What is in a name? A thief is a thief is a thief . ..

by chumchingee

I recently read in Mercola.com about a farmer. His money was seized by the government under phony charges.

Now the government wants to keep their money even though the family was found innocent of any wrong doing.

The Mafia would be proud of their son the Government. A thief by any other name is still a thief. Obviously the government has become a thief. They have abandoned even the appearance of justice in the court system.

This reminds me of the dealings of the Interior Department with the American Indians. They apparently have embezzeled large sums of money over the years from this group of people.

Now they are going after poor hard working farmers? The lesson here appears to be that if we are guilty of hard work we will be penalised by these parasites.

Perhaps it is time to reconsider keeping the people in this government employed. I suggest that the bureau that is responsible for this action be fired.