What happens when you die and we all do sometime.

by chumchingee

The law of physics. Nothing is ever created or destroyed. It is simply changed to a different form.

The bible says we came from the dust of the earth and we shall return to dust.

The bible even recognizes ghosts. In the Holy Ghost as an example.

The bible recognizes something called a Soul that is entirely separate from the body.

Other religions also recognize life after death. Minus the body of course. They recognize something called a soul.  My definition of the “soul” then becomes very important to the entire concept of religion and people surviving the death process.

The soul is what is left after the body has shut down. After the brains right and left have shut down. The soul is said to separate from the body at death. This makes the body a dead piece of meat. It is that which has been discarded.

The soul appears to contain the memories of the person after departing the body. How much of those memories are retained is anyone’s guess. I see no reason why all the memories  might be retained in the Soul.

The question then becomes where does the soul reside? I suggest that the soul is like the operator of a computer. The memories, the actions of the machine, are all controlled by the Soul. When the machine (in this case our body) shuts down, then the operator separates from the body into an ether of some kind. It is possible that the soul is in a parallel universe attached to our own. Or it is a natural part of the universe that we are not aware of in our physical bodies. What happens after death is any one’s guess. We think souls go to a place of judgment. From there, they are separated into a groups that go to a good place and those that are sent to a bad place to be punished. Most of the world’s religions are based on this concept.

There is very little hard evidence that this is so. One piece comes from the Hindus. A two young women in two different villages died. One wanted to die and the other didn’t. The one that didn’t want to die took the body of the one that did want to die. She retained her memories from her original body that died. There are tales of this happening in Hindu areas of the world. Again it is part of their belief system that this can occur, so it is fairly sketchy on facts.

But what if it is true. Then the Soul does contain a person’s memories. The Soul becomes the ghost. The ghost can come back in special circumstances and enter another body.

The surviving hindu woman had no memories of the village she came to when she took over the other person’s body. She did remember all kinds of things from her native village.

The same area of the world maintains we are reborn over and over again into new baby bodies.

Anyone that is near someone that has died, can sense that the life has left the body. It is either like a fire going out and all that is left is the ashes, or the life force has departed and changed to a different form outside the body. Spiritualists believe the life force is in the form of a ghost or spirit. A lot of con artists have taken advantage of that belief. Very little evidence supports life after death.

Nothing is ever created or destroyed. Things change form. I use that as a basis that life may change form after death. That the soul might be a real thing. Most of the world’s religions believe a similar thing. Or they are all a bunch of con artists living off people’s desire that life exists after death.

My own personal belief system based on circumstantial evidence from a number of different sources leads me to believe that the soul actually exists. I personally believe that Jesus died on a cross for you and me. I believe that our only hope is that those that believe in Jesus will be restored to life at some future time in new bodies that are immortal. I have no knowledge of how, when, where, or what it will take for that to occur. I have asked him to be my boss. I would like him to take my soul into his care and I will serve him forever if necessary. I do not know the rules of that other place. But I am sure he will house train me just as we house train our pets. I know that if I am in his care then nothing bad will happen to me after I die. I simply have to take that on faith and from what I have read in both bible and other documents. I commit myself to love God also with all my heart and all my soul.

Consider this: If I am right I have committed myself to his service. He tells me his terms of my service to him. If I am wrong, then most likely within the next 40 years I am most certainly dead and gone. My body and life force are dead. I have neither gained nor lost anything I didn’t have before.  If I am right, I have gained everything . . .