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Month: April, 2012

TSA and public relations

Recently the TSA once again blundered their way through a china shop. Not literally a china shop but close.. They held a family at bay with a four year old girl returning from a family event. I think it was a wedding.

The little girl made the mistake of crossing the line to hug her grandmother. Of course the paranoid in charge thought she was passing a gun to the child. That is their job.

Now if we were in an international situation in a primitive backwoods country that could have actually been the case. We are not. We are in the United States of America. And I am pretty sure these were decent above board American family members returning from a wedding. They threatened and bullied their way through what should have been a breech of rules by an irresponsible parent and her child. The child should have been kept under supervision. Should, Would, Could. Any jail is full of those words.

If I were in charge, here is what would have happened. “Pardon me, please, I have a problem and I need your help to resolve it.” This very nice little girl has breeched our security by crossing the line to hug her grandmother. She has no understanding of these rules I am sure. Could you and your daughter possibly help us make sure things are really as they seem. Thank-you. Please allow this nice lady(and I would make sure the lady looks like someone’s grandmother) just run her through the scanner again. Why don’t you run through with her so she doesn’t get frightened? Can she have candy? Here is a nice lollipop for her for being nice. What flavor would you like?

She is so cute! How old is she? You just came from a wedding? How nice for you! I bet everyone is exhausted. Let’s see if we can get you to your plane on time.

“Unfortunately, there are some nasty people out in the world that would use this situation, however innocent, to further threats of terrorist behavior. They might even have a bomb or gun hidden somewhere. I know that isn’t the case here, but we don’t really know that, so we are in the bad situation of having to check everyone no matter how innocent it seems. We are here to protect your lives nothing more. Please, thank you again for helping us.

The idea is to put the people on your side. You cannot do that with military police and bullying and threats. Our merchants learned a long time ago that security needs to be disguised as greeters. TSA needs to learn the value of public relations in dealing with an enormous variety of people. They need up front people that appear innocent and polite. They need people with a programmed sales pitch that puts people on their side. You want those people to come back. Even doctors use candy as bribes to children for behaving themselves while they get a checkup! It costs a little money. Balloons are another favorite with children. A cheap toy car works too. You need people with the appearance of someone’s favorite relative up front. You need diplomacy in dealing with the public just as much as you need that security to save their lives.

If you manage to offend people, eventually it will come back to haunt the TSA in a bad way. The airports will simply fire you and get someone that will do the job without offending massive amounts of people. It is time to get a little common sense behavior in our security at the airports and elsewhere. Technically, those security people were right. Dead right. Because they managed to do a lot of public relations harm in following strictly by the book. The book needs to change if the TSA expects to survive.



Black Holes paradox

Recently I have watched a TV series on Hawkin’s Paradox. This paradox is about matter disappearing from the universe into a black hole. First the matter is destroyed as it enters the hole. It gets very hot. Gravity has an infinite effect of making the matter travel faster and faster until it is at the speed of light. By then it is pure energy instead of matter. The energy is sucked into the hole with no hope of ever getting out.

I would compare this to a bathtub emptying of water. No one knows exactly where the water goes. In this case, stars, planets, debris, everything is sucked in by the enormous pull of gravity of a black hole.

My own thought is that at some point the “water” sucked into the hole is completely demolished. But still, enormous amounts of this energy are pulled permanently into the center of the hole making the hole even more powerful and dangerous.

In the formula by Einstein we have Energy equals matter times the speed of light squared. Only problem I have with the formula is that as I understand it nothing can go faster than the speed of light.

To go faster one would have to be existing in two places at the same time. We are talking about energy such as light. I say this paradox is the reason matter exists at all. It is the space/time solution to matter. But this might be a misunderstanding on my part.

Something would have to be happening inside the black hole that is extraordinary. For one thing, if things are millions of degrees temperature entering the hole, gravity should slow it down to nothing as it stops at the center of the hole. You would have serious issues with inertia. Temperatures would excel to huge numbers then plummet to absolute zero at the center.

We talk of space warping inside a black hole. But what if there is a math limit to the warping of space? Say that space warps so far before it circles back on itself. I speak also of infinite closing down of both space and time within the hole itself. Inside a really huge hole, we might even have space and time closing completely down. I think that if energy completely closes down then at some point we have space reaching a critical place where a complete repeat occurs over and over again as time moves backwards and then forwards. You would then have to have multiple universes generated outwards in huge expansions to untangle the space/time that has become what it is, a huge mess.

