Black Holes paradox

by chumchingee

Recently I have watched a TV series on Hawkin’s Paradox. This paradox is about matter disappearing from the universe into a black hole. First the matter is destroyed as it enters the hole. It gets very hot. Gravity has an infinite effect of making the matter travel faster and faster until it is at the speed of light. By then it is pure energy instead of matter. The energy is sucked into the hole with no hope of ever getting out.

I would compare this to a bathtub emptying of water. No one knows exactly where the water goes. In this case, stars, planets, debris, everything is sucked in by the enormous pull of gravity of a black hole.

My own thought is that at some point the “water” sucked into the hole is completely demolished. But still, enormous amounts of this energy are pulled permanently into the center of the hole making the hole even more powerful and dangerous.

In the formula by Einstein we have Energy equals matter times the speed of light squared. Only problem I have with the formula is that as I understand it nothing can go faster than the speed of light.

To go faster one would have to be existing in two places at the same time. We are talking about energy such as light. I say this paradox is the reason matter exists at all. It is the space/time solution to matter. But this might be a misunderstanding on my part.

Something would have to be happening inside the black hole that is extraordinary. For one thing, if things are millions of degrees temperature entering the hole, gravity should slow it down to nothing as it stops at the center of the hole. You would have serious issues with inertia. Temperatures would excel to huge numbers then plummet to absolute zero at the center.

We talk of space warping inside a black hole. But what if there is a math limit to the warping of space? Say that space warps so far before it circles back on itself. I speak also of infinite closing down of both space and time within the hole itself. Inside a really huge hole, we might even have space and time closing completely down. I think that if energy completely closes down then at some point we have space reaching a critical place where a complete repeat occurs over and over again as time moves backwards and then forwards. You would then have to have multiple universes generated outwards in huge expansions to untangle the space/time that has become what it is, a huge mess.

What happens when space/time closes completely down? As long as the hole is being fed I do not think that is going to happen. But at some point, all the energy fed into the hole becomes inert and is converted into massive amounts of gravity. The gravity feeds upon itself. But the time issue is still there as well. What you have is the beginning and end of time all wrapped up in one massive gravity well. I say at some point that energy has to go somewhere. That is where I think it creates a new space/time universe from the old space/time universe. This would generate a massive explosion as gravity is suddenly converted to anti-gravity by the nature of space itself. All that inert energy particles that are in themselves potentially very dense would explode out of our time/space and eventually explode into existence as a new Universe.

The critical point here is the warping of space so it wraps around in a paradox. Somewhere, somehow, space itself either breaks or turns in on itself.