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Month: March, 2012

Things coming home to Roost, or economic troubles that need a fix

In Nixon’s administration, he found himself dealing with a war that destroyed our economy. It was a Democratic blunder to go to war in Vietnam. He was faced with a bankrupt economy because of it.

There was no way to win the aftermath of such a war. It bled us dry. So no matter who was in charge for the next ten years, that bankruptcy bled us. We had enormous amounts of inflation. (I feel 12% is way too high) We had Unions that offset this effect by negotiating wage increases to compensate for the changes. Naturally everyone else was able to say “me too” and that kept everyone from going broke.

Nixon took us off the gold standard that meant our money was worth $35 for an ounce of gold. It maxed out at over $600 an ounce in the free market. That means that prior to that our currency was worth 35 vs 600 on the international currency exchange. Nixon was a genius with genius level people behind him. What he did is he opened up the China market for retail goods. This put our currency back on course for producing cheap goods that average people could afford and it broke the European hold on our markets. The Chinese got something too. They could buy enough food to save their peoples from starvation. Starvation was occurring on a regular basis there. Communism meets Capitalism. It worked.

None of this was ever intended to be a permanent solution to our problems. They were fixes. In Nixon’s world, it worked. Today it doesn’t.

Nixon resigned over errors in judgment made by his people and was not able to complete what he started out to do. That was he wanted to fix America back to its pre-Vietnam War condition. I think it might have worked. No one since has had this man’s genius for fixing bad situations. No one had his imagination and drive to do so.

So now, we have a situation where the Chinese solution has become a problem. We have leaders that did not understand history. So they have repeated Vietnam in Iraq and other places. We have a currency becoming valueless because of foreign wars. We have industry gone broke because they are undersold by our foreign competition both in China, Japan, and even Mexico. A lot of this competition is unfairly subsidized by foreign governments in a commercial war our industry is ill-prepared to meet.

The result is our working people have no jobs. Those that do have jobs are looking over their shoulders with good reason, because down the road their jobs are gone also. Our Unions no longer dictate wages to our companies. Most people do not have a Union to go to bat for them anymore. But the economic inflation is still there. So the working people are eating the inflation without adequate raises to compensate. In a word, discretionary income is out the window. Survival takes priority. That is why the banks are eating mortgages all over this country. That is why the demand for real estate has gone through the basement. People do not have the wages to buy a home. They are lucky if they continue to have a job. People without employment go through the entire government safety net of unemployment benefits then on to welfare. People on welfare are not considered unemployed by our government led statistics. So they lie.

The first priority of our next government has to be a solution to the job situation. Our lovely Chinese, Indian, Mexican, and so forth, governments have subsidized the economic situation abroad to give their people competitive edges all over the world, not just here. Corporations have no loyalty to America. They go where the money flows. They go where the employment of slave labor is to their advantages. First, we have to recognize this is economic war vs violent war. Second, we have to do something about it.

I suggest the answer might be anti-trust. We have to choose new game rules. These new economic game rules have to show us an advantage. Otherwise, all that money earned by hard working Chinese laborers will be worthless. If you held confederate money at the end of the Civil War how much was it worth? Well the American Dollar is confederate money at this point. The Chinese and others have to recognize this point. If you have farmed out your marketplace, it is now bankrupt, your hard earned money is worthless. It isn’t just us that benefit. Our debts have to be payable to those we owe. That means a complete change of attitude on the part of those we owe the money too as well if they are to gain anything.

What has to happen is fairly organized exchange of trade. That means the Chinese. It means all those corporations have to have a reason to manufacture goods here instead of in slave labor countries. It means we have to cut them off at the knees if they do not cooperate with us. It might mean restrictions on trade with those countries until a fair balance is reached.

Short term we have to rebuild American Industry in such a way as we are self-supporting. No more getting our basics from people abroad. We have to rebuild and make ourselves independent of foreign trade in the short term. That means a two-tier currency. Our local currency can only be used to purchase American trade goods. That means it has to be build here. Our international currency has to be such that it balances dollar for their currency in real goods. We have to do this to get out of debt.

