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Month: August, 2016

We have something wrong with our perception of time and space and the speed of light.

Einstein’s physics demands that nothing is able to go faster than the speed of light. It is a very smart theory.

Yet his own theory depends on light traveling at the speed of light squared. Energy equals Mass times the speed of light squared.

Never figured that one out.

What I think they did was calculated how fast an object would have to travel to be in two places at the same time.

Somehow they came up with a number like 186,125 miles per second as the number where something cannot totally exist in our space/time universe.

Thus you have matter traveling that fast defined as light. Light being the maximum speed limit of the universe. As such it is not quite in phase with the matter in the universe but not quite out of it either.

The problem I have is that anything traveling faster has to be traveling backwards in time.

Meaning that the ruling law is entrophy. If a supernova blows up and the energy involved moves an object or objects faster than light then it has to be going backwards in time as it pushes further out from the explosion which is basically a contradiction in the laws we think the universe is supposed to have. I think that the object loses energy until it is going less than the speed of light at which point it reappears. Probably many light years away from the explosion. It is also probably super hot at the point in time it reappears.

All that energy has to go somewhere.

Much of it goes into the temperature of the object moving.

Which might explain why we have an expanding universe many times larger than a 15 billion year span.

If the objects at the edge of the universe are reappearing many years earlier than the explosion itself that might explain it. Time travel as part of the big bang is probably never been explored by the physics and math people.

It is basically against the laws we take for granted.



The Universe is so large that we have trouble even understanding it.

When I was growing up as a boy we often went to a near Methodist Church or a United Brethren Church. I often sang tenor in the choir.

The teaching was relatively simple. There is the Earth. There is Hell beneath our feet under the Earth. And there is Heaven above our heads.

When each of us dies we go to one of the other places. It is either Heaven or Hell.

The catholics invented a third place they called purgatory.

Purgatory is a temporary place where people work out their various imperfections and then go on to Heaven.

The problem is the real universe is a huge place. There are literally millions of stars in our own galaxy. There are many galaxies. Probably to the tune of a few billion if not more.

The universe supposedly started about 15 billion years ago when a solidarity exploded with a big bang.

At least that is what the scientists say. But that is this week. Next week they might say something different.

The problem is the speed of light is the limiting factor as far as we know. So if the universe is huge, how can it only be 15 billion of our years old?

Well physics can tell a tall tale as good as anything religion does.

They say the universe itself is expanding like a bubble and the stars and all within the bubble expands with it.

Not sure I believe in bubbles.

According to the scientists it is still expanding at a rapid rate.

In the center of our galaxy is a very dense object upon which all other objects are circling and eventually dive into. Given enough time we will all be consumed by a black hole.

This is true of most galaxies including our neighboring galaxies which may or may not eventually collide with our own.

Now I am living on this planet for 74 years. Starting with an egg and a sperm and developing into a human being that will eventually die and the body will eventually go back to being dust.

The functioning brain in this body will eventually become dust too. Long before that most of my brain memory will have died.

If we believe what the churches say we will leave the body as a soul and go to judgment before either God or Jesus or perhaps both.

If we are Christians we are promised immortal life in a different body provided by Jesus and his Father the creator of it all. Meaning I am the beginning and the end of all things says God.

We will live in a place called Heaven or a place called Hell with eternal rewards or punishments.

I say the universe has to be a lot older than science is giving it credit for.

Which means one of two things. It is either incredibly old or it regenerates itself as time goes on.

I think there is a unique relationship between time, space, and objects so huge and so dense that they appear to be black holes.

Time does not always move in the same direction.

In the fictional series Stargate we had a box in which the so called false gods placed a dead person and reversed time. So they could bring a person back to before they were killed. And in the original they did this over and over again. So there was no doubt that they were adjusting time and space to regenerate someone they wished to question.

In later episodes they discounted this in favor of a machine that worked with endorphins to do the same thing. I suggest the original was closer to the truth.

By definition, a god is supposedly immortal and not subject to the stresses of time and space.

Who knows? If you have an immortal species out there then they have all the time in the world to develop technology that to us appears to be magic. That includes regeneration of the body to make it immortal.

Meaning that they might even control time itself. Can they give immortality to a human being? Probably. But I think developing that human into something more realistic for immortality might be a better way to go.

WE are basically a pathetic species of near intelligent behavior murdering one another for material goods. The lies and corruption involved in the human species makes it almost hopeless for us to survive beyond nuclear energy and bombs.

The leadership itself is corrupted beyond imagination.

What we should be doing world wide instead is developing the species to maximize our ability to survive comfortably for the short period of time that we live on this planet before we die.

Probably never happen.

One of the key solutions to all of this is bringing medicine to the masses.

Another is figuring out how to feed everyone.

Another is figuring out how to house everyone.

Another is bringing clean water to everyone to drink.

Then we have to get involved in eugenics to improve the design of the basic human being on this planet and weed out the genetic diseases that inflict us.

That doesn’t mean killing anyone. It means rewriting the genetic code in such a way as to produce human beings with the best gifts available in the way of talent in future generations.

We have no problem breeding cows, dogs, chickens, cats, horses, and a multitude of other animals in our agriculture.

Why not breed humans the same way?

I certainly would like to enjoy a much higher brain capacity and learning ability.

I would like a body reprogrammed to give me a much longer life span. I do not know if immortality is a gift or a curse at this point in time.

Immortality demands that you have intelligence and a mind to go with it.

I could care less what anyone believes. I do reserve the right to believe whatever I want to believe and not have anyone else’s belief system forced upon me with penalties of death as the other option.

IF a religion has to force their beliefs on a person it is to me a lie. It cannot hold up under a close inspection of its belief system.

The religion itself cannot logically exist except as a forced system of belief.

I do not need to name names. You know who you are. The problem in modern day tech is that religion simply does not answer the questions out there.

How many of these religions take into account the huge size of the space/time universe we live in?

To give you an idea of how huge it is, think of the grains of sand in the entire Sahara. Each grain represents a galaxy. Each galaxy has millions or even billions of stars.

Given that amount of matter it is entirely possible that another Earth exists with just about everything we have here on it. Including a twin of every creature including ourselves upon it.

The number of near twin Earths must be enormous. Do they have our genetics and life?

One of two things is occurring. Either we live in a hollogram universe and everything around us is untrue. Meaning the stars and the galaxies out there. Or it is all true and our entire concept of things is wrong.

Since there is no marketing involved in this wordpress page, it is doubtful if many people will even read it.