A look into infinity or a different prospective . . .

by chumchingee

The other day I was listening to a science channel on astronomy. It brought into prospective where we stand in the universe.

First we are one of a billion or more galaxies. Each galaxy has a numerous stars. Many have planets of various sizes orbiting around them. Earth is actually one of the smaller of those planets orbiting a star. The nearest star system we know of is 4.5 light years away. It is a triple star system.

The present idea of the universe is that it is about 15 billion years old. Only the universe is at least 100 billion light years across so that cannot be completely right. It would have to be at least 50 billion if the stars are travelling at the speed of light away from us. They are not. They are going a lot slower than that. So it is safe to say it might be 150 billion or more years old. Or it popped into existence all at once.

We live to be under 120 years old. That is similar to the life of an insect that lives 3 days. Yet we act like we are the only intelligent life form in all those galaxies in the entire universe. Seems a little stupid to me . . .