One of our best resources is food. We have one of the best agricultural food markets in the world. I suggest that food becomes one of our chief international resources to buy our way out of debt to people like the Chinese. I say take all the spare fields in this country and start producing food for a world market.

Energy. We have one of the best resources of Propane gas or natural gas available here. I suggest we put it to work. This will take government involvement. I suggest a complete change over from gasoline engines to propane engines. I figure existing gasoline engines can be converted to gas rather cheaply. I think our entire trucking industry needs the change over. The government is the only thing big enough to make the conversion possible.  So get us off the oil pipeline and onto the natural gas for all our transportation needs in the next two years. Impossible? maybe, maybe not.

We are in a war. It is an undeclared war. It is a war for our very survival as a nation. We have to make changes in the way we think. We have to make changes in the way we do things. The economists are wrong. They think we can spend our way out of our problems. They think wars will divert attention away from local problems. That worked once. It doesn’t work now. The war we are in is one we started in the Nixon era. It was a solution to bankruptcy then. Now it is a major cause of our problems abroad.

We are in a war of economic bankruptcy. We are not alone. Europe has the same problem. Britain has the same problem. The war is one in which we must become self-sufficient instead of depending on others to provide slaves for our luxury. Our forefathers realized a long time ago the threat of slavery abroad. They put up barriers to trade with those nations. It was both a solution and an unsolved problem. Those countries went to war with us long term because of our refusals to trade. So we took the opposite approach. That hasn’t worked either.

One solution down the road is a form of communism. This is happening more and more here. Every time our legislatures decide to make laws where need goes over earning our way that is communism. Executive order by Bush made income a deciding factor on whether you receive health benefits from the VA. That was communism. Need vs Earning. The government wants to make welfare based on you not earning money. That is communism. Anyone that has read the communism manifesto of Marx will be able to prove my point.

What we need instead is a system based on hard work. We need a system based on encouraging people to earn their way vs a system legislating need vs work . . . That is bad grammar but it gets my point across. If Miss Single Mom out there earns 22k a year she looses all her health benefits under Medicaid. The number changes. The facts do not. The message is don’t earn money. The government will provide if you do not. I suggest we need a system of universal benefits based not on income. I suggest we encourage people to work instead.

I suggest we made a big mistake when we took the benefits of being married away. I suggest that we make marriage a respectable institution with financial benefits again. Make it financially a benefit to have an honest marriage contract. Lets get rid of all the financial benefits of a man abandoning his children and woman. That is only one of many changes in the way we do things that need to be made if we are going to restore America.

I suggest financial benefits to owning a home. Real benefits in the tax code. Not stupid benefits based on parasitic needs.

Well my computer has decided this is too long winded. So I will say goodbye for now.


How to make loads of money

I have never taken advantage of this. So I don’t know that it even works that well. I have all ready gotten a trade and made a comfortable living with that. I have pensions and Social Security retirement.

The first goal is to find something everyone wants. It doesn’t matter what it is as long as it is legal. The goal is to acquire something everyone wants one of. This may be a service. It can be a product. It can be an idea. Or an invention.The idea is to find a product you can sell for more than you buy it for. It can be a novelty item as well.

The next goal is to market it for more than it costs you to produce the product. Normally I would suggest at least a 20% profit on each item sold. But it can be as low as 10%. The lower the price the higher the profit on the item should be. Marketing should not be underestimated in its value.

The third goal is legal. Make sure you have protected yourself against copycats. Against competition from unfair big financial people. I suggest at this point a good business lawyer draw up papers that are necessary to protect your business.

The fourth goal is to insure the product against law suits and damages. Unfortunately, the world is not safe against theft of many forms.

Once you have made money, then diversify. Get into companies that you buy the products from. If you shop someplace look into investing in it. Even in the worst depressions, the products people use everyday are good investments. I would diversify in at least seven different directions. Keep the investments small. Don’t invest in anything that you cannot afford to lose it all.

Build your personal finances. Rule of thumb: 10% off the top of your net has to go to savings. The next 10% should go to God. That means it has to be tithed somewhere you believe in. I don’t know how this works. I do know it does. And when the world falls down around your shoulders and I guarantee at some point it will, that 10% might mean you make it or not make it. All of this is done from your net income as you figure out the rules of your life. You have to figure out how to live on 80% of your net income no matter what else you do.

