Twin Brown Dwarfs!

by chumchingee

Recently astronomers have declared that a great number of planets are free moving between the stars. These bodies do not orbit any star that we know of. This leads to the disturbing possibility that one of these rogue planets could be attracted by the Sun’s gravity.

This rogue planet might have already happened. Venus is a likely candidate for such a rogue planet coming into our Solar System some unknown time in our past. Which would mean it heated up after it obtained a stable orbit around our Sun. The evidence is clear. The planet rotates the opposite way from every planet in the Solar System. The rotation is longer than a year on Venus. One day is 268 of our days long. The rotation of Venus around the Sun is 222 days long.

This subject of Venus was brought up by a Russian Scientist. His qualifications were not in Astronomy. He was actually a Psychologist with a minor in ancient languages. His Psychologist specialty was national psychology. He maintained that we were all suffering from a form of group amnesia brought on by a near collision with Venus in ancient times. His original book called “When Worlds Collide” caused quite a reaction amongst astronomers who maintained that Venus was Earth-like until Russian probes found it to be quite hot and hellish in nature. Immanuel Velinkovski(never can remember the spelling on this scientist so I probably have it wrong again) was entirely right. The astronomers were wrong.

Other circumstantial evidence exists. The planet Venus has an extremely thick atmosphere. 15 times thicker than the one around the Earth. The planet is very hot. Venus is much hotter than can be accounted for with its closer orbit around the Sun.

I suggest that not only planets are free floating out there. To me at least this is very scary. We have no idea what is floating out there in the ocean of space.

The most likely candidate for free floating objects are Brown Dwarfs. This subject has been approached very well by Andy Lloyd in his book The Dark Star. He suggests a star approximately 2 to 10 times the size of Jupiter in a comet like orbit. He suggests an orbit 45 to 53 degrees out of sync with the rest of the solar system. It is orbiting about 2 light years out right now. Probably coming into the system every 3800 years. It has 6 or 7 planets rotating around it. No one has any information on what the planets look like.

My own thought is we have two brown dwarfs orbiting each other out there. The one dwarf is young. The other has broken up into planets. It is still hot but relatively cold as stars go. I think it is a remnant water world. The atmosphere would probably be maintained by volcanic activity. It could be several times that of the Earth. It could be many times heavier than the Earth. If it has broken up like I think it has, then the remnants are probably much smaller than a dwarf at this point in time. Based on what I have read, I suspect it has an Earth-like atmosphere and an Earth-like gravity. I suggest it is probably around 130%-150% Earth normal. Meaning for every 100 pounds we weigh here, we would weigh 30 to 50 pounds more on that dwarf remnant. I suggest the surface is cooled by water and is thin like the Earth’s surface is.

There is the possibility that the other planets are really moons of the major planet. There is also a possibility that it has a large moon like the Earth has. If it has broken up that increases the likelihood of a Earth sized planet with an Earth sized moon.

I think the atmosphere compensates for the increased gravity. It is likely that a water based life form might be dominate. Yes, life might have evolved there and seeded to our planet in the remote past.

The entire spectrum would probably be designed around the infrared instead of the one we have here on Earth. I suspect most of the radiation from the remaining star would be in the infrared range.

So if the life on this planet originated there, we would have compatible genetic material. I suggest also the higher gravity might produce a species with denser bones. Probably one slightly larger than us. If their visual range extends well into the infrared, it would give them a form of x-ray vision. Clothes would be semi-transparent to these creatures.

Everything I have said so far is based on guess work. The problem with Earth is we are too close to the Sun. The atmosphere does not protect us well enough from the radiation. This leads to people dying within 100 years of being born. Aging is at least partially a disease of radiation poisoning. The other part appears to be genetic. There is an actual clock built into our cells that runs down in time.

I mention this because the natives of this planet probably have much longer lifespans than we do. The problem with coming here would be it would shorten their lifespans considerably. They would still live many times what we do. But the lighter gravity, the radiation from the Sun, the thinner atmosphere would all contribute to shortened longevity for their people living here.

Even only coming out at night, would not help much. The entire planet is saturated with radiation from the Sun.

Again everything in this article is guesswork. If this proposed life form exists and is intelligent, it is extremely likely they have overcome the radiation problem.

What would we be capable of if we had extremely long lives? If we had technology even 10,000 years beyond what we currently have? There is probably nothing that would be beyond our abilities to do.

I can hear it now .  . . Enoch called. God wants his slaves back!