The way to safeguard our embassies!

The problem with the world is that it respects only one thing. That is strength. No matter where you go in this world, you very seldom see people storming embassies of ruthless governments. What you do see is people storming U.S. Embassies. This can be anywhere in the world where revolutionaries and terrorists are active. This is a pecking order thing.

What we have to do is militarize our safeguards more. We have to make our embassies capable of standing against any and all people willing to do violence against us.

The first thing I suggest that we do is install dead man’s switches in all of our embassies at risk. What is a dead man’s switch? It simply blows the entire place up in the faces of those attempting to invade it. There are other switches. One is a switch that allows evacuation of the staff that are being invaded. The entire building has to be capable of being locked down. That means no one in and no one out. It means making any room occupied by an enemy has to beĀ  lethal one way or another. No matter what the message has to be that the invaders do not walk away period.

It also means a totally committed staff to the idea of death if necessary to maintain the embassy secure from invasion. It means no hostages period. That is going to mean a staff willing to die if necessary to keep the embassy and its grounds from being invaded. It means escape routes have to be clearly there for the embassy to regain safety from invasion.

The result of an invasion has to be a loss of all foreign aid to that country. Once an invasion has started, the invaders have declared war on our country. That means a total commitment to destroying that group. Blowing up the embassy is a last resort. It should be capable of taking everyone with it. That includes all invaders.

It means anyone taken hostage is basically dead. We no longer negotiate with terrorists for prisoners. At that point we take no prisoners. We kill them all, period. Our staffs everywhere have to be aware of this and that their lives are forfeit if they are taken prisoner.

I suggest a very large raise in salary for anyone willing to staff an embassy under those conditions. I suggest a very good life insurance policy on anyone in that position freely given without conditions to anyone that dies for their country under these circumstances.

The government of that country shares responsibility regardless. They have to lose. That means no financial help ever again. So the leaders of that country have to understand what is at stake if they allow such an invasion to occur.

What I suggest is very ruthless. It does not give excuses to anyone that allows this to happen in their country. If you cannot control your own country, why are we dealing with you? That has to be the attitude. The consequences of invasion of one of our embassies has to be very severe. Otherwise someone will do it again.

We are basically a nice people. We have Christian values. But the world is not very nice at all. It is full of people that are willing to do anything to get ahead. We as a people have to recognize this and take steps to protect our embassies in foreign lands with foreign ideas and foreign ethics and morales. The only way to get respect is to earn it. Part of that respect is consequences if you step across the wrong line. The wrong line in this case is the American Territory we call an Embassy. That is why we have to have a dead man’s switch in every embassy we have.

It has to be known that the penalty for allowing this to happen to one of ours, is a great financial loss on the part of the offending party.