Evolution and the Great Dividing Line

by chumchingee

While I have been a fan of the evolution theory over the years, the fact is it is a theory and nothing more or less. It has never been conclusively proven. Thus the missing Link(s) that are never found.

I suggest that the missing links are not there. They are not there because we skipped those stages.

When I was growing up in High School we were taught that our species had 48 chromosomes. That was the same number as the entire ape family from which we came.

Then it was discovered we actually have two chromosomes that are unlike any other species on the planet. The two chromosomes are double the size of any others. They are matching chromosomes on both sides of the genetic material in the cells and reproduce that way.

Suddenly, we appear to have two less chromosomes than the rest of the ape family. So our species actually have 46 chromosomes instead of 48.

The fact is those two double-sized chromosomes put a monkey wrench(forgive the pun) in the entire evolution theory for mankind. It could be speculated that those two chromosomes are what make us the dominant species on the planet.

It could also be speculated that somewhere down the evolutionary path our ancestors were altered in such a way as to advance our evolution by millions of years. The question that takes this out of the realm of serious study is what or how did those two chromosomes come to be.

So the entire scientific community does its serious best to ignore the evidence. To do otherwise, they would have to acknowledge the possibility of a species capable of altering ours from some advanced technological group or even some alien life form similar to our own.

The implications of such facts would be totally unacceptable under the current leadership of our scientific community. To imply aliens would make them a laughing stock amongst their piers.

Yet that is what the double chromosomes actually leads to. Something changed us.

If these aliens exist, we have another problem. It means a common thread of chromosomes and genes exist other than our own planet. It means a common ancestor between us that allows breeding stock.

When you have a difference in chromosome numbers between male and female, you generally get something called a mule. The Mule is highly superior in intelligence to either a horse or a donkey. The other thing is Mules are almost always sterile. If a second generation Mule does exist, it is sterile.

There is other evidence. Birth is difficult for our females because of the size of the head of the babies. The birth canal is usually too small. This means a large number of deaths in a non-technical, non-medical, society. We appear to have more genetic defects than any other species on the planet. That is also an indicator of genetic manipulation.

We have an uncommonly long lifespan for this planet. 75-125 years is not unusual. Only a few species have longer lifespans than our own on the planet. (I feel that the clock was reset at some point so that we had a shorter lifespan. I think the original clock in the cells might have been set to 900 years or more. I think we reproduced to fast. But that is another story.) When did the shift towards shorter lifespans occur?

I propose that we figure out when the current genetic setup occurred. When did the abnormal chromosomes first occur? I have heard figures of around 200,000 BC as a starting point. Did Neanderthal man have 48 or 46 chromosomes? What was the average lifespan of a Neanderthal barring accidents? Was it longer or shorter than our lifespans?

I think the dividing line between 48 and 46 chromosomes is where the evolutionary theory comes crashing down. If an alteration occurred, then anyone mating with a 46 chromosome human would likely have mules. The second generation would not occur. That is a likely explanation for the doom of other human species on our planet. Yes they could capture our females. Yes they could successfully mate with them. All the offspring would have been sterile. The offspring would likely be stronger and more intelligent than either species. The problem being it is a dead end for reproduction. Being stronger they probably would have monopolized the existing females in the tribes. No second generation occurred with the mixed species types.



That is why I think the missing links are missing.

The other implication has profound problems. We are implying life forms from somewhere that are compatible with our own. They can eat our foods without problems. They can use their women as possible breeding stock to produce this mutated species we call our own. If the legends and myths of numerous peoples all over the planet are true, they made us to look like them. The other question is how many chromosomes did this species have? Did they succumb to the Mule effect when cross breeding with us? Just how close to identical did they make us to them?

If they are a compatible life form with Earth life, it implies that we may have a common origin with them at some point in the past.

All of this is really colorful. Too colorful for a bland scientific community still in the dark ages of believing we are the center of everything on a flat earth. To think otherwise is heresy. Far worse, it is to cut the purse strings of whomever would go outside the box with theories that do not fit the norm. I refer to the flat earth norm that is most comfortable for most people in the scientific community.