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Month: July, 2012

Something strange about Black Holes, another attempt to explain it

Einstein wrote a formula. It was Energy is equal to matter times the speed of light squared. (The formula says mass.)

Very few if any people ever understood what that meant.

For one thing, the ultimate speed limit of the galaxy is the the speed of light. How can the speed of light be squared?

As I understand it, there is a limit. The limit is that at a certain speed an object is traveling so fast that it is literally in two places at the same time. I call this obviously the time limitation. To go faster would put you going backwards in time. So if an energy is in two places at one time, matter occurs.

Seems a bit confusing to me. That would mean that all matter is nothing more than energy going through a paradox of time. Obviously it would start with light. Light is at light speed.

Now imagine an object being pulled into an infinite gravity well. One so powerful that nothing, light or matter ever escapes this pool. Obviously space is curved by this huge well. The problem is the huge amount of energy in such a gravity pool. If it is traveling at the speed of light, then it is at near zero time. Zero time is the limit of space/time.

Time is not moving forward or backwards in such a gravity well. Which means it is probably connected at all points and everything within it is in a paradox. Directly outside this gravity well time is slowing down relative to the hole. This is called a blue event horizon or some such thing. Inside the hole it is frozen but in all time at the same time. It is existing sideways in time. All points of time existing together from beginning to the end.

We are all in one of these event horizons. Even though as far out from the galactic core as we are, it has a small effect on time. The effect technically is there. We are orbiting the galactic core to some extent. Things closer to the Galactic Core are probably moving through time slower than we are.

The galaxy actually has arms. Like a firework going off and spinning. We are on one of the outer arms. So time is probably moving faster here.

One of the cornerstones of physics is the statement: Nothing is ever created or destroyed just changed.

Locally that appears to be true. But in the black hole scene, the matter is all going in. None of the matter is coming out. By the time it is in, it is traveling to the center of the whole at infinite speed for an object in a space/time universe.

I maintain that one of our premises has to be wrong. There has to be objects traveling faster than the speed of light. Those objects must be out of phase with our universal space/time. Light appears to be out of phase with the universe to some extent. Why not objects traveling faster than possible being out of phase as well?

That would mean that in order for a black hole to continue to exist it has to be almost a time portal. That means objects entering the hole most likely are traveling backwards in time. Or at some critical point, space must warp to the point that it breaks down. When it breaks down, the fundamental rules of space break down with it. As I understand it, black holes rotate. They are traveling at enormous speeds within the outer shell of a hole. This causes the galaxy as a whole to rotate around the galactic core as it is being eaten by the black hole over time and space.

Some how the warp becomes so severe that it warps back on itself. At what point that happens I don’t know. I suggest this is a kind of critical mass. When it reaches critical mass the rules change. Gravity becomes another form of energy. To my way of thinking, all the forces within the hole would create an enormous explosion outwards from the hole. Simply because the gravitational pull no longer exists as a gravitational pull but something else instead.

Because the energy released is so great, I think it goes out of phase with space and time. It has to exist in some other form. I suggest it reaches itself into a time bubble or a hyperspace and all the energy is going backwards in time and space. When the energy becomes finite, it passes back into normal space/time. Perhaps popping into existence thousands or even millions of light years distant from the original explosion. Which would give the appearance of it being created.

Because it meets the conditions, it pops into our space/time as huge amounts of debris in the form of matter. At a guess, I think it might express itself as simple hydrogen matter. Though more complex forms are certainly likely to also occur.

This would explain the creation of huge clouds of hydrogen that eventually form around heavier matter to become stars and planets.

This does not even go into the complex time/space relationships that must occur when two or more black holes relate to one another. I think you would have points where the two cancel each other out. But that is another story.


(fiction) United Galaxy Notice of Violation of the Natural Order of things . . . Prime Directive Violation . . . (fiction)

Whereas, the advanced species of Homo Superior (best known on Earth as gods) has altered the species known as Homo Erectus to become Homo Sapiens and kept said species as slaves, by order of the Galactic Council you are therefore ordered to stop and desist from further interference with this intelligent species’ further evolution and development. Any further violation of this order will be considered a penalty action by said council. (translation inaccurate) Said violation will lead to the extinction of your species by military action(inaccurate translation) of the council.