What happens when space/time closes completely down? As long as the hole is being fed I do not think that is going to happen. But at some point, all the energy fed into the hole becomes inert and is converted into massive amounts of gravity. The gravity feeds upon itself. But the time issue is still there as well. What you have is the beginning and end of time all wrapped up in one massive gravity well. I say at some point that energy has to go somewhere. That is where I think it creates a new space/time universe from the old space/time universe. This would generate a massive explosion as gravity is suddenly converted to anti-gravity by the nature of space itself. All that inert energy particles that are in themselves potentially very dense would explode out of our time/space and eventually explode into existence as a new Universe.

The critical point here is the warping of space so it wraps around in a paradox. Somewhere, somehow, space itself either breaks or turns in on itself.

concerning prostitutes and the current scandal abroad.

I think we should fire everyone that has hired a prostitute that is currently in the government or military. Or we should let it be. And forget the whole thing. It is stupid and political. Prostitutes world wide service people all the time. They are not in Christian countries and do not follow our rules.

But be aware that would mean firing these people means the entire military armed forces of this country. Otherwise it is discrimination by circumstance. At one time or another, most of our military have been stationed in risky places overseas with dime store economies. These foreign people  have no Social Security, unemployment insurance, and when you are fired that means starvation in short order if you cannot find another job immediately. That is starvation for you and anyone dependent on you for income like your wife and kids.

A lot of people depend on these women for survival. Often the choice is survival with a member of their family becoming a prostitute or starvation. This is their rules not mine. Financially, we have a small cushion against this kind of intimidation called Social Security, Unemployment compensation, and Welfare.

Naturally, someone in a position that means you could die in a foreign country with 13 months minimum remote duty in that country wants to enjoy what is left of their life. Camp followers are as old as history and beyond. Our camp followers abroad are well compensated for their services. Often times, they take the place of a wife while men are in remote duty without being able to have their wives and children around. The US Military actually examines them weekly for veneral diseases and issues a card to them saying they are currently examined and clear of disease. We have also hired men to do the drudge work like cleaning the barracks and cooking the food and cleaning the kitchens overseas. The US Military overseas is a drastically different organization than the one in the United States. It recognizes reality vs religious beliefs. Reality is these people are isolated by their services and cannot have dependents on base because of the potential danger of being close to a war zone.

In theory, all of them should be faithful to wives and kids in the states. Most of them are. But they still have needs. Even a criminal in our justice system can have sexual rights under certain conditions.

In all fairness, the difference is that the prostitutes are paid for out of the personal wages of the people involved.  Government moneys are not involved. For that they should be fined and the prostitutes involved should be paid from private funds of the individuals involved. Then the matter should be dropped. Or we are guilty of discrimination against them and the rest of the world as it really is.



Dentistry and Insurance Coverage

I have more questions than answers. For years, most major countries in the world have taken a different approach to medicine than the United States of America. Mostly we have ended up giving these countries the money they needed to set up a form of socialized medicine.

You eventually get what you pay for. That is the problem. In a lot of countries that means long waits to see a Doctor. Not always. The skilled help go where the money is.

The main problem as I see it, is the union. The union in this case is the American Medical Association. Like most good craft unions, this one has a purpose. That purpose is to exclude anyone that does not go through their extensive education system to become a doctor. This can include costs of up to 250,000-300,000 dollars of outlay before they even see a dime of benefits. It is a rich man’s club and their children have exclusive rights to follow their parent’s road to fame and riches. There are a very limited number of medical schools in this country and they are all costly. So a young new doctor cannot make it financially very well. He almost has to have a corporation such as a hospital behind him to get started.

Then there is dentists. They are the poor relatives compared with doctors. The insurance companies have made sure that no one has adequate dental insurance to pay the bills. Therefore they have to take what they can get.

If I were to design a social medicine system I would do it a lot different than we have today. The first priority would have to be setting up the medical system with a lot more trained help than it has right now. That means scholarships and schools of medicine to teach the next generation of doctors without cost to the potential doctors. That means an ongoing co-op system that allows doctors to practice while they learn. Two weeks in school, two weeks in a doctor’s office. They need a living wage while they learn. I don’t believe in free handouts. So they have to earn their way.

