We have something wrong with our perception of time and space and the speed of light.

by chumchingee

Einstein’s physics demands that nothing is able to go faster than the speed of light. It is a very smart theory.

Yet his own theory depends on light traveling at the speed of light squared. Energy equals Mass times the speed of light squared.

Never figured that one out.

What I think they did was calculated how fast an object would have to travel to be in two places at the same time.

Somehow they came up with a number like 186,125 miles per second as the number where something cannot totally exist in our space/time universe.

Thus you have matter traveling that fast defined as light. Light being the maximum speed limit of the universe. As such it is not quite in phase with the matter in the universe but not quite out of it either.

The problem I have is that anything traveling faster has to be traveling backwards in time.

Meaning that the ruling law is entrophy. If a supernova blows up and the energy involved moves an object or objects faster than light then it has to be going backwards in time as it pushes further out from the explosion which is basically a contradiction in the laws we think the universe is supposed to have. I think that the object loses energy until it is going less than the speed of light at which point it reappears. Probably many light years away from the explosion. It is also probably super hot at the point in time it reappears.

All that energy has to go somewhere.

Much of it goes into the temperature of the object moving.

Which might explain why we have an expanding universe many times larger than a 15 billion year span.

If the objects at the edge of the universe are reappearing many years earlier than the explosion itself that might explain it. Time travel as part of the big bang is probably never been explored by the physics and math people.

It is basically against the laws we take for granted.