Never buy a car new. There is an excellent review of all cars over the last 5 years in Consumer Reports every April. Read it like a bible. Starting with the oldest year cars. This will give you an idea how the car was engineered. It is a report card on everything from engines, transmissions, brakes, electrical and body repairs. It is from the horse’s mouth from the consumers that actually made the mistake of owning that model car. A survey is sent out each year to see what problems owners had with each of these model cars and trucks. From that determine your needs. There is a beware column of used cars not to buy. I suggest a car with 3 years on it with 36,000-40,000 miles.

Find a good mechanic and follow his advice. A good mechanic does not necessarily work for  a dealer. He doesn’t work for a book garage where everything has an hour and price guide. He is likely an older person with a good knowledge of short cuts as well as a thorough knowledge of your particular model car.

He might be a jack of all trades and also repair lawnmowers on the side. He might be a good man to know if you need some common labor done. He might actually not be a mechanic so much as a body man. There are a number of reasons these people don’t work for the high priced shop. But it is to your advantage to know these people.

Keeping the people that do these kinds of things is money in the bank. What you have to spend is just as important as what you make. You pay taxes on what you earn. Sales tax is all you pay on the outgo and only on things that are not utility or mortgage payments.

Pay an extra amount each month on a new mortgage. Even if it is only $50 it will reduce your interest by half down the road. Instead of 30 years you might even pay it off in 15.

Well that is what I would do to make loads of money if I were young. When you get old, time is worth more to you than money.


A guess as to how we obtained the moon

There are basically a few theories out there on how we got a moon this large rotating around the Earth.

Mine is probably unique.

I think a planet the size of Neptune was destroyed early in our Solar System’s history. Whether it was hit with a planet sized comet or some other reason, the planet blew apart. Since the planet was hot, it was mostly semi-liquid molten lava. The lava was liquid. It blew into hot liquid lava balls of all sizes and scattered throughout the solar system. This produced many moons all over the solar system that were attracted basically to the gas giants. I think Earth was one of those balls. The Moon was another.

The Moon early on was a planet not a moon. It had atmosphere and life. It probably had shallow oceans as well. It was where it is right now orbiting the Sun at approximately 90 million miles out.

‘The Earth settled around Saturn as a moon. Then the unthinkable happened. A giant planet several times the size of Jupiter fell into the gravity pool of the Sun. It came down through the system at an odd angle to the plane of planets. It knocked Neptune and Uranus around. It dragged moons out of orbits from the two gas giants Saturn and Jupiter. As it plunged towards the Sun it dragged moons behind it. Also a huge tail of asteroids spun out from behind it. The world had a lot of water on it. This sprayed out the tail. Coating the moons dragged behind with water. Much more water than they originally had.

It went all the way in and it slingshot out at tremendous speeds. The worlds in the tail were scattered as it gained velocity it lost the tail. The Earth was attracted to the small body rotating around the Sun. This was the Moon. The Moon was strong enough or the hold on Earth was weak enough that it grabbed Earth away from the tail. A lot of the tail plastered the Earth and the Moon. The oceans were in the tail as well. Earth gathered the water more to us than to the Moon. The moon was plastered with asteroids. At first the two bodies spun around each other. For the Earth was much lighter than it is today. Most of the water came to Earth and a lot of asteroids floated in the semifrozen water. These were attracted to and dropped onto the Earth and sank in the oceans that formed. The atmosphere was much thicker back then. Mainly because we inherited the atmosphere from the tail.

Gradually the heavier gravity and size of the new planet Earth caused the moon to form an orbit around our planet. It still fought tooth and nail as the Moon’s gravity caused tides. The reason it did not slingshot off was the immense amount of free water in space from the tail of the large planet. I think the large planet either broke out of the Sun’s gravity field or is way out there past Neptune somewhere. Gradually most of the free water found its way to Earth.

The water spread all over the solar system. I think the asteroid belt is full of water.

Mars was formed in its orbit at about the same time. I think Mercury was the same way, though both of these planets might have been a result of the initial explosion. I think Mercury is mostly from the core material of the original larger planet that exploded.