I suggest a system of tax relief for doctors. That means they pay no taxes at all on their income. In return they have to hire these doctors in training instead. I suggest government supplementation to hire people to run these schools. That means we put a lot of people to work. I suggest we do the same thing with RNs.

I suggest we do away with all private health insurance. I suggest instead everyone is insured through a federal insurance program run at cost. I hate systems based on income. That is not the way to go. I would take all income based programs and pitch them out the window. Instead, I want a program based on minimum cost to everyone. It is a lot harder to set up to work. But the end result is capitalism not communism. Not in accordance with need, in accordance with your ability to work for what you want.

I want that doctor to earn my money. That means choice. It means the doctors and dentists have to come up with a plan based on the number of patients they can take care of. If you cannot keep a patient happy, then he goes somewhere that someone will keep the patient happy.

I want to double or even triple the number of practicing doctors in the next decade. They have to have money to support that number of doctors. I want the doctors to have a 40 hour week like everyone else. That means some of you working a 35 hour week on second or third shift. The extra time is life time for you as a doctor rather than working a few to death.

The worst patient in the world is a doctor. Doctor heal yourself of this workaholic crap. Instead we have to make a choice of quality care over quantity care. That is what I want in a doctor.

I want results. That means the pharmaceutical industry has to change from cash cow drugs to cures. Right now cash cows are expensive and worth billions. We have to find a way for results to be the cash cows not the system we have today.

Finally, I want equal treatment for my dentists. I want them covered the same way as medical doctors are covered. I want them to make money. But I want results. I want a system where results means money for the doctor. No results, no pay.

I want to get away from cash cow doctors all together. I want them to keep people healthy instead of just curing the sick with on-going medicine for the rest of people’s lives.

But then again, I am an unrealistic dreamer . . .

The Lynching . . . of a lowly amateur cop incompetent to do the job.

Let us give him a fair trial, then hang him. Why not?

That is essentially what is being done here by the mob of people outraged by the murder of one of their own. I speak of the artificial barriers of anyone who is different from you. I speak of reverse discrimination. There are many ways that people can discriminate against one another. One way is to look at all the facts selectively. If it doesn’t fit the mold, then ignore it.

Every one of us that demand mob justice fall into this stupid category. By doing mob justice,  I welcome you because you have also  joined the KKK, the Nazi complex, and other degrading organizations.

This amateur cop proves what I have said all along. It is dangerous to send amateurs to fill in for professional policemen. That is the real crime here. For want of a dollar, this man’s life is forever ruined as is the young man who was killed.

We have volunteer police right here where I live. Every time I see one riding around in special cars, I shudder. There, but for the grace of God, go each and every one of us.  For what? A professional policeman would have had backup before moving. If you want to see real professionals at work, go to London. The London Bobby when I was there did everything with a night stick. They did not even wear guns. The qualification for service was about 5’10” tall. Discipline and defense training were mandatory. Anyone caught with a gun doing a crime, automatically added years to the sentence when caught.

Politeness was the rule not the exception. But that was years ago. I do not know what is happening now in London because I haven’t been there in five or six years.

The tragedy here is two lives ruined beyond our control. This amateur’s life is ruined no matter what happens next. I suggest he join the armed services under a unique new name and disappear from the public. To do this means establishing a new identity and his removal from public view. It means a new face as well. I suggest his death be faked as well. His family needs to be relocated under the same witless protection as given common Mafia criminals. Otherwise, his family is in danger as well.

Nothing at this point will ever bring back the young man that was killed. Nothing will be gained with riots or other negative behavior. All that will do will make targets of innocent people.

I suggest that if 50 or 200 or even a 1,000 black people decide to take law into their own hands, it will end in tragedy for all. Under current law, they can be arrested, tried, and sentenced by the military and probably given prison housing in some remote area of the world. Never to be seen again. That is right, the government now has the right to abridge your rights under the Constitution and even murder you after you are forgotten. I can see an accountant figuring the cost of housing and deciding to end it all by killing the prison population. Five years ago, I wouldn’t have even considered that government would reach this far but now, I am just not sure what they are capable of.

