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Month: December, 2015

The Story of the Solar System not told . . .

The original theory I read as a child was that the Solar System was formed by a near collision with another star that pulled matter out of the Sun that became the planets.

A lot of exploration has happened since that theory was put out.

The solar system itself has been observed a lot closer now that we have ways of going to the planets with observing Robotic Rockets.

We basically have four great gas giants. Two of which are large enough to have internal atomic fires but not large enough to become a Sun.

There are indications that Neptune has a hot interior.

Then we have the rest of us. Mostly consisting of iron/nickel core objects ranging in size all over the spectrum. There are a number of moons around the gas giants or not, that have water on them and in them.

So the question becomes are there oceans capable of life under the surfaces of a number of moons and planets that are more Earth sized and below in our solar system.

The real question being did life arrive or did it begin on the existing objects where life is possible as we know it.

Genesis is a real description of the terraforming of a planet named Earth.

We have a good mix of various forms of life right here.

Does such a mix also exist somewhere else in the Solar System?

Even a hot hell of a planet named Venus could have life in the upper atmosphere. Where things are more like Earth-normal temperatures.

Even the small planet Mars is likely to have some form of life if we can get to it beneath the Sands and possibly on a subterrain Ocean.

It  basically all hinges on where did life come from in the first place.

I suggest it came originally from a Brown Dwarf Star with an extremely low temperature and a surface capable of substaining life all of its own.

Such an object is neither a planet nor a star. It is inbetween.

Under a thin shell of solid matter is a hellish molten lava. This would bring the necessary ocean for life to originate in.

It would explain why most of the moons and minor planets including Earth are made up of heavy elements.

If said star is making its way into our solar system on a regular basis, it could explain the lack of progress mankind has made in gaining the technology to become a space species.





Windows 8.1 and Windows 10. So what is wrong?

I just upgraded a tablet from 8.1 to 10.

The hardware of this transfer is less than $150. It was $99 at Kmart on black friday.

So I have little to lose by upgrading free to 10.

Mistakes are always made on a new operating system and this dates all the way back to Windows 3.11 and its weekly reinstall.

Windows 10 is no exception to this long list of failures.

But bear in mind that these are minor details not major failures.

After an hour of trying different things, I was able to get windows classic shell to work.

The secret is buried in the fact that the tablet activation keeps the old windows desktop from working.

In 8.1 we were able to use a program for $5 to resemble the windows 7 startup.

This was called naturally Start8. There was an actual desktop window that could be put in place to start up with. You could then go to the square icons that cover the screen at any time.

In the current version, there is a program out there for free that is basically a turn back to Windows 7 desktop and start menu.

The mistake made is that Windows users want to do away with the older desktop and start menu at all.

The reason I give is the learning curve between versions of Windows. That is why XP is going strong out there even without any support from Microsoft.

Add in some half-ass programming that does not have the same “features” as a standard XP to Windows 7 user base, then there is a real problem. The problem being the learning cure again.

Add in the cost of upgrading in terms of hours lost learning the new system and there is and will be a reluctance of users to upgrade at all.

If it were my company, I would have duplicated Windows 7 with a lot of basic upgrades in the background of how it is used.

I would have quietly moved away from C Plus Plus in favor of a Unix based programming situation. Only because UNIX is old and reliable.

But the golden rule is not to change anything that works well in favor of something new just to be doing something different, not necessarily a better way of doing things.

Right now the upgrade is free to anyone with a 7 or 8 system.

I suggest they needed an XP upgrade as well.

Only it has to be very soft on the earlier hardware machines.

Meaning that I would have put the entire system on a CD. Not a DVD, a CD. Then I would have wrote the program to go to RAM memory on boot-up.

Which basically means that the CD operating system is possibly uncorruptable. Since we would be rewriting it every time it is booted up.

Yes, I would place permission restrictions on any changes made. Which would require a new CD burned every time we make a major change.

All programs would be on the hard drive. But again, there would be strict permissions necessary to change anything.

The difference between winning and losing is keeping the Windows platform identical to things used in the past with improvements to the basic program itself.

I would produce a RAM type solid state hard drive instead of the cumbersome hard drive with no speed attached.

There is a place for a hard drive. No, it is not the nearest file 13 garbage can. I would use the hard drive as a read/write device to backup the solid state device.

This would be done in the background and never when the machine is actively being used.

Again, I would use either a CD or a DVD as needed to keep the operating system completely stable.

All of which is slow as nails. Once it is uploaded to a solid memory device, the speed issue goes away.

Meaning you need a timer to upload the CD to the solid state or ram memory roughly an hour before anyone needs it.

The old systems failed because they no longer were compatible with the newer hardware.

Meaning real improvements were made. Now it is time for a variety of windows operating systems capable of operation on any hardware.

For instance on an old XP system. The cost of upgrade is too high. So what is needed?

I suggest a rewrite of the new system so it is perfectly capable of putting the old XP system to shame.