Concerning the killing of 16 civilians by a Sergeant in our armed forces . . .

Apologies just do not do it. I suggest material compensation to the surviving family members might help there physical loss of income. Nothing we could ever do could ever compensate these people with will help with their family loss. I think it would help to know why it occurred. And possible guard against it ever happening again.

I suggest an examination of that man to end all examinations. I want to know his physical health status. I want to know what a brain scan shows. I want to know if he shows any sign of takeover by a foreign body or chemical abuse. I want a complete psychological evaluation. Is he psycho? What exactly caused the problem that led to this tragedy on both sides of the fence? Are there any signs of post-hypnotic invasion in his mind. Doing this deed then turning himself in is suggestive of mind invasion of some kind. Possible some form of drug induced post-hypnotic trance that the man is not even aware occurred.

Is it likely to happen again with someone else? Is this a new weapon of war? Can it happen again?

“Devil Possession” is well known in this area of the world. Somehow and individual is supposedly taken over by an evil spirit. Afterwards the individual has no knowledge of what really happened while he was “possessed” and is actually innocent in his or her mind of what has happened. I suggest this could be a chemically induced hypnotic trance and it is likely to occur over and over again to various individuals that have been attacked. It could be something put into that individual’s food. Then while the mind is plyable, subconscious suggestions cause the individual to do what the possessor wants them to do.

Historically, this is a no-no. Hypnosis is not supposed to allow you to do anything you would not normally do yourself. Violation of your ethical and moral nature supposedly brings you out of any trance you are in. But if it is chemically induced that might not be the case. Reprogramming the mind to allow certain actions under certain conditions is very likely.

I think this Sergeant might be such a victim.

A look into infinity or a different prospective . . .

The other day I was listening to a science channel on astronomy. It brought into prospective where we stand in the universe.

First we are one of a billion or more galaxies. Each galaxy has a numerous stars. Many have planets of various sizes orbiting around them. Earth is actually one of the smaller of those planets orbiting a star. The nearest star system we know of is 4.5 light years away. It is a triple star system.

The present idea of the universe is that it is about 15 billion years old. Only the universe is at least 100 billion light years across so that cannot be completely right. It would have to be at least 50 billion if the stars are travelling at the speed of light away from us. They are not. They are going a lot slower than that. So it is safe to say it might be 150 billion or more years old. Or it popped into existence all at once.

We live to be under 120 years old. That is similar to the life of an insect that lives 3 days. Yet we act like we are the only intelligent life form in all those galaxies in the entire universe. Seems a little stupid to me . . .

There is Gold on the Moon!

IF the Moon was formed out of the area where the Pacific sits today, then there is a good chance that the Moon has large amounts of Gold buried beneath the surface.

Mostly it will be a combination of lava rock as the Moon was formed from crust material if this theory is right. The Moon being formed by a collision of a Mar’s sized object splitting the Earth apart. But that implies that the Earth was much larger than it is today. It could not have been a clean surgery. So the Moon must have some core material as well. Or an area of molten lava about 10,000 feet or more deep. What do we find at the level? Well that is where theory comes in. We simply do not know for sure. There is a way to find out. Take sound readings under the surface of the Moon. Dense material should show up in the readings.

But if Gold Hunters are right, then where ever the plates buckle there will be heavy metals. That implies a Belt of Gold deep beneath our feet. Say around 10-15,000 feet beneath our feet or 3 miles. This Gold we are talking about comes to the surface on a regular basis throughout the entire ring of fire in the Pacific around the continental shelves and the volcanoes. It stands to reason then, that if the Moon came from the Earth then a lot of that Gold would have left with the birth of the Moon.

I suggest that the Gold is deep under the surface and not accessible. It is probably layered at this point between layers of lava rock. Or it might not be there at all. If the Moon was an independent body instead of one birthed from the Earth then it might be a lot lighter than we assume. The Gold might not be there. But it is not lighter. There are things not right here. For instance you may have one gravitational pull in one location and a heavier one in another. The question becomes is it worth it to mine the Gold. On Earth we do not have to worry too much about breathing. Neither do we have to worry about surface Gold as it is readily available. The plates move and are somewhat unstable here. Continents move. The deeper material finds its way to the surface over many years. I find it also likely if there is gold, then it is possible other heavy metals might be there also.

