What I believe — Dave

Over the last few years I have observed much and what I have observed scares me.

I am very good with noticing patterns. Whether those patterns be international, national, local, or whatever.

I am good with ideas and also with computers. I am capable of using a MAC, a PC, a windows based operating system, several different Linux based systems, and a variety of word processing programs. I built advertising for years and am fully aware of the dynamics of what makes a good ad sell products.


I believe in a being called GOD as described in the Bible. By definition, to me God is the operating system by which everything in our Universe operates. God is in charge of the entire universe.

Since that universe as defined by science is enormous beyond comprehension that is quite a feat in itself.

We as human beings are basically under that God in the food chain of things. There are many things below us in that food chain and many things above us in that food chain.

We basically have a short life-span compared with the Universe age. Perhaps all of us will live a lifespan of less than 126 years. With one or two exceptions and I do not envy them that. By the time they reach that age they are dealing with a body that is coming apart at the seams and probably in quite a lot of pain.

Science estimates today that age of the universe to be about 15 billion years. I say they are way off base. It is much older than that.

Einstein calculated time. He calculated that any object going faster than 186,126 plus miles per second would in fact be going backwards in time. SO therefore nothing could ever go faster than the speed of light and remain in our current space/time environment. What he miscalculated was objects traveling at speeds that escape our current time/space universe. Those objects have to be under a different set of physics rules than we are capable of understanding at this time. Objects traveling at this speed are often the results of supernovas. Meaning that entrophy has a significant factor in when and where such objects reappear in our universe. Light itself is not completely in our universe. It is on the edge. Meaning it often travels unimpeded through objects such as matter in our universe depending of course on the frequency of light involved. X-rays come to mind.

In order for the creation of our Universe to occur, science thinks an enormous explosion took place. A super object that was incredibly dense blew up. In the process, all the rules of our current existence came into being within micro seconds of the explosion occurring. Only the rules change. At one level, there are at least 11 dimensions involved in our space/time universe. That level is very small. At an entirely different level, our current physics laws exist. Probably both sets of laws work with one another to make our current visual graphic interface of the universe as we know it. Meaning we really do not have any idea how it really works. We are getting into an understanding of how it works though.

Our entire existence is based on a genetic chemical code that defines everything about us. That includes life. And the lack thereof at some point in time.

Nothing is ever created or destroyed in the universe we comprehend. What we do not comprehend speaks volumes.

Does a form of life exist after we die? I think so. I think we have an operator beyond the brain and beyond our stored brain memories. That operator being a soul. Where that soul exists in relationship to our bodies is any body’s guess and we do not know the rules governing it.

Is there re-incarnation and our soul traveling from body to body throughout time? I do not know. It is possible. I think Jesus refers to it. I do not think religion has a handle on it.

That implies a ghost state. If there is such a state then the Holy Spirit suddenly has a whole new meaning. I believe it is all there and the universe has rules we are not even aware of. Such as the return of souls to bodies that have died. But only if said body is capable of existing in further life. I believe forensic medicine is about half right. And that without oxygen normally the brain dies and with it our memories in this life. But the soul may or may not have duplicated those memories on a different plain of existence than the body exists on.

I believe in the Holy Spirit. What is more, I think the Holy Spirit is capable of interaction with this universal plain of dimensions and is capable of changing or altering existing conditions here.

Meaning that if souls exist they are interacting with this plain of dimensions and with our physical bodies.

Jesus was different. He was basically far above us on the food chain. Meaning he was capable of changing any and all rules on this plain of existence possibly through the spirit plain of existence.

In the chain of command of this universe, Jesus was possibly third. Meaning he was conceived by the Holy Spirit. Meaning he considered GOD as his father. Meaning he actually existed on both plains of the universe at the same time. Meaning that he shared the ability of changing anything in our existence that he chose to change.

Walking on water was a demonstration of that ability to change any rules of existence in this universe that he wanted to. He attempted with his disciples to teach them how to do that but with little success. They on the other hand were capable of much more than normal human beings after his teaching.

They were limited by their concepts of what rules this universe had before their teachings.

The God in charge of this universe is a god of time moving backwards and forwards in time altering that time/space universe to suit whatever purpose that God in charge of this universe has.

To some extent this universe is the result. We are mortals with a limited existence on a tiny planet in an enormous universe.

I believe that fraud in the form of people way above us on the food chain and somewhat immortal (average lifespan probably of 440,000 years) exist. I believe originally they created us in their image. I think what they did was against the laws of the universe at large. And they got caught.

One law they violated was representing themselves as God.

The ramifications of that violating of laws instituted by God is still going on to this day.

The great weakness of this universe is its enormous size. Meaning in the universe of a whole, they have been getting away with it for some time and only recently have they been caught.

We do not understand the rules by which they are operating and they are masters at getting around those rules.

I believe they wish to steal the planet away from us. Possibly taking whatever survivors as slaves.

I believe they artificially took a creature on this planet and artificially evolved them way beyond their spiritual ability to command this planet.

The result has been a nightmare. And eventually they will destroy mankind and take over this planet again.

The real question is what will God do about it?

We are mortals contending with immortals that are way above us in smarts.

Are we protected? Will God step in and take away the destructive toys by which we are capable of destroying this planet?

Something is going to come down.

Ideally God will step in like a parent would and keep us from destroying our planet. In fact, we do not know by which rules we are governed by.

As a mere human, if I could, I would request such an action. But I am not in charge of anything or anybody.

I am at the end of my lifespan. I may live another year, or another 20 years. I am defective in that I have diabetes. It is a terminal condition within the next 40 years.

I am aging and that will be the end of me in this body.

I am on a planet on the verge of destroying itself with greed and war. Nothing I can do can change any of that.

When this frail body is destroyed will my soul survive? Or is this it. When I die it all dies with me?

Every one of us faces that situation.

I believe in the God of this Universe. I believe that our representative with that God is Jesus Christ, crucified, died, revived, and then taken from us by angels to be with his Father in Heaven.

I believe he was conceived of Mary by the Holy Spirit. And that he is part human and part god. I believe in the chain of command God commands everything and is responsible for everything.

I believe He allowed the Devil jurisdiction over this Earth. Now a change of command might be coming with Jesus in command instead. But anything the Devil does, he does as a representative of God. Otherwise it doesn’t even make sense to a human being such as myself.

Will the Devil be punished? Big question, no answers. My guess is everything done is done at the order of God.

We as humans do not even know the rules by which such things are handled at God’s level.

Hint: Job shows a lot of the mechanics of the situation.

Time is God’s realm. He can go back and change anything in time that He wishes changed.

He is the beginning of this Universe and the end of this Universe. Apparently that end might be soon.