(fiction) United Galaxy Notice of Violation of the Natural Order of things . . . Prime Directive Violation . . . (fiction)

by chumchingee

Whereas, the advanced species of Homo Superior (best known on Earth as gods) has altered the species known as Homo Erectus to become Homo Sapiens and kept said species as slaves, by order of the Galactic Council you are therefore ordered to stop and desist from further interference with this intelligent species’ further evolution and development. Any further violation of this order will be considered a penalty action by said council. (translation inaccurate) Said violation will lead to the extinction of your species by military action(inaccurate translation) of the council.

You will act as defacto parents to the said species until further notice in a status as watchers. You will keep said species from harming itself beyond normal social interaction and pecking orders of animals. All other interference is forbidden. At which point they are at a place where they might destroy themselves, interference is acceptable to further the survival and development of Homo Sapiens. Suppression of weapons and knowledge not compatible with this development is acceptable.

You will stop worship of your species as gods. A reasonable amount of time is set aside for you to accomplish the above. Your actions are and will be monitored until further notice. Implanting social development of said species is acceptable in a hidden manner so as not to violate the Prime Directive of this council further.

The above is an imaginary directive from a ruling council of alien intelligent species. It is strictly fiction on my part. I have a good imagination. But it leads to questions:

I wonder how much of the self destruction of our species is part of some kind of plan from outside. Monsanto for instance seems determined to ruin the planet and life on this planet with their genetic programs and GM food. Now they want to alter fish balance in our oceans.

You have a programmed population control apparently coming from somewhere within the UN. Is it an accident that so few females survive such a program?

I know this is probably my over active imagination. I wonder if these Monsanto executives and the people behind them(stock holders, chairman of the board) could pass a simple blood test and physical? Are they human? I don’t really know. It seems strange that they are developing these things in violation of nature. Nature usually responds by sterilization of things that violate nature.

If you have 1/3rd females to 2/3rds male population, who do they mate with? Well that is the current situation in China. It naturally leads to war because they need females to mate with down the road.

Who really would benefit from a dramatic reduction of the population? It certainly isn’t the Human Race. Who would benefit if we destroyed ourselves in a biological and nuclear war?

I maintain there are a huge number of planets in our galaxy alone separated by large amounts of distance. If the limit is the speed of light, you would have to have extremely long lifespans to travel those distances. The random chance of life existing is fairly good. There is even a possibility that our kind of life has existed long enough to seed available planets out from the galactic core. Translated: we don’t have to bring our own available food supplies if we ever explore the galaxy in view of colonizing planets. A certain amount of that food might be compatible with our own.

Or we can get our crops to grow elsewhere.

The myths and legends lend support to a superior species having once been over the human race. Our genetic code has more errors(over 400) in it than anyone could expect for random development. We are the only species of ape family critters with a 46 instead of a 48 chromosome development. That development is astounding because two of those chromosomes show evidence of manipulation. Our females have difficulty giving birth because of the large head on our species. Not all, but ask any female how much pain there is giving birth. Our current species seems to cut off around 200,000 or so years ago. No such limitation is apparent in the rest of the ape family.

There are dramatic gaps in technology. A lot of really old structures show better engineering than more reason structures.

We have stories of a world wide flood from all over the planet. We have stories of at least 5 different boats built by various peoples intent on saving a remnant of the Human Race. We have a shortening of the Human Race’s lifespan after that flood. Suspiciously the “gods” all disappeared about that time and returned after the flood. A lot of people think they got in their space ships and left. Returning after the planetary disaster. There are stories of 900 year lifespans before that. India has stories of individuals virtually immortal with 30,000 year lifespans. The breed of leaders were given a poison from one of the coral plants in the area. (There are over 2,000 varieties of coral. Lots of luck with that.) Many died of the poison. The survivors stopped aging. It depended on the exact dose of poison. Too much you died. Too little and it didn’t work.

It might have been several billion people died during that flood.

So if someone asks whether these long lived Human Superior species exists or not, I say it is likely. No one really knows. If the Galactic society exists, then they are definitely in trouble with it.