I suggest the readings will show more incredible results than anyone can know. It will blow any origin theory of the moon completely out of the water. I suggest that the moon might be a remnant of a much larger body. If that is the case, then life and atmosphere might have been a part of the original body. Fossils are entirely possible. Oil is entirely possible under the surface. Again it would have to be fairly deep under the surface. Bodies of water might still be under the surface. We could actually have an ocean or two buried far beneath the surface of the moon.

The other problem is the craters. Even if the Moon is a light body, it might be peppered with asteroids with a nickel iron core on the near surface of the moon. Dense core material from asteroids might give off a lot of gravity. But the gravity fields would be localized. That is assuming a long history of collisions with other bodies of the system.

I think the Moon should be our first priority to explore. There is really no telling what we might find.



The moon is not made of green cheese

My suggestion is we know very little about the actual moon orbiting our Earth.

The standard formula does not really apply.

For one thing, the surface indicates lighter materials than that on the Earth. The core is less dense than the Earth possibly consisting of basalt rather than Iron/nickel. That having been said, I suggest that the moon is heavier than it is supposed to be for its size.

The size indicates a gravity of 1/6th that of the Earth. In theory, You should weigh approximately 16.7 pounds for every 100 pounds that you weigh here on Earth. I am suggesting that it is more likely that you might weigh in more around 20-22 pounds per 100 pounds on Earth. That doesn’t seem like much to me until you start dealing in tons of metal in a spaceship.

The important question is why? Over hundreds of millions of years the planet has been consistently bombarded by Nickel/Iron Core asteroids. So even though you have a basic core consisting of lighter metals, the Moon itself has been plastered with Iron from its beginning. That means the surface is actually heavier than the core. This is important because it means a huge variation in what things actually weigh from one portion of real estate to another.

Then there is what I call the Mercury effect. Mercury is an extremely dense object very close to the Sun. Temperature extremes are common from one side of the planet to the other. The moon has a 400 degree temperature range every two weeks. So naturally it is going to cook some of the lighter elements off its surface over time. All of this I believe gives the moon one of the denser surfaces of any moon in the Solar System with the possible exception of Io  around Jupiter.

The effect of temperature extremes is on things like liquids. Deep in the Moon it is likely to be a swiss cheese effect. That means the Moon is probably also honeycombed with caves all the way to the core. What makes that interesting is we might have a ready fuel supply buried deep in the Moon. An alternate theory suggests that at some point in our past Oil rained over much of Planet Earth in a near collision with another planet with a much denser atmosphere. This would account for the stains all over the Moon’s surface originally thought to be oceans. I suggest they might be markers for where the oil drained into caves beneath the surface. If this is the case, then an atmosphere in the caves is entirely possible. This would form miniature biological atmospheres where life could actuall exist in primitive forms.

Further, I suggest the moon originated further out in the solar system and was dragged in by some object much larger than itself. This object might have side swiped our planet in its early history leaving the moon in its wake. If for instance the moon originated from around Saturn, it might have had a lot more water than it does today. That water might have leached off the Moon and would have been captured by the Earth over time.

You have a huge tidal effect from being constantly pulled between the Earth and the Sun. This would cause any liquids to eat through the surface and make for huge caverns deep in the moon. This is important because it would be easier to put a colony in those caverns than to build domes on the surface. You also have an enormous savings in materials. The question becomes where are the caverns and how deep under the surface are they?

I feel that caverns must be between 200 and 400 feet below the surface. That is adequate to provide plenty of insulation against the drastic temperature changes.

The profit will be in mining the fuels necessary to get to other planets.

Dear Bill Gates,

I really don’t expect a genius of your caliber to listen to me. You have always been one of my heroes. One to look up to. You started with next to nothing and put together a business empire worth a fabulous amount of money and power . . . I think you have married well. That is also a huge accomplishment considering your wealth.

