concerning prostitutes and the current scandal abroad.

by chumchingee

I think we should fire everyone that has hired a prostitute that is currently in the government or military. Or we should let it be. And forget the whole thing. It is stupid and political. Prostitutes world wide service people all the time. They are not in Christian countries and do not follow our rules.

But be aware that would mean firing these people means the entire military armed forces of this country. Otherwise it is discrimination by circumstance. At one time or another, most of our military have been stationed in risky places overseas with dime store economies. These foreign people  have no Social Security, unemployment insurance, and when you are fired that means starvation in short order if you cannot find another job immediately. That is starvation for you and anyone dependent on you for income like your wife and kids.

A lot of people depend on these women for survival. Often the choice is survival with a member of their family becoming a prostitute or starvation. This is their rules not mine. Financially, we have a small cushion against this kind of intimidation called Social Security, Unemployment compensation, and Welfare.

Naturally, someone in a position that means you could die in a foreign country with 13 months minimum remote duty in that country wants to enjoy what is left of their life. Camp followers are as old as history and beyond. Our camp followers abroad are well compensated for their services. Often times, they take the place of a wife while men are in remote duty without being able to have their wives and children around. The US Military actually examines them weekly for veneral diseases and issues a card to them saying they are currently examined and clear of disease. We have also hired men to do the drudge work like cleaning the barracks and cooking the food and cleaning the kitchens overseas. The US Military overseas is a drastically different organization than the one in the United States. It recognizes reality vs religious beliefs. Reality is these people are isolated by their services and cannot have dependents on base because of the potential danger of being close to a war zone.

In theory, all of them should be faithful to wives and kids in the states. Most of them are. But they still have needs. Even a criminal in our justice system can have sexual rights under certain conditions.

In all fairness, the difference is that the prostitutes are paid for out of the personal wages of the people involved.  Government moneys are not involved. For that they should be fined and the prostitutes involved should be paid from private funds of the individuals involved. Then the matter should be dropped. Or we are guilty of discrimination against them and the rest of the world as it really is.