Don’t ask me. I didn’t vote for it. Neither did anyone else. It was a voice vote to keep your representatives from retribution at the next election. It passed by a strong majority of these jerks. My own suggestion is to throw the lot of them out and put a new bunch in their place. Unfortunately, I think a third of them are safe from the polls this time around. I think the elections are rigged so that we are going to elect the same type of people regardless of political party.

Gandhi had it right. The only way to stop them is to stop everything you are doing to help them, even if it is just for one week. That will bring the government to its knees. It is the quiet approach that works the best. Britain had the most powerful empire in India in the history of the world. Gandhi brought the whole thing down with his approach.

But then, I like history. I like to see different versions as presented by the losers as well as the winners.

What I suggest here is not violence. I suggest political action. I suggest that cops need professional training. I suggest that cops need a different weapon than lethal force. They need to understand what they can do under the Bill of Rights. They need the ability to stop violence before it can begin. The young man was wrong to fight the cop. The cop was wrong to place himself in a lethal circumstance that ended in the Black Man dead. What has to change is the training given. What has to change is the attitude of a young black population that thinks violence is profitable. It is not.

I think we need to force the security laws out of existence in the courts. They are not constitutional under the Bill of Rights. It is time for change in how we do things. Our national identity has to be one of fairness to all people of all races and faiths. The Bill of Rights has to be reinstated as the law of our land.

It is time for Infernal Affairs to have the teeth to take disciplinary action against any policeman that is out of line and do it. We are not a gestapo. We are not a KKK. The image of a policeman has to change if we are not going to have a country ruled by military action. And Martial Law is not that far off if we do not take this approach.




The Hidden Meaning of our Relationship with the Ancient “gods”

I think it is appropriate that on April 1, we consider the documentation of the Bible and what it has to say about the ancient gods that roamed our planet. This seems to have occurred right up until Christ came here. Not much is said about living individual “gods” after that. I think they evacuated the planet.

The most ancient of books I have been told is the book of Job. Why isn’t it in the beginning of the Bible? Well it occurs in an unknown time sequence.

Our God is rightfully proud of Job. He is everything a worshiping human should be. He is upper class rich in his society. He has wife, kids, property, health, and is faithful in his worship.

We are given an insight into the politics of the gods. God is obviously holding court in this story. The Devil appears to be a member in good standing of this court. He is not in disrepute here. He is in the form of a prosecutor. This is an honorable profession in that court.

He brings up the point that Job is prosperous because he worships God. What if he weren’t prosperous? Would he still worship God. Big question.

Job is obviously outmatched by the Devil here. The Devil appears to be a member of a society of immortal beings. That in itself is remarkable.

What is the tragic sickness of all immortals? I suspect it would have to be boredom. So God and the Devil have a little bet going on the outcome of one mortal worshiping being named Job.

They take away everything he has. Kill his family, destroy his property, destroy his health and leave him a beggar with torturous boils itching all over his body. Will he still worship God? That is the question of the book.

When Job continues to worship God as if nothing happened the Devil is literally blown out of the water here. Job is very patient with his God. Not so, his friends and neighbors who see it as a violation of his contract with God.

This is where we have an indication of the immortal nature of God. “Where were you when I was creating the Earth(not a direct quote)?

Good question! God is establishing his right to do with us as he pleases. He owns us. We are his property. That basically puts us in the status of “pets” in our world. Pets are trained. Housebroken. Protected. Given food and water. A litter box of some kind and a place to stay. At least that is the status of my pets. I also provide them with medical care which the gods obviously do not think is part of the deal.

I suggest we are the victims of a game by the gods to determine who wins or loses. Not sure what the gods win or lose in predicting our behavior. They are immortal. We are simply play toys to these immortals and our purpose appears to be to relieve the boredom of immortal life.

It is suggested here that the head of these immortals is a powerful entity that has set up the Earth as a life giving planet. It is suggested our “God” is the creator of it all. He appears to be an immortal with enormous powers.

In Genesis, this is described as an on-going creation. From dust we are created and dust we degenerate to after we die. In other words, we are all going to die in a small length of time that is almost meaningless to an immortal.

What is amazing to me is the documentation of demigods. Demigods are those beings that are created by gods mating with mortal women. They have the attributes of both immortal and mortal animals. They die. Just like us. In most cases this appears to be true in the Bible. The entire region of the middle east is rift with tales of demigods with extraordinary powers. Of wars between the demigods with entire armies of humans being sacrificed in those various wars.

