A piece of fiction or is it fiction . . .

by chumchingee

I dream. Mostly I am into fantasy and occasionally science fiction. Recently as my Type II diabetes has gotten worse, I have been in the habit of researching the disease from all angles. I came across a pattern I find extremely disturbing totally unrelated to diabetes.

Much of our food supply is partially poisoned.

The staple of life used to be bread. It was nutritious. It held all kind of vitamins. Then they bleached it. White bread was stripped of most of the vitamins. They even stripped it then attempted to put vitamins and flavor back in after the process. Only when heart attacks in people’s 20s and 30s became common did people recognize what had been done. It is still done today.

Lab based sweetners. In the 50s, the FDA approved these chemical based sweetners for use in sugar water. Namely various flavored and carbonated drinks. Only after people started having mini-strokes did it become apparent what had been altered was not good for us.

It is the Monsanto GM foods that concern me the most. We have no idea how much of it has infiltrated our food supply. What significance does the altered foods have? Over sterilization with pasteurization alters delicate chemical balances.What could possibly motivate these people to harm large segments of our population.

Nature has a method of eliminating what it does not want. It is called sterilization. Could we be causing our own demises? Much of the GM food is sterile. It does not go beyond a single planting. The seeds for the second generation are no good. You have to buy the seeds over again from Monsanto. Could this sterilization be passed on to human beings? Could our population take a one generation dive?

Another enemy to population growth was introduced in the 60s. It is called birth control. There is many a woman out there that found themselves dead over birth control. In a certain segment of our female population it causes strokes and seizures. It also drastically reduces the next generation of population.

Then there is abortion. More people have been eliminated by abortion than all our wars in history. According to one source we are looking at a potential population reduction of 50 billion people since the 70s. That is when Roe vs Wade made abortion legal.

Do you see the common theme here? The theme is population reduction by various companies and individuals.

Then my old sci fi brain kicked in. I have read science fiction and fantasies most of my life. What if . . . a similar life form to our own, only from another planet decided they wanted the Earth for themselves? Carefully making their appearance the same as our own human form, these aliens infiltrated our industries. Slowly as to not cause alarm, they introduced various factors to reduce and finally sterilize large segments of the Human population.

Perhaps they started with artificial bread that tasted better than the nutritious bread. Perhaps they introduced artificial sugar to eliminate people allergic to it, causing fatal brain injuries. Perhaps they introduced birth control for women so that they had 2 children instead of 6 to 8 in previous generations. Then they introduced laws making abortion legal, destroying 50 billion or more babies in 30 years. Then they introduced altered foods sterilizing large numbers of the population. In one generation, they could eliminate over half the human population on this planet.

If I am right, it is pretty scary. The next step would be a world war to decimate the largest population centers in the world. China would be one. India might be another. America could be totally depopulated overnight. All it would take would be one huge plague released from a lab somewhere. Or it could come from idiots at the top deciding war was the only answer to nations gone broke.

When would they reveal themselves? Probably after the world population is reduced to slavery. They would arrive with pomp and circumstance. They would promise to “fix” everything that is wrong in return for governing the world. These aliens must have small populations that are extremely long lived. Within a generation or two, they would reveal that they are actually our ancient gods and should really be worshipped. Education and science would be eliminated in favor of the god’s technology which would appear to be magic. (Science that is 250 to 500 thousand years old, should be well in advance of anything we currently have.)

Those that supported them would be given long lives and superior medical advantages. The “gods” would reveal that they are actually immortals and we are merely mortals with short life spans. They might have cures for Diabetes, cancer, heart disease, old age, etc.

These “gods” would then reveal how our world religions are all mistaken. (This has been a goal of a lot of scientists for years.) Perhaps “Jesus” would come back to take over Christianity. Or is it really an alien posing as such? That is a mixed up process that is beyond my understanding. The predicted Anti-Christ poses as Christ in the Bible . . .

Well, now you have seen my little fantasy. The real question here is: Is it a fantasy or is it real . . . As much as I would love a lifespan of a couple of thousand years . . . As much as I would love a cure for my type II diabetes and a cure for future cancer that is probably in my future . . . I simply wonder what the motivation of these aliens might be, if they indeed do exist. Hopefully this pattern is simply my fantasy based on reading too many good science fiction books.