You will act as defacto parents to the said species until further notice in a status as watchers. You will keep said species from harming itself beyond normal social interaction and pecking orders of animals. All other interference is forbidden. At which point they are at a place where they might destroy themselves, interference is acceptable to further the survival and development of Homo Sapiens. Suppression of weapons and knowledge not compatible with this development is acceptable.

You will stop worship of your species as gods. A reasonable amount of time is set aside for you to accomplish the above. Your actions are and will be monitored until further notice. Implanting social development of said species is acceptable in a hidden manner so as not to violate the Prime Directive of this council further.

The above is an imaginary directive from a ruling council of alien intelligent species. It is strictly fiction on my part. I have a good imagination. But it leads to questions:

I wonder how much of the self destruction of our species is part of some kind of plan from outside. Monsanto for instance seems determined to ruin the planet and life on this planet with their genetic programs and GM food. Now they want to alter fish balance in our oceans.

You have a programmed population control apparently coming from somewhere within the UN. Is it an accident that so few females survive such a program?

I know this is probably my over active imagination. I wonder if these Monsanto executives and the people behind them(stock holders, chairman of the board) could pass a simple blood test and physical? Are they human? I don’t really know. It seems strange that they are developing these things in violation of nature. Nature usually responds by sterilization of things that violate nature.

If you have 1/3rd females to 2/3rds male population, who do they mate with? Well that is the current situation in China. It naturally leads to war because they need females to mate with down the road.

Who really would benefit from a dramatic reduction of the population? It certainly isn’t the Human Race. Who would benefit if we destroyed ourselves in a biological and nuclear war?

I maintain there are a huge number of planets in our galaxy alone separated by large amounts of distance. If the limit is the speed of light, you would have to have extremely long lifespans to travel those distances. The random chance of life existing is fairly good. There is even a possibility that our kind of life has existed long enough to seed available planets out from the galactic core. Translated: we don’t have to bring our own available food supplies if we ever explore the galaxy in view of colonizing planets. A certain amount of that food might be compatible with our own.

Or we can get our crops to grow elsewhere.

The myths and legends lend support to a superior species having once been over the human race. Our genetic code has more errors(over 400) in it than anyone could expect for random development. We are the only species of ape family critters with a 46 instead of a 48 chromosome development. That development is astounding because two of those chromosomes show evidence of manipulation. Our females have difficulty giving birth because of the large head on our species. Not all, but ask any female how much pain there is giving birth. Our current species seems to cut off around 200,000 or so years ago. No such limitation is apparent in the rest of the ape family.

There are dramatic gaps in technology. A lot of really old structures show better engineering than more reason structures.

We have stories of a world wide flood from all over the planet. We have stories of at least 5 different boats built by various peoples intent on saving a remnant of the Human Race. We have a shortening of the Human Race’s lifespan after that flood. Suspiciously the “gods” all disappeared about that time and returned after the flood. A lot of people think they got in their space ships and left. Returning after the planetary disaster. There are stories of 900 year lifespans before that. India has stories of individuals virtually immortal with 30,000 year lifespans. The breed of leaders were given a poison from one of the coral plants in the area. (There are over 2,000 varieties of coral. Lots of luck with that.) Many died of the poison. The survivors stopped aging. It depended on the exact dose of poison. Too much you died. Too little and it didn’t work.

It might have been several billion people died during that flood.

So if someone asks whether these long lived Human Superior species exists or not, I say it is likely. No one really knows. If the Galactic society exists, then they are definitely in trouble with it.




Something strange out there is still going on

Dr. Mike Brown, from Cal Tech, is probably the astronomer of our generation. He has established himself as a discoverer of new planets in our outer Solar System, mostly planets beyond Neptune. I listened to a lecture he gave recently. His predictions were astonishing.

He claims there are possibly 4 Earth Sized planets beyond Neptune and probably in extreme orbits. So far he has found five planets beyond Neptune in the same class as Pluto. That after years of no one finding new planets. These discovered planets are all small.

The reason is the astronomers have been looking in the wrong places. If you looked at the solar system sideways, it looks like a dish. They are all orbiting on the same angle to the Sun. Then came Pluto. It angles 20 degrees off. Plus it goes in a very odd orbit in as far as Neptune and way out into the belt. One planet is actually 45 degrees off the dish of the solar system. It has a comet like orbit. The orbit is 12,000 earth years long. It goes way out into space. Then it returns to the orbit of Neptune.

