Health Care Law and the Supreme Court. Legal as a Tax?

by chumchingee

I have to question the decision by our judges on the Supreme Court. I have a lot of questions . . .

I think they forgot something very important.

The word “Mandatory” comes to mind. Passing it along as a tax was a cop out. Was it voted in as a tax? Did Congress understand it as a TAX on the people?

It was also a ruling that will put these judges in history and infamy. Infamy because this ruling effects every person in this country one way or another.

In all fairness, the court was faced with a difficult decision in which they were damned if they do and damned if they don’t uphold the law as written.

President Obama was threatening to put the law in place regardless of how they ruled. At least if we believe some of the reporting done on this historic legislation. That kind of intimidation has to have had some influence here.

Who are these people? Who put them on the Supreme Court of our land? I am no lawyer. I am no judge. My basic law background is I have none. I am ignorant in this case.

I would be looking into the financial connections behind this ruling. Do these judges have a connection that should have ruled them out from making a ruling? It would be interesting to find out if there are enterprising reporters out there willing to do the grudge work of checking that angle out.

If they should have passed on making a ruling, why are they still on the court after this is all over with? Is that an impeachable offense in law?

The favorable ruling to Obama Health Care has another angle.

It has just went to the top of the class. That means it has become the number one issue in the next election. I guess to me, the ruling means out of pocket expenses for a good number of people. I am talking about the negative effect of everyone having to be insured whether they can afford it or not. That could just be the factor to cause the next depression.

I am not an economist. I am not a Doctor of Economics. I have no fancy degrees. I am sure that my ignorance shows here. What I basically look at is what is in my pocket after all the expenses come out of my pension checks. I think others view it in a similar manner whether they are retired or working or unemployed. What is my spendable income after all the different governments reach in and take their share?

I suspect that “Mandatory” means they will take a bigger share out of my pocket. I am in wait and see mode on that. Well, President Obama, Sherrod Brown, and others that voted for this law, guess how I will vote in the coming November election (if you have “stolen” money out of my pocket)? It sure won’t be for a Democrat!

And that is the basic mistake I think the people that voted that law in have made.