I see you are out there with a mission to feed the world. I find that very good. Your 26 billion dollars worth of projects is staggering to say the least. Your wealth makes you a form of royalty. There is immense responsibility. There is a lot of danger to being one of the world’s wealthiest people. Both to yourself and your family, it is a stage just like the Queen of England or the President of the United States. I would vote for you if you ever got into politics. You are an incredible man and businesman. I wanted to express my extreme respect for you before I started.

I am an ordinary, average man. I have been divorced, had 3 children (all boys and proud of them), remarried 15 years later. My wife Vera and I have been married 15 and 1/2 good years together. I am type II diabetic. I was born in England during WWII. My father was a composing room printer. I followed in his footsteps. I am now retired.

If I have an extraordinary talent, it is the ability to see ideas in 3-d instead of 2-d. I see multiple angles to concepts and ideas. I have an average ordinary memory. I am not in your genius category. Sometimes I see things that gives me an edge over other people. That is the 3-d coming forward. I have no great abilities. I can type rather fast from having worked as a teletype operator at one point. But even that is nothing extra great. To the point though . . .

I hear you are  working with Monsanto Corporation to feed the world. Using Genetically Modified foods, it is hoped to increase production so that the entire world will not go hungry. That is very good. I have a small problem with it though.

It is that 3-d angle vision I have. You see if I am right, the food acts as a sterilization process long term. That means that anyone consuming it in any large amount is likely to end up sterile in their prime of life. It means a drastic one generation dive of our population. There will be no second or third generation of people eating these products.

I hope I am wrong. I have just barely glimpsed this angle. I have no absolute proof that I am right. I have to leave that to scientists with a lot more knowledge than I have.

It came from the fact that Monsanto protects its seeds by making them sterile after one generation. Good business practice! But if I am right, nature has its little revenge planned. The revenge is it passes the sterile process on to whatever animal eats it.

Also I dislike the idea that Monsanto is entrenched in the very agency meant to regulate food. That is like putting the fox in charge of the hen house. If I am correct in my vision of things to come(not ESP or anything like it), then a drastic reduction in population will occur. That is good in one way, and terrible in another. People are a resource like any other. We need to preserve as much of that resource as possible for the future of our species.

I think the only answer to feeding the world is to increase our ability to produce natural food. 6/7ths of this planet is covered with salt water. We have entire continents like Africa covered by the Sahara. Putting that Sahara back into food production would go a long way towards feeding the planet. My suggestion would be to produce a shallow lake along one side of the Sahara(probably the western edge). As the winds blow West to East, this would produce a lot more rain than we normally see on the continent. This in turn would make the place bloom. I am not an engineer, I am a simple printer. My 3-d vision tells me this:

Use Atlantic Ocean water distilled in solar furnaces to produce the lake. I have a vague knowledge of how to do it. The water would have to be used to generate electricity in steam engines designed to use ocean water. That is a problem as it produces a lot of chemicals besides water. Which means filters would have to be used to keep the machinery running. The distilled water would have to be dumped into a basin especially designed to hold the water instead of having it leached into the soil. The idea being a grassland the entire length and width of the Sahara. After a few years, the grassland can be gradually changed to produce crops.I strongly suggest we plant a lot of trees that produce fruit as well. The idea is to keep the heat away from the ground with shade trees. Apple trees and Orange trees come to mind.

I suggest we start with hydroponic crops and progress from there to normal crops in the fields. I suggest crops designed to work with grassland instead of exposing the delicate balance needed to reverse the deserts.

Another problem is the people in the area. We have some very vicious people in Africa. We also have some very poor people. The one group tends to predator on the other. The political situation is not good in Africa. I see it as a vacuum waiting to be filled with people from the outside coming in to conquer those already there. I suggest that this might occur if China ever sets their sights on the continent. China has unlimited population resources to work with. Nature abhors a vacuum. This might just happen.

The concern I have with GM foods is real. This other stuff is speculation.

I suggest that we closely watch what happens to people that eat these GM foods. Keep track of the number of children born to these people. Then if I am wrong, we have worried for nothing. I think Attention Deficit Disorder is possibly related to these foods as well. But that is speculation.

Hopefully, I am totally wrong.

If you happen to see this, my best regards. If not, well I have vented my frustration.