The belt of asteroids beyond Neptune is huge. It is full of different sized bodies. Statistically, there could be up to 10 planets the size of the Earth. Or none. We are still exploring. The orbits are all strange. The planets discovered so far have frozen nitrogen atmospheres. Some have frozen water on them. Several have orbiting moons.

The implication from the strange eliptical orbits is that something big came through here at one time or another. It could have been as small as the Earth. Or it might have been as large as Jupiter or even bigger. Some suggest a brown dwarf star went through. Where that body is now concerns all of us. If it was Earth-sized, where did it go? If it is bigger where is it now.

I suggest a computer analysis of the existing orbits.  That should be a like a sign telling where the big body actually went to. Considering a big rock dragged them into the orbits they currently have. It should point in the right direction. It might point to a brown dwarf in a far orbit.



The China Problem

The problem is we cannot compete against slaves. Slavery takes many forms. In this case it is a nation of overpopulated people that were dangerously near starvation in 1970. Normally the government solution is to start a war abroad and feed that war your starving masses. The problem comes when you lose that war. Nixon had a better idea. We had just gotten out of the Vietnamese War. We were bankrupt. They needed a way to keep their people from starving to death. A deal was struck. They flooded our economy with their goods at a more than reasonable price.

China became the new industrial power. Through theft of patents, cheap labor, a currency to steal for, they started industrialization. It was government economic war on the world. They could and did produce goods cheaper than anyone thought possible. Everyone is addicted to Chinese retail goods in your stores.

The problem came from no returning funds. China has successfully bankrupted the entire planet. The war is a success story. Success for China that is.

The problem is China does not realize they have won. They are continuing what has brought them success in the past to the detriment of the future. Currency after currency is going broke. China holds the IOUs. Confederate currency has no value. Neither do any nation’s currencies that China holds a lot of. It has not been backed by Gold in 50 years or so. So basically the currency only has value of the faith of the people that own it. That is why printing more money is really a bad idea. It simply makes the money more worthless than it already is.

China has another problem they do not realize that they have. The problem is goods can be produced cheaper with automation than with slave labor. Yes, the assembly line is obsolete.  Even at slave wages, China will not be able to compete much longer. The deciding factor will be transportation costs. If the labor costs are even equal, the transportation within the country is going to kill them. A factory in the country is better cost wise than one outside the country 5,000 miles away.

Currency failure is another factor. If the currencies of the world go down and China doesn’t reduce with it, then their goods are not competitive in this country anymore. Where within the country that is not really a factor. It is the exchange that will kill them. A few years ago our currency went down. Suddenly bubble bath almost doubled in price. It was mostly made in Mexico. The domestic brands easily out competed the imported varieties.

This will happen to any currency that does not stay on an equal basis with our own. Since the currency is going down, their prices have to go up in order to survive. That is not possible and stay competitive. So China has to export its labor force to local countries. That is also not possible.

The critical point is China will have to do something to keep their people fed. I suggest they want to go to war with someone to bleed the people off that would otherwise starve. I look to see them enter the middle east conflict in a big way. Either that or they will have to come up with a solution to the currencies going broke.



Life as we know it and where it came from . . . and speculation

I have a theory based on nothing more than a hunch. What if life is universal? By that I mean that instead of life originating on this little planet, it has been going on for billions of years. What if life comes to a suitable planet, then proceeds to terraform it into Earths similar to our own. Also this “life” has a common origin throughout the entire galaxy. Wow! Wouldn’t that be something.

It implies that with a common origin you have a common system of genes and chromosomes possibly interchangeable with forms from other planets similar to our own.

Translated: we might be able to eat the plants from other planets if we ever find life on other worlds. My hunch comes from something Jesus said in the Bible. In my Father’s house, there are many mansions. I think he was talking about Earths similar to our own. God may have created other Earths all over the galaxy. It is estimated based on current knowledge that approximately 40 million planets may inhabit our galaxy.

But if there are Earths out there similar to our own that implies there might be human beings on those planets.  Not to worry, the distances between solar systems is enormous. Even at the speed of light, it would take 4 and 1/2 years to approach the nearest system to us that we know about. That would be Alpha Centauri in our Southern skies. It is a triple star system. It is unlikely to hold an Earth-like planet due to the nature of the orbits of the stars. But it is possible. Just not very probable.

No one knows what lies in wait between the Stars. Theory indicates there might be a lot of rogue bodies with no light or little light reflected off of these bodies. Some might even be the size of Jupiter or as small as Mercury. Traveling at or near the speed of light might be hazardous if there is a lot of matter out there.

