Direct Deposit of Social Security Checks . . . the other side of the story

by chumchingee

I have maintained that forcing people to go to direct deposit is wrong. I still maintain that forcing people to do things is wrong especially by the government. Executive orders to me are wrong as well. That strikes me as orders from our King. The King changes every 8 years like clockwork. The orders remain.

There is another side to this story. The post office is unfortunately inefficient at handling checks in the mail. Our current postal service is handled by a number of carriers. It is an open route that no one seems to want. So they all take turns doing the mail service. Often this puts us after 5 in the afternoon. That is just plain wrong. For one thing, no one ever gets familiar with the route. So multiple errors are likely to occur.

And they do. The other side of this story is that you cannot depend on public mail anymore! They seem to have no trouble delivering thousands of pieces of junk mail however.

If you want to test them. Subscribe to a magazine. Most times there is no problem. Every once in a while, you won’t receive your magazine.

Social Security is haunted by these failures to deliver mail to the right address. I see their point. The point being that they cannot trust your mail carrier to deliver the mail to the right address.

Then there is the hit. That is where someone deliberately takes your social security check and cashes it at a carryout or retail store. Recovering the money is problematic. Catching the thief is probably impossible. Except every store is now monitored by cameras. The problem is tracking down the video of what happened. The FBI is very good at that. Arresting someone for doing it is probably another story all together. So your lower class criminals usually get away with it. Occasionally, if they have bad record, the FBI puts out a call for their arrest. So far, all you have is a lot of wind and no action.

To the police, it is almost a joke. You see after dodging bullets, dealing with drug people, and other assorted things designed to kill you, a stolen check is nothing by comparison.

So I am changing my tune. I think we should go direct deposit. I think instead a deposit notification should be sent to our mailbox giving the day it is deposited. That day should be identical to the day it would normally have been mailed. To some of us, a computer email would do.

My nightmare is that computers are not infallible. Garbage in, processed garbage out. And correcting that situation is another nightmare for most of us.

Social Security is a huge organization. It has huge computer programs all over the place. They never go WRONG WRONG WRONG WRONG . . .

If you believe that I have some things I would like to sell you, like a bridge in Brooklyn.

In a perfect world, credit unions and banks never fail. Getting to your money and changing the address the money goes to might be a problem. Hacking accounts is another serious computer problem.

But for now, I think we need to all go Direct Deposit before something vital to our financial interests are stolen.