Something strange about Black Holes, another attempt to explain it

by chumchingee

Einstein wrote a formula. It was Energy is equal to matter times the speed of light squared. (The formula says mass.)

Very few if any people ever understood what that meant.

For one thing, the ultimate speed limit of the galaxy is the the speed of light. How can the speed of light be squared?

As I understand it, there is a limit. The limit is that at a certain speed an object is traveling so fast that it is literally in two places at the same time. I call this obviously the time limitation. To go faster would put you going backwards in time. So if an energy is in two places at one time, matter occurs.

Seems a bit confusing to me. That would mean that all matter is nothing more than energy going through a paradox of time. Obviously it would start with light. Light is at light speed.

Now imagine an object being pulled into an infinite gravity well. One so powerful that nothing, light or matter ever escapes this pool. Obviously space is curved by this huge well. The problem is the huge amount of energy in such a gravity pool. If it is traveling at the speed of light, then it is at near zero time. Zero time is the limit of space/time.

Time is not moving forward or backwards in such a gravity well. Which means it is probably connected at all points and everything within it is in a paradox. Directly outside this gravity well time is slowing down relative to the hole. This is called a blue event horizon or some such thing. Inside the hole it is frozen but in all time at the same time. It is existing sideways in time. All points of time existing together from beginning to the end.

We are all in one of these event horizons. Even though as far out from the galactic core as we are, it has a small effect on time. The effect technically is there. We are orbiting the galactic core to some extent. Things closer to the Galactic Core are probably moving through time slower than we are.

The galaxy actually has arms. Like a firework going off and spinning. We are on one of the outer arms. So time is probably moving faster here.

One of the cornerstones of physics is the statement: Nothing is ever created or destroyed just changed.

Locally that appears to be true. But in the black hole scene, the matter is all going in. None of the matter is coming out. By the time it is in, it is traveling to the center of the whole at infinite speed for an object in a space/time universe.

I maintain that one of our premises has to be wrong. There has to be objects traveling faster than the speed of light. Those objects must be out of phase with our universal space/time. Light appears to be out of phase with the universe to some extent. Why not objects traveling faster than possible being out of phase as well?

That would mean that in order for a black hole to continue to exist it has to be almost a time portal. That means objects entering the hole most likely are traveling backwards in time. Or at some critical point, space must warp to the point that it breaks down. When it breaks down, the fundamental rules of space break down with it. As I understand it, black holes rotate. They are traveling at enormous speeds within the outer shell of a hole. This causes the galaxy as a whole to rotate around the galactic core as it is being eaten by the black hole over time and space.

Some how the warp becomes so severe that it warps back on itself. At what point that happens I don’t know. I suggest this is a kind of critical mass. When it reaches critical mass the rules change. Gravity becomes another form of energy. To my way of thinking, all the forces within the hole would create an enormous explosion outwards from the hole. Simply because the gravitational pull no longer exists as a gravitational pull but something else instead.

Because the energy released is so great, I think it goes out of phase with space and time. It has to exist in some other form. I suggest it reaches itself into a time bubble or a hyperspace and all the energy is going backwards in time and space. When the energy becomes finite, it passes back into normal space/time. Perhaps popping into existence thousands or even millions of light years distant from the original explosion. Which would give the appearance of it being created.

Because it meets the conditions, it pops into our space/time as huge amounts of debris in the form of matter. At a guess, I think it might express itself as simple hydrogen matter. Though more complex forms are certainly likely to also occur.

This would explain the creation of huge clouds of hydrogen that eventually form around heavier matter to become stars and planets.

This does not even go into the complex time/space relationships that must occur when two or more black holes relate to one another. I think you would have points where the two cancel each other out. But that is another story.