My purpose here is to discover the “rules” by which we are subject to these “gods” not demigods. They appear to have a court of law governed by this “god/creator”. What is our status before the throne of this very powerful being? Are they still playing this “game” to this day? If so, it appears to have been some kind of war that made them evacuate the planet leaving the priests of these religious temples to their own devices. Atomic war would have that effect. If the planet was not habitable, they might have left us to our own devices.

Where are the living “gods” now? No one really knows. I would suggest they are on their home planet where ever that is.

Jesus is described in quite different terms. His following seems to be that of a magic person. He is capable of curing people of any number of diseases just by commanding that it be so.

His origin is wrapped up in one virgin “Mary” getting pregnant before her marriage to one “Joseph, a carpenter by trade”. The “father” is described as a powerful being named the “Holy Ghost” and is not to be argued with.

From there we have a description of a networked being that is both the creator of everything and master of a “ghost” realm with a separate life from the creator yet integrated as part of a whole being. Jesus is described as part of that network in the form of a “son”. By definition, if half his nature is from Mary then he is a demigod. Half human, half god.

Some of his powers appear to be telepathy, telekinetic transference, apparent disobeying of natural laws, empathy and cure of humans, the ability to regenerate from obvious death back to life, a network communication with the Holy Ghost and the above mentioned creator/God of the universe.

Apparently, Jesus is busy. He is preparing a New Planet to take the place of this one. Somewhere down the road, this one is going to be destroyed. Probably in some kind of explosion that dries up all the oceans and heats the planet into molten lava killing all life on the surface. His followers have been promised immortal life on the new planet.

He maintains that only a select group of people will actually make it to the new planet with new heavens. This is all scriptural in the new testament books. Especially in Revelations.

Descriptions of beings in Revelations suggests multiple alien races are involved in this project. It is suggested the God/creator is involved in this project and his Son Jesus will rule over this new planet.

All of this is conjecture based on human reports in the scriptures. The truth is we do not know anything about what is really going on.

If I were to create immortality in an animal, I can only guess how it would be possible on a planet such as ours where creation and destruction are on an equal basis. I would suggest the universe itself is some kind of construction similar to a holographic universe like as described in Science Fiction such as Star Trek.

In such a universe, it would be possible to reconstruct any person from existing data in the computer program running the Holographic Universe. This would explain throwing people into a lake of fire in which they continued to burn forever. If the person was immortal then that person would be continuously reconstructed as it is destroyed. The only way around it would be to locate the person being reconstructed in a different time/space point than where it was destroyed.

What is the damage to the mind of someone tortured in this manner? Would the mind reconstruct to a point where the torture has not occurred yet?

For what purpose? I mean to me the motivation is gone if you cannot change something. Punishment is only a deterrent if it accomplishes a change in behavior. Otherwise there is no purpose behind it.

Revenge is not a valid purpose. It is an action/reaction emotion of hate for those who have done something wrong. It teaches nothing. It modifies no behavior unless the purpose is in reincarnation and being born again with another chance.

Immortality can be a curse. I can see a situation where continuing to live might be painful. Especially if one’s close to you do not have that gift. Especially if it means crippling disease or mind destroying diseases as we age.

It can be an eye opener. For instance someone dies young, the partner lives a full life afterwards. They are now a lifetime of experience apart. Can the relationship survive? I simply do not know. A lot of it is relative to the individuals.

What of the spiritual development of immortals? How do they relate long term with their condition?

From a ordinary view, how did they mate successfully with humans? Our rules are that it cannot happen. Yet it obviously did happen at some point in our history.

At some point if Genesis and Enoch are to be believed, the species was almost destroyed by flood because we were contaminated with their “god” genes. A new Adam and a new Eve in the form of Noah and family produced a new Earth in the flooded old one. Our mortality was increased from 900 years to about 120 to the current lifespans of around 65-100 years. Something is going on there. Not sure what.

I think our ability to reproduce massive amounts of people had something to do with that. If they come back ever, I suspect that is one of the things the immortals want to change. Our reproductive ability is too high from their viewpoint.

Personally, I would go for colonization on multiple worlds rather than mass destruction of our species. Why destroy a crop simply because it is too large? I think the word is profit. Where do you profit the most from our reproductive abilities?

