A modest solution to welfare states . . . personal instruction instead of mass instruction.

by chumchingee

People on welfare do not contribute to our government tax coffers. They have nothing to begin with. But they are coming up in the world of prosperous things like having microwaves, tvs, camcorders, phones, cars, etc. The point is they are stuck in a social network system instead of being able to make money for themselves. Pay taxes and join the upper social classes.

I suggest that we need to rethink our entire education system. Don’t get me wrong, I like history. I wish I had studied more and had personal training with someone in English Grammar. I would have loved to learn how to write professionally. I would have loved to use my imagination to produce good books. I am old. I still have a fairly active mind. I still imagine things. I love fantasy/science fiction, mysteries, adventure, romance, and general fiction.

I am a real estate agent retired, a composing room printer, an Air Force  commercial transportation specialist, an Air Policeman, general handyman, amateur carpenter, photographer, electrician and sometime gadget maker. Not really successful at any of that except printing. Made a good middle class income for most of my life. I also dabble with computers and linux.

Our education system is very bad about a few things. It is dependent on memory. The better you can memorize the better your grades. Things like times tables, addition, subtraction, division, spelling, reading, are all necessary basics for life. But what about those genius level students that are absolutely bored with the mechanical, jail like system forced on us for 12 years of our growing up? What about those of us that can consume a subject in a week? What about challenging out for credit in a subject? No, you have to spend years to get a HS degree.

Private industry would not tolerate any of this inefficient behavior that is designed to employ teachers that teach because they cannot compete in industry. We have a problem. The problem is they are training our children to be just like them. With a high school diploma, your children will make excellent slaves to the system. Probably slinging hamburgers at a hamburger business.

I have been able to read music since I was in my early teens. I can sit at a piano and poke out a tune from a piece of paper. Why should I have to spend years learning things I all ready know?

I type an average of 75 words a minute. To me it is almost like talking.

I am not really good at memorization. At one point, I couldn’t remember a simple sequence of numbers. I take lecithin for that and my memory has improved a lot. Eventually with the diabetes I will probably fall victim to a memory disease. My Dad recognized this early on. He put me in Patterson Coop in Dayton. That allowed me a head start in learning my trade. Otherwise, I would have earned half what I did over a lifetime. I owe you Dad!

I still read a lot. My library is on almost a first name basis with me.

The first thing I would change is the sequence of learning in school. A very brilliant doctor in the 19th century discovered that children go through stages as they grow. Each child is slightly different. For instance between 1 and 4, we go through an intense ability to learn languages. So if a child is exposed, they could learn Spanish, English, French, German,Russian or even an oriental language like Japanese, Chinese, or Korean as easily as learning to walk. But what if we also included spelling as a language ability instead of as a difficult subject later in life? You see that time is entirely wasted.

Languages have sounds that most people are deaf to unless they learn it as a child. Background language lessons can do a lot to change that deafness. Teaching language on a subliminal level helps to give you the accentless learning of a language.

The trick is to make it part of a child’s growing up experience in the home.

As we go through the growing up process, different talents appear and disappear. We should be using this technique in our schools.

I believe in one to one teaching. I believe that the quicker we apply what we learn the longer it stays in our conscious memory. For instance your gang teaching is not retained from year to year. Why? Because we do not use it and make it ours immediately after learning something new. So why haven’t our teachers got that message? Maybe because we could do in 7 years what now takes 12 years to teach? Who benefits from that except inefficient teachers?

I believe every kid should be examined very closely at puberty. I want them given evaluation testing. I want our teachers to know the student’s abilities and work within those abilities to provide the best possible teaching environment. I think a class of 30-40 students is assembly line teaching and produces the equivalent of mindless automations. It does not produce thinking people making decisions important to their lifestyle later in life. The important question is what are you going to do for a living once you leave the education system? Evaluation can provide that answer. Evaluation means thinking on the part of the teachers in the system. It means we are training the children for the life they will have outside the school system.

I figure the best environment is a teacher with approximately 10-12 students at a time. Cost is a problem. But by doing this from the beginning the student is more independent in later grades. You do not even need a teacher a lot of the time if they are taught right from the beginning. I recommend team teaching. That means one teacher in the front of the class. The other teacher drifts from student to student directing and correcting the learning provided. Team teaching means coordination between the two teachers. They have to teach exactly the same thing. The second teacher works with each individual student in the class to make sure they all learn.

Memory training should be given from the beginning. That means one on one. It means teaching the children to file things in their memories in such a way that two years from now they can pull it right out of their memories. Visual memory is one key to doing that. If it is filed properly then the child will remember it.

I evaluate teachers on how well students remember the information given. We used to have a grade system A, B, C, D, or F. The system is an evaluation of the teacher as well as the student. How many C, D, or Fs are in the class? How much in class teaching is done vs the homework system where students are allowed to drift and eventually not learn at all? Principals have a problem. The problem is a teacher that gives out all A’s or all F’s a lot of the time. The first is copping out. The second is on a ego trip. The F indicates that person did not teach the student very well. Unless you are dealing with brilliant, genius level students, the A means they graded on the curve or someone had the answers to the test before it was given.

We are dealing with an outmoded assembly line teaching system highly dependent on home learning as homework. It does not teach marketable skills most of the time. I am a product of that system. Only years of learning for learning’s sake has changed any of that.

The system is basically teaching science as a religion. It subliminally teaches kids there is no God. It does this by avoiding religion. By neutral teaching you can actually teach agnostic behavior in the students. Take evolution theory as an example. I have no use for it. First of all, we have advanced evolution theory as truth rather than conjecture. So how do you explain our evidence that our genetic nature was obviously altered somewhere in our past? (We have 46 chromosomes not 48, like the entire ape family) (Two of which are double the size of the rest of the chromosomes. This is the way one would go to alter a species and possibly advance it beyond normal progressions in response to environment which is what evolution teaches.) Then the recent discoveries of redundant programming that only comes into play if the environment changes comes to mind. Evolution may be part of the truth. It is not the entire story. Evolutionists avoid the inconvenient facts when it does not conform to their conjecture. Otherwise they might be out of a job. If you are going to teach evolution, then at least set a date of before the change and after the alteration of Chromosomes.

I want to teach average intelligence children to make a living. I mean teach them skills that are marketable right out of high school. Outlaw the use of college as a mandate for higher management jobs in industry. Put together an experience model instead. I feel a manager should at least know what his workers are talking about when they discuss problems on the job. A person can have all the book learning in the world and not know what is going on. The armed forces are notorious for a two class system based on education and money. Their solution under SAC was to produce warrant officers. Warrant officers were non commissioned officers with years of experience. They bypassed the ignorance of the upper class college grad in favor of on job knowledge. It worked.

I would change the entire armed forces. I would break the college system in favor of an experience plus college system. That means a college grad starts out as a basic recruit like everyone else. Officer training starts after they are promoted to sergeant or above after working their way up through the system. The possible exception might be doctors and nurses. Pilots might be another. But the average officer should have to work their way up the ranks. They would have to pass work related tests.

But that is another story. Thanks for listening.