Concerning the killing of 16 civilians by a Sergeant in our armed forces . . .

by chumchingee

Apologies just do not do it. I suggest material compensation to the surviving family members might help there physical loss of income. Nothing we could ever do could ever compensate these people with will help with their family loss. I think it would help to know why it occurred. And possible guard against it ever happening again.

I suggest an examination of that man to end all examinations. I want to know his physical health status. I want to know what a brain scan shows. I want to know if he shows any sign of takeover by a foreign body or chemical abuse. I want a complete psychological evaluation. Is he psycho? What exactly caused the problem that led to this tragedy on both sides of the fence? Are there any signs of post-hypnotic invasion in his mind. Doing this deed then turning himself in is suggestive of mind invasion of some kind. Possible some form of drug induced post-hypnotic trance that the man is not even aware occurred.

Is it likely to happen again with someone else? Is this a new weapon of war? Can it happen again?

“Devil Possession” is well known in this area of the world. Somehow and individual is supposedly taken over by an evil spirit. Afterwards the individual has no knowledge of what really happened while he was “possessed” and is actually innocent in his or her mind of what has happened. I suggest this could be a chemically induced hypnotic trance and it is likely to occur over and over again to various individuals that have been attacked. It could be something put into that individual’s food. Then while the mind is plyable, subconscious suggestions cause the individual to do what the possessor wants them to do.

Historically, this is a no-no. Hypnosis is not supposed to allow you to do anything you would not normally do yourself. Violation of your ethical and moral nature supposedly brings you out of any trance you are in. But if it is chemically induced that might not be the case. Reprogramming the mind to allow certain actions under certain conditions is very likely.

I think this Sergeant might be such a victim.