There is Gold on the Moon!

by chumchingee

IF the Moon was formed out of the area where the Pacific sits today, then there is a good chance that the Moon has large amounts of Gold buried beneath the surface.

Mostly it will be a combination of lava rock as the Moon was formed from crust material if this theory is right. The Moon being formed by a collision of a Mar’s sized object splitting the Earth apart. But that implies that the Earth was much larger than it is today. It could not have been a clean surgery. So the Moon must have some core material as well. Or an area of molten lava about 10,000 feet or more deep. What do we find at the level? Well that is where theory comes in. We simply do not know for sure. There is a way to find out. Take sound readings under the surface of the Moon. Dense material should show up in the readings.

But if Gold Hunters are right, then where ever the plates buckle there will be heavy metals. That implies a Belt of Gold deep beneath our feet. Say around 10-15,000 feet beneath our feet or 3 miles. This Gold we are talking about comes to the surface on a regular basis throughout the entire ring of fire in the Pacific around the continental shelves and the volcanoes. It stands to reason then, that if the Moon came from the Earth then a lot of that Gold would have left with the birth of the Moon.

I suggest that the Gold is deep under the surface and not accessible. It is probably layered at this point between layers of lava rock. Or it might not be there at all. If the Moon was an independent body instead of one birthed from the Earth then it might be a lot lighter than we assume. The Gold might not be there. But it is not lighter. There are things not right here. For instance you may have one gravitational pull in one location and a heavier one in another. The question becomes is it worth it to mine the Gold. On Earth we do not have to worry too much about breathing. Neither do we have to worry about surface Gold as it is readily available. The plates move and are somewhat unstable here. Continents move. The deeper material finds its way to the surface over many years. I find it also likely if there is gold, then it is possible other heavy metals might be there also.

I suggest the readings will show more incredible results than anyone can know. It will blow any origin theory of the moon completely out of the water. I suggest that the moon might be a remnant of a much larger body. If that is the case, then life and atmosphere might have been a part of the original body. Fossils are entirely possible. Oil is entirely possible under the surface. Again it would have to be fairly deep under the surface. Bodies of water might still be under the surface. We could actually have an ocean or two buried far beneath the surface of the moon.

The other problem is the craters. Even if the Moon is a light body, it might be peppered with asteroids with a nickel iron core on the near surface of the moon. Dense core material from asteroids might give off a lot of gravity. But the gravity fields would be localized. That is assuming a long history of collisions with other bodies of the system.

I think the Moon should be our first priority to explore. There is really no telling what we might find.