Extremely long life and possibilities . . .

by chumchingee

Scientists in Russia have succeeded in germinating a plant that is 30,000 years old.

That leads me to believe several things are possible. A good portion of our Solar System is made up of asteroids with plenty of frozen ice in them. Given for the moment that these ice asteroids came from a sizable planet at one time, and given that planet may have held an abundance of life, it is possible we have a perfectly preserved icebox of various life forms. If they are inside an asteroid, the ice may have preserved the atmosphere of the original planet. Inside the ice, we may have the remains of creatures dating back several million years. I refer to both animal and plants. It is further possible that ungerminated seeds and animal eggs are within these asteroids. If we also have male sperm similarly preserved, it is likely we could conceive a new creature and plant it into a similar species here, and actually get a live animal. If it is an egg before conception, it could be convinced to start the life process from where it left off.

Now the seeds might germinate naturally if brought to Earth. Normally our atmosphere would burn anything up that attempted to land here. Most meteors and small asteroids would die before reaching the surface so this is entirely unlikely to happen naturally. The exception always makes the rule. If a dinosaur was actually instantly frozen then instantly unfrozen it is possible the creature could continue to live as its life processes were frozen in time almost instantly.

Bear in mind at the point these asteroids formed, it is possible they went from normal temperatures to near absolute zero temperature within seconds. Normally crystalization usually kills any animal exposed in this manner. But it could have occurred so quickly, that the animal itself was preserved intact. The trick would be to instantly revive the animal to normal temperatures. That process I am not sure is possible.

I had a dream once of an asteroid that was nothing more than a huge glacier. Inside the glacier, was a dinosaur perfectly frozen solid in an instant of time. So fast was the process that we were able to revive it . . .

I believe that life is a universal process. Our form of life was seeded here an unbelievably long time ago. It was terraformed to this planet deliberately. It started with simple life forms. Progressively more complicated life forms were introduced to produce a balance that is self-sustaining. If that is so, then everything about the Earth is possibly artificial.

Our myths talk about a plant that stopped the aging process for as long as you consumed it. It goes by various names. The most common one is the Tree of Life from Genesis. We lost that tree. Its fruit supposedly gave us eternal life. I maintain that is a partial truth. The fact is there is no eternal life for anything on this planet of death. The natural cycle of things is one of birth, development, entrophy, and finally death. In the course of this cycle we reproduce others to follow the same cycle. The myths talk about immortal gods. So some one some where might have broken the code and lived extra ordinary long lives. Death reaches anyone who occupies this planet sooner or later.

This is a deliberate thing. Life actually has a clock. Various animals have various clock speeds. Some live minutes. Others live several hundred years. We seem to be stuck at around 45 to 120 years. I think the longest person in recorded history of recent times lived to 126 before dying of entrophy.If pre-flood Genesis is to be believed, humans were capable of life spans upwards to a thousand years. I think the longest recorded was in the 900s. So our genetic clock probably shows signs of manipulation to give us the lower life span of about 120 years maximum. Most do not live that long as various factors kill us off. So a plant that germinates after 30,000 years is amazing.

There are life forms on this planet with extremely long lives. Mostly it is plants. Some reptiles and birds have extremely long life cycles. Turtles come to mind. Some parrots have extremely long lives.

The trick is the clock built into all of us. Cancer cells appear to have extremely long life spans. Somehow the clock is broke in them. They reproduce immortal cells. So a plant that when consumed would stop the aging process is entirely possible. The question is whether it is consumable for humans. Nothing says the mythical gods were human. They might have been part of our family tree though. Mixed breeding was possible according to the myths and children were born from such mixes. The tales tell of the women aging and dying while the male gods lived on in a state of youth. The demigods were the result of this mix. They also showed long lives.

Barring accidents, I believe an altered cell structure could cure the aging disease. I think something vital is missing. That vital element makes us go terminal cancer instead of stopping the aging process. The trick is for the cancerous element to take over the processes of the body functions instead of destroying the body. I believe that might be a metabolic metamorphis into a new creature.

The other trick is to regain the regeneration of body parts. The cells have to rebuild the body from scratch over time. That includes every part of the body. The brain is no exception. It would have to be a gradual process. Everything from limbs being regenerated to all vital organs being renewed. We would have to be protected in some way from disease and accidental death. Possibly we would have to have some form of machine that would instantly back up what we are in the form of a memory-related data base. Some form of transporter might work. Instead of transporter it would produce a duplicate of the being that has died.

I have often wondered about the Star Gate sci fi and the god’s process of going into a box and coming out whole. Even if they died, the process reversed the entire death process to bring someone back to life. It was explained away as endorphins. I suggest it might have been time reversal. Taking a body and actually putting time in reverse makes more sense. But then the person loses whatever memories one has back to that point when they died.

Under that process, we could revive practically anyone from the molecules of their bodily remains. Giving them immortal life would be possible.

It is nice to know that life can begin after 30,000 years as a seed. It means there is no limits as to what is really possible.