Omission or Commission, the way Congress normally works.

by chumchingee

Let us set up a situation. This law we are working on is unpopular. Joe Republican knows this. So does John D. So the two of them get together and John Democrat proposes the law.

Joe R., fully well knowing he has a minority in Congress, jumps up and down, makes a complete fool of himself in his anger against The Bill. The Democrats pass the bill anyway.

Joe R. Looks good before his people locally. He gave it a college try but failed because those Democrats have a majority in his house of Congress. He can honestly say he fought the Bill and they passed it over his head. Good election material to put more of his party in Congress.

John D. has an out. He didn’t understand the complete Bill when it was voted on. It came out of committee with a full approval. He voted along party lines. Now it is law. I voted for it but I shouldn’t have. I am human and I have made mistakes. But I learn from those mistakes. Won’t happen again. But it does happen again, over and over again.

What we have here is standard operating procedure in both houses of Congress. One party commissions a law. The other party supports it by omission. When the democrats lose the majority vote in Congress, they still have one third of the government in the white house. Omission because although we voted against the Bill it passed by a majority of the Congress. Sometimes the vote is very close.

No matter how you vote, as long as it is along party lines, the party will support you. Or will it? Depends on how much egg you have all over yourself. Normally, voting along party lines is safe. Sometimes, it is dangerous towards getting re-elected but that is the exception not the rule.

Omission or Commission, that has been the game for years. That is why no meaningful legislation has passed Congress on abortion reform. Republican or Democrat. Yes or No. But by all means pass the blame to the opposition party. Normally the Congress can pass the blame indefinitely. That is why all those babies have been killed over the years. The deaths are from the way the game is played. Congress knows how to play the game.

We now have a new ball game with new rules in town. This ball game is not going to accept omission as an excuse. The Obama Healthcare Law has been ruled the biggest tax increase in the history of our country. Omission or Commission won’t work. Now everything has come out into the light of day, you cannot vote in ignorance along party lines. You either are for it or against it. And most people out there are faced with a huge increase in expenses with this law. If you vote for it, you don’t get elected in November. That is the choice.

Voting along party lines normally works. The rewards for doing so are substantial. A lot of money can flow into your district.

This Health Care Law is based on deception. People feel swindled. This is not a political party thing. It is and will be an election issue. The tricky part is the questions. “When did you quit beating your wife?” style questions means that you cannot win. The lie is that it includes no new taxes. The benefit of the Health Care law is well known. A lot of people will have coverage that do not have the coverage now. Most doctors appear to be against the law. Wonder why? From a business standpoint you would think that they might be for stabilizing their finances with this new law. A lot of doctors do not get paid. It can become a major problem. I have heard figures like 60% numbers of delayed payments or more. Most of which never get paid.

I am against the Obama Health Care Law based on the deception used to pass it. The  results do not justify the means. In the exposure of the common press, using the IRS to collect is questionable at best. They have a really bad reputation and it is well deserved amongst common people. If a congressman wants any credibility, they are going to have to scrap this bill and start over with a better one for everyone concerned. To do this, both parties better come up with better options than the one offered in this law.