The Lynching . . . of a lowly amateur cop incompetent to do the job.

by chumchingee

Let us give him a fair trial, then hang him. Why not?

That is essentially what is being done here by the mob of people outraged by the murder of one of their own. I speak of the artificial barriers of anyone who is different from you. I speak of reverse discrimination. There are many ways that people can discriminate against one another. One way is to look at all the facts selectively. If it doesn’t fit the mold, then ignore it.

Every one of us that demand mob justice fall into this stupid category. By doing mob justice,  I welcome you because you have also  joined the KKK, the Nazi complex, and other degrading organizations.

This amateur cop proves what I have said all along. It is dangerous to send amateurs to fill in for professional policemen. That is the real crime here. For want of a dollar, this man’s life is forever ruined as is the young man who was killed.

We have volunteer police right here where I live. Every time I see one riding around in special cars, I shudder. There, but for the grace of God, go each and every one of us.  For what? A professional policeman would have had backup before moving. If you want to see real professionals at work, go to London. The London Bobby when I was there did everything with a night stick. They did not even wear guns. The qualification for service was about 5’10” tall. Discipline and defense training were mandatory. Anyone caught with a gun doing a crime, automatically added years to the sentence when caught.

Politeness was the rule not the exception. But that was years ago. I do not know what is happening now in London because I haven’t been there in five or six years.

The tragedy here is two lives ruined beyond our control. This amateur’s life is ruined no matter what happens next. I suggest he join the armed services under a unique new name and disappear from the public. To do this means establishing a new identity and his removal from public view. It means a new face as well. I suggest his death be faked as well. His family needs to be relocated under the same witless protection as given common Mafia criminals. Otherwise, his family is in danger as well.

Nothing at this point will ever bring back the young man that was killed. Nothing will be gained with riots or other negative behavior. All that will do will make targets of innocent people.

I suggest that if 50 or 200 or even a 1,000 black people decide to take law into their own hands, it will end in tragedy for all. Under current law, they can be arrested, tried, and sentenced by the military and probably given prison housing in some remote area of the world. Never to be seen again. That is right, the government now has the right to abridge your rights under the Constitution and even murder you after you are forgotten. I can see an accountant figuring the cost of housing and deciding to end it all by killing the prison population. Five years ago, I wouldn’t have even considered that government would reach this far but now, I am just not sure what they are capable of.

Don’t ask me. I didn’t vote for it. Neither did anyone else. It was a voice vote to keep your representatives from retribution at the next election. It passed by a strong majority of these jerks. My own suggestion is to throw the lot of them out and put a new bunch in their place. Unfortunately, I think a third of them are safe from the polls this time around. I think the elections are rigged so that we are going to elect the same type of people regardless of political party.

Gandhi had it right. The only way to stop them is to stop everything you are doing to help them, even if it is just for one week. That will bring the government to its knees. It is the quiet approach that works the best. Britain had the most powerful empire in India in the history of the world. Gandhi brought the whole thing down with his approach.

But then, I like history. I like to see different versions as presented by the losers as well as the winners.

What I suggest here is not violence. I suggest political action. I suggest that cops need professional training. I suggest that cops need a different weapon than lethal force. They need to understand what they can do under the Bill of Rights. They need the ability to stop violence before it can begin. The young man was wrong to fight the cop. The cop was wrong to place himself in a lethal circumstance that ended in the Black Man dead. What has to change is the training given. What has to change is the attitude of a young black population that thinks violence is profitable. It is not.

I think we need to force the security laws out of existence in the courts. They are not constitutional under the Bill of Rights. It is time for change in how we do things. Our national identity has to be one of fairness to all people of all races and faiths. The Bill of Rights has to be reinstated as the law of our land.

It is time for Infernal Affairs to have the teeth to take disciplinary action against any policeman that is out of line and do it. We are not a gestapo. We are not a KKK. The image of a policeman has to change if we are not going to have a country ruled by military action. And Martial Law is not that far off if we do not take this approach.