Venus seems to be a candidate for being a rogue planet that wondered into our solar system in the past. It spins the opposite direction to the Earth. The day is longer than the year. It has an extremely dense atmosphere and it is very hot. There is some circumstantial evidence that it might even be new to the Solar System and took up its current orbit within the memory of man.

It is what Earth might have been millions of years in the past. The real problem with finding another planet like our own is distance between the stars.

Earth appears to be unique. We have a large moon orbiting the Earth. No other planet has a large moon like our own in our solar system. The closest would be moons larger than Mercury around Saturn and Jupiter. It is possible that there might be a planet hidden behind the Sun. But it is a small possibility. An Earth-sized planet would leave gravity anomolies and shift the orbits of Mars, Mercury, and Venus as it moved past them.

Earth shows signs of being a much larger planet early in our history. There is a lot of water here. Much more water than should exist on a planet of this size. At least that is what the scientists think.

A Neptune sized planet that collided with a Mars sized planet might have caused the distribution of a lot of small planets and moons in this solar system. Especially if the planet in question was mostly hot lava.

In Job, God declared that he created the Earth and the Heavens. It is not much of a guess that he might have created a lot more. If he used the same plan on other solar systems, there might be a lot of Earths similar to our own with basic life parallel to our own.

Omission or Commission, the way Congress normally works.

Let us set up a situation. This law we are working on is unpopular. Joe Republican knows this. So does John D. So the two of them get together and John Democrat proposes the law.

Joe R., fully well knowing he has a minority in Congress, jumps up and down, makes a complete fool of himself in his anger against The Bill. The Democrats pass the bill anyway.

Joe R. Looks good before his people locally. He gave it a college try but failed because those Democrats have a majority in his house of Congress. He can honestly say he fought the Bill and they passed it over his head. Good election material to put more of his party in Congress.

John D. has an out. He didn’t understand the complete Bill when it was voted on. It came out of committee with a full approval. He voted along party lines. Now it is law. I voted for it but I shouldn’t have. I am human and I have made mistakes. But I learn from those mistakes. Won’t happen again. But it does happen again, over and over again.

What we have here is standard operating procedure in both houses of Congress. One party commissions a law. The other party supports it by omission. When the democrats lose the majority vote in Congress, they still have one third of the government in the white house. Omission because although we voted against the Bill it passed by a majority of the Congress. Sometimes the vote is very close.

No matter how you vote, as long as it is along party lines, the party will support you. Or will it? Depends on how much egg you have all over yourself. Normally, voting along party lines is safe. Sometimes, it is dangerous towards getting re-elected but that is the exception not the rule.

Omission or Commission, that has been the game for years. That is why no meaningful legislation has passed Congress on abortion reform. Republican or Democrat. Yes or No. But by all means pass the blame to the opposition party. Normally the Congress can pass the blame indefinitely. That is why all those babies have been killed over the years. The deaths are from the way the game is played. Congress knows how to play the game.

We now have a new ball game with new rules in town. This ball game is not going to accept omission as an excuse. The Obama Healthcare Law has been ruled the biggest tax increase in the history of our country. Omission or Commission won’t work. Now everything has come out into the light of day, you cannot vote in ignorance along party lines. You either are for it or against it. And most people out there are faced with a huge increase in expenses with this law. If you vote for it, you don’t get elected in November. That is the choice.

Voting along party lines normally works. The rewards for doing so are substantial. A lot of money can flow into your district.

This Health Care Law is based on deception. People feel swindled. This is not a political party thing. It is and will be an election issue. The tricky part is the questions. “When did you quit beating your wife?” style questions means that you cannot win. The lie is that it includes no new taxes. The benefit of the Health Care law is well known. A lot of people will have coverage that do not have the coverage now. Most doctors appear to be against the law. Wonder why? From a business standpoint you would think that they might be for stabilizing their finances with this new law. A lot of doctors do not get paid. It can become a major problem. I have heard figures like 60% numbers of delayed payments or more. Most of which never get paid.

I am against the Obama Health Care Law based on the deception used to pass it. The  results do not justify the means. In the exposure of the common press, using the IRS to collect is questionable at best. They have a really bad reputation and it is well deserved amongst common people. If a congressman wants any credibility, they are going to have to scrap this bill and start over with a better one for everyone concerned. To do this, both parties better come up with better options than the one offered in this law.