Over the last million years, I am certain that advances in gene technology have outstripped anything we could possibly have. Why not fix the human species. Why not fix them so that most of the genetic diseases no longer exist. Fix the existing people, not future generations. I believe that is possible by modification of the existing gene combinations.

Immortality has one fatal flaw. Change occurs rapidly in a mortal population. In an Immortal population, change is probably much slower if at all. The existing mind set is there forever. If we are taught that 2 plus 2 equals a false value like 3 or 5, then it will be difficult to change that view.

According to the Genesis account, we were made in their image. Meaning we look like them. I suggest from the mythical accounts that they were build along our lines but were much larger in size. I suggest they were indeed very long lived and possibly immortal. Like us, they had human flaws of personality. Like us, they went to war with one another. I suggest it is likely that the human/god mix did this.

Like us, they revolted against people that were different than themselves. Such as our racial situations in today’s world. I think they had people just like us. It caused conflicts and destruction and possibly Civil War right here on Earth. I suggest that is why we do not have an occupying force on this planet today of Immortals. Their immortality of the time was no defense against radiation sickness.

Our shorter lifespans and increased reproductive ability gave us an advantage on a radioactive planet. Our mutations died off, but our regular unsoiled people lived on to reproduce.

I suggest that in the past, a form of eugenics was practiced. The mutated people were cut out of the genetic pool by our various priesthoods. There are over 400 genetic related diseases in our species to this day. This is way above normal for a natural occurance.

We are one of the only if not the only species on the planet with a double chromosome on each side of the Helix. I am way out of my depth on this. It is direct evidence though of genetic manipulation somewhere in our history.

That leads me to believe that the Bible accounts are true. We were created not evolved. Though I question whether or not an evolved creature was used to create us. I think we are a miniature version of them. I think we have a limited lifespan for their entertainment. I think they are either incredibly long lived, or they are immortals.

The question in my mind is: where did they go? Are they coming back? If so, do we retain “pet status” in their society? I do not know about you, but “pet status” means they are responsible for our health care and general welfare as “pets”.

We, on the other hand, could be their slaves. That also is in the Bible. When we refer to Jesus as our “Master” we are implying a slave/master relationship.

If my interpretation of the English version of Revelations is true, then these “masters” will return. They have some ulterior motive for allowing us this much freedom of movement. I feel we are described as a crop in a farmer’s field. I think Harvest Time is coming.

One thing to me is alarming about all this. If you have a different combination of genes for every child born, you multiply that by billions or even trillions of people, what do you get?

You have a bell curve. On one side of the combinations you have losers. On the other side you have winners. One of those winners could be a god in the making. We were designed in the image of the gods. The bible refers to it in the plural. Of all those combinations, random chance is going to produce a very superior person. Just imagine all the attributes of millions of talented individuals combined into one person. That individual will likely have most of the latent ability of a god. Without proper training, that individual could be a disaster waiting to happen. It will likely produce a world dictatorship.

I believe that is the crop that Revelations is referring to. I also believe in Jesus. I think that the “gods” have no choice but to come back within the next generation or two. Or whatever. I think that these “gods” will send Jesus back to manage the situation.

In one sense, we are still their “slaves” and still we have “pet status” and in another, we are getting to be a very dangerous combination of mortality and a possible time bomb in our genes. The last time that happened we had genocide. The “gods” decided we were too dangerous to live. They killed the human/god combination race and started over with clean stock. That is if the Bible can be believed. That is if Enoch can be believed. And I do believe it is true.

These are the same species that confused the speech of mankind into multiple languages. They have superior science to our own. We are not even stone-aged in comparison.

The question becomes: If they come back, what is going to change? Are we faced with another genocide? If so, how? I suggest they will use the Sun to burn the planet. How? I do not know.

Right now the human race is a feral animal without training in how to deal with these “gods”. I hope that Jesus is the answer. I think that Jesus will train and rule the human race rather than destroy it.

In the meantime back at the ranch, another Jesus is being born. This one is the anti-Christ that must occur according to prophecy before Jesus returns.

An evacuation will probably occur before this anti-Christ comes into power. Those taken up will not face the destruction of the planet Earth. Again I have more questions than answers. Everything I have said here is based on the Bible and various myths in our history. I am very good with patterns. This is one pattern that scares me.