A different view on the origin of planets

by chumchingee

We are told the planets probably formed out of the left over gas from the formation of stars. That is a mouthful . . .

I maintain the planets were formed from the debris left over from stars that had devolved from hydrogen burning to white dwarfs to exploding supernovas. The large amount of complex molecules leads me to believe this solution rather than the first one.

We are circling the galaxy core. It stands to reason, that so is the dust from exploded stars also orbiting the galactic core. The laws governing momentum seem to apply. The heavier the object, the more likely you are going to have drag as more and more dust is encountered including a lot of light helium and hydrogen atoms. So where did all the oxygen atoms come from? Where did most of the water come from in our solar system? Europa appears to be full of water. So do several moons and minor planets in the outer solar system have lots of frozen water on them.

Even Mars is thought to have underground oceans around a lot of the equator regions. This is only possible if you are dealing with complex molecules such as oxygen that has formed a bond with hydrogen. Where did all this oxygen come from? More important, when did it combine with free hydrogen to form water?

Another point is temperature. Most of the solar system is too cold to be combining oxygen and hydrogen to become a liquid water. So it had to form around a larger body with better temperatures radiating out from that body. There are only 4 such bodies that we definitely know of in the Solar System. Uranus, Neptune, Saturn, and Jupiter are those bodies. Neptune and Uranus appear to have temperatures in the -220 range. Jupiter is much more volatile. It has huge radiation belts around it. Do not know much about Saturn’s radiation belts if they even exist. The point is Jupiter is hot. Do not know if Saturn is hot as well. Very little data on that planet. What is important is the large amount of hydrogen int he atmosphere. It would appear to be there is a lot of water around the moons of the planet.

This is a source where much of the water in the solar system might have come from.
The question now becomes how did it get distributed to the other planets and their moons?