So that when you upgrade to the new, you are not into 40,000 dollars worth of hardware upgrades. I suggest an upgrade of the hard drive to a solid state drive with the old hard drive used as a backup.

Instead I would be using solid state drives to upgrade the speed of the antique units to allow businesses to keep their machines until they wear out.

I would be selling the upgrade as a CD or DVD like I have described above. I would put a real reasonable price on the upgrade. So a man with 40,000 dollars invested in hardware does not have to change that hardware right away.

I would couple that upgrade CD with an up-to-date malware/antivirus built in system.

Once a year, a new CD with the mistakes all corrected would be mailed to the customer.

Eventually, that new CD or DVD as needed, would be the best upgrade anyone has ever had.

I would proofread every program before it is sent out. I would also beta it to death with people that are known to be destructive whenever they sit at a machine. This would weed out the problems BEFORE it is sent out to the public. I know because I utilize most features on a program operating system. I am one of those people that find everything wrong with a program before they release it.




The Decline and Fall of the Average Person

Recently we have been entertained by a Billionaire!

Donald Trump is an original politician if nothing else.

Reminds me a lot of Archie Bunker.

Ted Cruz reminds me of a Christian Politician bound by his beliefs to vote or not to vote in our Congress. More interested in what he skipped voting on rather than what he voted for.

Ben Sanders appears to be a rigid politician a little too old for the game. I suspect he is the fall back politician if Mrs. Clinton ends up in jail. He is likely the next President of the Country if Trump does not get it.

All of which brings up what is happening in the average home across America.

At 7 in the morning, I see a lot of average people making their way to work. What they work at is nor really clear to me.

But given an average salary of about 30,000 a year give or take 5 thousand most of these people are barely making it even if they are working.

The villain here is mostly the revolution in the insurance industry. This in turn is brought about by government regulation forcing everyone to have health insurance whether or not they can afford it or not.

The increase in liability brought about by government regulation has skyrocketed the rates and has brought deductables out of sight. For instance before all this the deductable per person on a secondary insurance was roughly 600 dollars per year. It is currently around 6,000 in 2015.

People’s premium rates have gone through the ceiling. The penalty is around 1,000 dollars not to take insurance.

This means roughly a 40% increase in spending for insurance meaning a 40% decrease in disposable income for the average person.

Both parties appear to be lock stepped with the White House on this.

Meaning they will not change a thing. The new speaker of the house has just sold us all down the river even to financing Planned Parenthood for another year.

That basically means the poor person on the street is messed over big time.

What does this mean to fellows like Trump? More than you might think.

The key here is how much money is there out there for people to spend.

Because that 40% is directly related to how much people can spend in retail stores this next year.

Meaning a whole lot of businesses going bankrupt all at once over the next year. The market place has suddenly got close to 40% less money to work with than it did before the government regulation forcing money out of people’s pockets.

Mr. Trump and other billionaires are likely to take the fall on this. So that is why I think Mr. Trump is running for office. He sees things we do not. And one of those things is a world wide economic disaster of proportions we have never seen before.

Is he seriously running for office? I maintain he is not. I think he is throwing chaos into the mix and it has gone way too far for him to stop. I think he keeps making the statements he does in an attempt to legitimately be disqualified for office. It has backfired on him big time. He is likely the next President of this country. Because I think Archie Bunker could actually win an election in the current economic climate of destruction.

People do not care if you are white, black, purple polka dot, or anything else. They do not care if you are christian, muslim, hindu, budha, or anything else.

What they do care about is fixing the situation we have gotten ourselves into. If that means being politically incorrect so be it. They want to fix things and Trump has offered to do so with the most outrageous plans of anyone in the mix. Will it work? Probably not as the reality hits the fan.

Several of Trump’s plans are illegal.

Several are economically and logistically impossible to do.

People do not care that he comes across like an idiot in a china shop bull match. He offers something the rest are not willing to do. That is he offers them hope. Will hope be enough to win?

I suggest that the most likely candidate will be Mr. Sanders of the Democrats. He will likely win if Trump does not. He will win because he is the safest solution out there. I don’t think so but that is the image.

What will happen in the next year and there is no set time for it is the largest world crash of every market out there. Mostly because of that 40% decline in average net income after everyone pays their bills called discretionary income.

Against that background we will elect a President if an election is actually possible at that time. Otherwise we will be living under marshal law.

There is an incredible power structure underneath everything in D.C.

Will they accept Trump as President? He is going to change the entire structure of rules by which we live if he makes it to the Presidency.

I think that incredible power structure has much more to lose if he doesn’t make it to President than if he does make it.

When I was in charge in what I describe as a very small puddle I did one thing very right. I put people knowledgeable underneath my charge.

IF Donald despite the speeches, puts people under him that are very talented individuals with very creative ideas, he will be a successful President. But only if he listens very closely to what they have to say and rules with them, not over them.

In my opinion, that is the only hope the average, common person has.

Otherwise the entire economic world is likely to fall apart. That means a whole lot of dictators and tyrants ruling over everything and everyone.

I think I will vote for Trump.