I think the government has gone too far on dishwashing detergents . . .

by chumchingee

The government has gone too far.

They have taken Finish Glass Magic off the shelves.

Now we all get to suffer cloudy dirty drinking glasses or else ! ! !

The problem is environmental government. It has evolved to the point where our national government is no longer making decisions. It is being made by treaty with the United Nations.

In the next few years, I think we are going to see a problem much larger than a few dirty dishes.

The problem is government on an international scale as produced by the Environmental agency of the United Nations.

We have seen these people remove products from the market before. Our own belief systems concerning supplements vs prescriptions is a good example.

I personally feel we need to take executive orders out of the jurisdiction of the President. The President should not be making law on his own. That is the job of our Congress not the President. Yes, he can veto laws. That is written right in the game book better known as our Constitution.

Somewhere, it evolved that the President could initiate wars. That is Congress’s jurisdiction. I think it occurred in the Kennedy administration.

Somewhere, it evolved that a President could give executive orders changing the rights of American citizens. That is dictatorship as forbidden by our constitution. Bush used this to alter benefits Veterans got under the veteran’s health care. He made it communistic when your income determined your right to benefits. The current administration has continued those executive orders contrary to the Constitution. I don’t remember those rules being in effect when we were being shot at on foreign soils. Most of the people I lived with in Air Force Barracks at Niagara Falls, NY died in that Vietnam War of the time.

Vote for Tweedledee or Tweedledum. They are both two sides of the same administration with the same ideas of government. Only minor differences between the two candidates for President.

What needs to change here is the monopoly of the two party system. When it doesn’t work we need new ideas that do work. The idea behind the system was to provide those ideas with opposing political agendas. This is no longer working. Both parties seem to be bought and paid for and have been for many years.

I suggest we change Presidents. This one has a license to kill literally because he is a President that does not have to concern himself with re-election after this term. He has 4 years to do anything he wants to. The other guy has 8 years to worry about. So he has to come up with something to get him re-elected in four years.

Concerning the environment, the studies on phosphorus do not favor the EPA decisions. The type of phosphorus in dish washing detergent apparently is not broken down by algae like phosphorus in fertilizers. So the entire farce is government and money not EPA stuff at all.

I say lots of luck changing it. The government does not care to take on the ridiculous EPA bureaucrats.

The EPA is bureaucratic rule at its finest. It would take 3 semi trucks to get a copy of all the rules Congress has allotted to the EPA agency. I hear that many of those laws contradict each other. So the EPA rulers get to choose what they actually enforce.

I think the entire EPA needs to be cleaned up. It needs to be fired. Then we need to sit down and figure out what laws contradict each other. Cancel both laws out. Then we need some common sense laws that do not kill our economy in the name of Environmental Protection. There has to be a way for both business and a respect for the environment can get along peacefully.

I think the first thing we need to do is get sound science behind any decision made by the agency. Then we need to get it approved by a Congressional body.

I think we need to go back to being a country that follows the Constitution. I think we need a new Supreme Court that follows the Constitution. Lots of luck with that idea.