Thank you MSNEWS for letting us know . . .

by chumchingee

The Buchanan incident is stupid. As a news agency, MSNews is supposed to be unbiased and represent any number of views to the public. They do not have to subscribe to any ideas. They can allow people to present their own ideas and let the public decide for themselves what is valid and not valid . . .  until now . . . Now their true colors have been exposed.

What this incident points out is that NCNews is really in the same category as a government mouth piece. Just like a newspaper in Russia might be somewhat suspect in its printed viewpoint, MSNews has by its actions broadcast that it is the same thing as a Russian Newspaper with a US Government stamp of approval. How can you do this and still represent yourself as the free press?

I really do not care if Mr. Buchanan is any number of things that are obnoxious to the publisher of this service. Even if he went so far as to propose eating babies as a solution to world hunger. (A very famous humorous of centuries past actually wrote such an article to make known how obnoxious the views of the rich were concerning the poverty of the masses of that time.) What I find obnoxious is the attempt to silence the man. Play by my rules or I will take my equipment and go home. Mr. Buchanan says he has been blacklisted. I believe him.

I once told an black employee where I work, “It is stupid not to learn everything about your profession that you can. If it is finance, learn all about how banks really work. How the insurance system works to guarantee our money up to 200,000 dollars. How computers can go wrong in a bank or anywhere else and shouldn’t be trusted with our money. Why direct deposit might be a very bad idea. For that I was convicted by my employer of harassment. I was given 3 days off without pay. And that was a major city newspaper! So forgive me if I am especially sensitive to my rights of free speech. (Incidentally it cost me 3 days pay, it cost the newspaper 1,500 dollars in messed up production costs and advertising.) I was really convicted of opposing the Newspaper management from forcing us into direct deposit on our paychecks. They did that anyway. I warned them 5 years before the banking problem that it was risky because the banks were not stable. Of course back then, I was looked upon as a little bit strange for that view. That was before the banks went from stocks of 11,000 down to 5,900 or approximately so.

I place you in the same category as that newspaper. Do as I say, not as I do. Hide behind the freedom of speech for themselves, but not for their own employees.

I really do not care how biased an author is. I do not care what views he writes about. I could care less if Mr. Buchanan expresses his religious views in public. I certainly could care less if he wrote a book outside his office duties at the MSNews. If he wants to express the views of a hated Nazi organization, that is not the point. The point is we are better than this. We, as a nation, should allow him to express whatever views and opinions he likes without blacklist, censorship, or any other intimidation.

I know a blacklisted author now dead, who wrote all about a bizarre theory concerning the planet Venus in the 1950s. He believed in national amnesia. He believed Venus was a newly born planet that came into existence somewhere around 1,800 BC and had a near miss with our planet and the moon around 1,400 BC. He was not an astronomer. He was a Russian. His field was national psychologies as related in ancient documents written on cuniform stones and elsewhere. He came up with this theory based on Moses and the plagues of Egypt. He claimed we had the dynasty table all wrong.

Scientists universally condemned his writings. Wanted his books banned. He was so far off base it was pathetic . . .The wanted him blacklisted from publishing.

Then the Russians sent unmanned probes to Venus. Our wonderful scientists suddenly went silent. They had claimed an earth-like planet with 100-300 degree Fahrenheit across the planet. They had claimed a rotational period of 22 to 26 hours in a day. They had claimed it was a tropical jungle planet ripe for colonization in their speculations before the probes. The probes revealed an entirely different story. It was a hell hole with 1,000 degree temperatures in an hydrocarbon atmosphere with 98% CO2(carbon dioxiode) with a semi-molten surface. The day is 268 earth days long. The year is 222 earth days long. They couldn’t have been further off base if they tried. They are still silent about how far off base they were and how on base Velinkovski was.

The point being we have to be open to all ideas published. MSNews has fell on its face with this action.