-by planet sized moon.

So what life could possibly exist on this harsh environment?

I am thinking the most hardy of creatures on this planet are insects.

Life would have to have a space suit of some kind. Don’t laugh. It is possible. That space suit would have to be the exo-skeleton of an insect.

The atmosphere in this exo-skeleton has to be self-renewing.

So this life form would be incredibly self-regenerating with a symbiototic relationship with a whole lot of internal plants. Those plants constantly removing poisons and carbon dioxide from the internal workings of the insect. Most insects of this type belong to a hive. So without external competition these insects might have had time to evolve into an intelligent being.

Possibly living far beneath the surface and dependent on internal temperatures of the core of the Moon to maintain a stable environment.

I think such a creature would have to have a sign language instead of a vocal language.

Such a creature is possibly using an antenna to communicate.

Or it could use a scent language.

Its reaction to our space program would be hostile. Stay away or die.

But all of this is guesswork so it may or may not be true.