The Story of the Solar System not told . . .

by chumchingee

The original theory I read as a child was that the Solar System was formed by a near collision with another star that pulled matter out of the Sun that became the planets.

A lot of exploration has happened since that theory was put out.

The solar system itself has been observed a lot closer now that we have ways of going to the planets with observing Robotic Rockets.

We basically have four great gas giants. Two of which are large enough to have internal atomic fires but not large enough to become a Sun.

There are indications that Neptune has a hot interior.

Then we have the rest of us. Mostly consisting of iron/nickel core objects ranging in size all over the spectrum. There are a number of moons around the gas giants or not, that have water on them and in them.

So the question becomes are there oceans capable of life under the surfaces of a number of moons and planets that are more Earth sized and below in our solar system.

The real question being did life arrive or did it begin on the existing objects where life is possible as we know it.

Genesis is a real description of the terraforming of a planet named Earth.

We have a good mix of various forms of life right here.

Does such a mix also exist somewhere else in the Solar System?

Even a hot hell of a planet named Venus could have life in the upper atmosphere. Where things are more like Earth-normal temperatures.

Even the small planet Mars is likely to have some form of life if we can get to it beneath the Sands and possibly on a subterrain Ocean.

It  basically all hinges on where did life come from in the first place.

I suggest it came originally from a Brown Dwarf Star with an extremely low temperature and a surface capable of substaining life all of its own.

Such an object is neither a planet nor a star. It is inbetween.

Under a thin shell of solid matter is a hellish molten lava. This would bring the necessary ocean for life to originate in.

It would explain why most of the moons and minor planets including Earth are made up of heavy elements.

If said star is making its way into our solar system on a regular basis, it could explain the lack of progress mankind has made in gaining the technology to become a space species.