Dentistry and Insurance Coverage

by chumchingee

I have more questions than answers. For years, most major countries in the world have taken a different approach to medicine than the United States of America. Mostly we have ended up giving these countries the money they needed to set up a form of socialized medicine.

You eventually get what you pay for. That is the problem. In a lot of countries that means long waits to see a Doctor. Not always. The skilled help go where the money is.

The main problem as I see it, is the union. The union in this case is the American Medical Association. Like most good craft unions, this one has a purpose. That purpose is to exclude anyone that does not go through their extensive education system to become a doctor. This can include costs of up to 250,000-300,000 dollars of outlay before they even see a dime of benefits. It is a rich man’s club and their children have exclusive rights to follow their parent’s road to fame and riches. There are a very limited number of medical schools in this country and they are all costly. So a young new doctor cannot make it financially very well. He almost has to have a corporation such as a hospital behind him to get started.

Then there is dentists. They are the poor relatives compared with doctors. The insurance companies have made sure that no one has adequate dental insurance to pay the bills. Therefore they have to take what they can get.

If I were to design a social medicine system I would do it a lot different than we have today. The first priority would have to be setting up the medical system with a lot more trained help than it has right now. That means scholarships and schools of medicine to teach the next generation of doctors without cost to the potential doctors. That means an ongoing co-op system that allows doctors to practice while they learn. Two weeks in school, two weeks in a doctor’s office. They need a living wage while they learn. I don’t believe in free handouts. So they have to earn their way.

I suggest a system of tax relief for doctors. That means they pay no taxes at all on their income. In return they have to hire these doctors in training instead. I suggest government supplementation to hire people to run these schools. That means we put a lot of people to work. I suggest we do the same thing with RNs.

I suggest we do away with all private health insurance. I suggest instead everyone is insured through a federal insurance program run at cost. I hate systems based on income. That is not the way to go. I would take all income based programs and pitch them out the window. Instead, I want a program based on minimum cost to everyone. It is a lot harder to set up to work. But the end result is capitalism not communism. Not in accordance with need, in accordance with your ability to work for what you want.

I want that doctor to earn my money. That means choice. It means the doctors and dentists have to come up with a plan based on the number of patients they can take care of. If you cannot keep a patient happy, then he goes somewhere that someone will keep the patient happy.

I want to double or even triple the number of practicing doctors in the next decade. They have to have money to support that number of doctors. I want the doctors to have a 40 hour week like everyone else. That means some of you working a 35 hour week on second or third shift. The extra time is life time for you as a doctor rather than working a few to death.

The worst patient in the world is a doctor. Doctor heal yourself of this workaholic crap. Instead we have to make a choice of quality care over quantity care. That is what I want in a doctor.

I want results. That means the pharmaceutical industry has to change from cash cow drugs to cures. Right now cash cows are expensive and worth billions. We have to find a way for results to be the cash cows not the system we have today.

Finally, I want equal treatment for my dentists. I want them covered the same way as medical doctors are covered. I want them to make money. But I want results. I want a system where results means money for the doctor. No results, no pay.

I want to get away from cash cow doctors all together. I want them to keep people healthy instead of just curing the sick with on-going medicine for the rest of people’s lives.

But then again, I am an unrealistic dreamer . . .