The old dishwasher died . . .

by chumchingee

Recently I loaded our Tappan Dishwasher and started to turn it on. Spark, fizz, burn and the switch was dead. Nothing would work to turn it on.

A burnt smell was in the house.

So I had some decisions to make. Repair it? Replace it? If so, how to get it out from under the counter without problems?

The current racket is to rip you off with the install of a new appliance like a dishwasher. I have seen estimated prices of $179 to install a dishwasher.

The problem is convenience. Having moved the unit out a valve broke loose and started spraying water everywhere. This was on the dishwasher. I naturally turned off the water at the main. Put a tray under the pipe. Then I noticed the dishwasher was hard wired into the house wiring. The circuit breaker named dishwasher did not turn off the power to the unit which did have a light on it to show it was powered. Technically I should have turned off power to the house. I didn’t. The dishwasher was still hooked up to the wires and it was under the unit.

I did locate the valve that sprung and was lucky to fix it temporarily.

At that point I decided replacement was the only option of common sense.

Best Buy has an excellent deal going on dishwashers. $19.95 installation plus a home kit of parts for $30. This brought the install down to $50. For $50 I’ll let them deal with it.

So now we have to pickup the house so it is fit for company. With a 7 year old running around creating messes that is a few hours work.

My point is that dishwashers under the counter are engineered wrong. They are designed to employ people to install them. I am sure it will take this person less than an hour to hard wire the new one, plug in the plumbing and make sure it doesn’t leak and push it into place under the counter. To my way of thinking the unit should plug in somewhere fairly far from the water supply. The unit itself should be prewired so it is an easy plug in. The plumbing should go to a levered valve inlet that is easy to shut off in case of disasters.

Portables do all of that. Why not under the counter units?