Religion and politics . . .

by chumchingee

Recently the issue of religion has come up in regards to Mr. Romney’s pursuit of becoming President of the United States. He is a Mormon.

I think this criticism is off base. The Mormon faith is an established religion practiced by millions of people throughout the United States. It is not a cult. It is not anything more or less than an established faith in this country. The belief system is relatively young. It’s original practice of multiple wives was considered bad by a lot of Christian faiths in this country. Utah was out in the middle of no where land when the Mormons established themselves. Our country grew around them. To this day, there are Mormons with more than one wife in the western part of this country.

Now consider the Muslim faith as practiced by a good portion of the world in the middle east. By their faith, four wives is the limit. If a Muslim took up residence in this country would he be subject to one wife laws in our states? I do not think so. I think he would be grandfathered in. Or would he have to split his multiple wife family apart? That is just cruel.

In some areas of the world different ethics and different morales apply. For instance in the South Pacific in countries where it is very hot and no air conditioning I am sure nudity is practiced. It is not acceptable here under restrictive Christian beliefs. There are a whole lot of laws based on Christian general beliefs. They do not apply on a world wide basis. Just like their laws in the middle east might not apply here, our laws do not apply there.

I think we need to look at what a person stands for politically rather than his religious personal life. His religious beliefs are between him and his God. I respect his right to practice his religion. I want his abilities to be the determining factor as to whether he is qualified to be our next President. What does he stand for? What is his voting record look like and how does it compare to what he is saying in his campaign? Is he caught in any apparent lies comparing the two?

What are his ideas on current issues such as Social Security, Medicare, and economic issues? What about constitutional issues? More and more we see in the name of Ecology, security and other ideals that the bill of rights is being ignored. I want an executive in there that will change that. I want our rights under the constitution reinstated.

Under his previous republican President Bush, a lot of today’s problems came from a Republican. That was a grammatical nightmare . . . Such as solving a budget problem with an executive order limiting my health benefits with the VA to a communistic limit on income. If you were successful in life, your benefits disappeared. I don’t believe in rewarding hard work and income with dissolving my hard earned benefits with the VA. There has to be a better way.

I do not believe in giving people things that other people have to earn by hard work. I think we need an entirely different approach to welfare. I want to return to a system in which hard work is rewarded not penalized. I want to do away with investment accounts like 401K used INSTEAD OF decent retirement pensions. If it is in addition to a decent pension then it is all right.

I want to bring back decent wages. That means we have to have a system of negotiation with companies that is balanced. Unions were an answer in the past. The government broke the Unions back in the 80s under Reagan. Most of your employment problems stem from that breaking the power of Unions in the workplace. They are still printing money with nothing to back it up. But people do not have the ability to negotiate wages on their own. So inflation is eating the average person alive. That needs to be addressed.

Our goofy legislatures have taken the profit out of owning a private residence. The tax laws have gradually made a joke out of owning a home for a tax deduction. What they failed to realize was there is an entire nation of cities dependent on tax revenues from the ownership of private homes. The mortgage industry depends on tax deductions. Otherwise the criminal interest of 95/5% on a starting mortgage makes no sense economically. That is 95 percent interest and 5 percent into principal. It is at least 7 or 8 years before you start paying off a house under the terms of these contracts.

No wonder the entire industry has gone bankrupt. What part of benefits to the homeowners isn’t understood by government legislatures? That is why people walk away from houses leaving the bank stuck. I say give the homeowner unemployment insurance. I mean suspend the mortgage until they can get on their feet instead of foreclosing the homes. Give them a chance to put it on the market and sell it instead of losing everything they have ever worked for.

Your banks are down the tubes because of an old fashioned foreclosure policy. Fraud was involved in giving out a lot of these mortgages to people not qualified to pay a mortgage long term. It had something to do with clouding the issues with racism and poverty. They were not afraid to issue mortgages to poor people who could not keep them up. That was fraud.

Some of those people did this with full knowledge of wrong doing. They belong in jail.

I want a President with the guts to put them there. I want a President with guts, period.

I want a change in international policy. I want our currency competitive. I want our corporations here not there. If they leave, it is because we are not economical compared with elsewhere. I don’t understand a lot of that. I am a commercial transportation specialist from my service days. It has to cost money transport goods across the world. That makes them uncompetitive price wise with local goods unless it is artificially supported by a government in violation of treaties and artificially low currency exchanges. That has to change.

In the old days, we had taxes on anything imported into this country to protect our industry. That is unfashionable now. But it worked. I want a President with the guts to change that back so our industry comes first in this country.

I want the dependence on foreign goods to stop. I want a lot of things. The new President has to say no where no is in our best interests. The new man must change a lot of things and make them solvent economically.

We have to get out of involving ourselves in foreign wars. It is bankrupting us. We have to get out of the business of policing the world. It is not economically feasible.

China declared economic war on the world 30-40 years ago. It is time to respond and change that. The new man better get it together or he will be unelected at the very next opportunity.

I would like to see a complete new tax system that is better suited to our current world. We have a saying in the computer industry. KISS! Keep It Simple Stupid! Well we need a simplified tax system that is both fair and not excessive. WE need to fire the IRS and start over. I want to see a document with a tax system that is self-substaining and so simple I can explain it to a 7 year old.

I want a system that guarantees us the businesses wanting to live here. That means drastic changes.

I want a system where a man’s beliefs in God do not enter into the political situation. I want a system where only the man’s results are counted.