What I expect from our Police

by chumchingee

Recently our FBI has made a bad mistake. They mistakenly raided a Single Mom and 3 year old child with pet dog and held them at gun point for 35 minutes at approximately 6 am in the morning. Their intention was to break into a drug dealer’s apartment down the hall. They got the wrong address. That young mother has got problems and nightmares for life. Probably her 3 year old daughter does also. In the name of capturing a drug dealer they used a chain saw on her front door. They violated her almost as badly as if they broke in and raped her. They didn’t, but the control issues are there.

This was plainly over the line. No mother with child should have to lay in dog urine for 35 minutes while these guys got their act together. I hope they are not immune from being sued.

First, why a chain saw? Every apartment has a landlord. The landlord has a key to every apartment that he owns. No noise, no harm to the property, and the police officer is less likely to be shot at. Emergencies in apartments do happen. The extra keys are for everyone’s protection. If someone is fallen and cannot get up but can yell, the landlord has access in an emergency. This was an emergency of a different kind. A landlord would know who was in each apartment as well.

Lucky for them it was docile woman with a child that did everything they told her to do. I know of people they would not have been so lucky with. Chances are they would have walked into a face full of shotgun pellets or rock salt. They might have ran into a couple of German Shepherds defending their home. In my house they would have felt the sting of a crossbow bolt going through police armor and the door or the wall next to the door. Or I might have put a charge with a hog shocker on the door handle itself. I would have immediately asked for local police as they were invading my home. Our police are professional and quick to respond. They might have a little difficulty explaining their official status.

These FBI people were unprofessional. They obviously did not have adequate training. They are guilty of conduct unbecoming of a police officer.

I expect police to obey the law. They are not a law unto themselves. I know police who were a law unto themselves. They ended up in Kansas in a hard labor prison. They were in our armed forces. The armed forces does not tolerate that behavior.

Police and government swear to uphold the Constitution of the United States. The penalty is to go to hell, do not pass go, do not collect anything. Of course we have no way of proving where they actually go when the disobey their oaths. It is not just police. It is all court employees such as judges that do not uphold this constitution and swear that they will. That is why they are made to swear an oath.

I am not against policemen. I have been in their shoes for a year. I clearly remember one episode. Two policemen approached an unconscious man in a gutter. They touched him. He came up shooting. Two police officers lost their lives that night because a man drugged out of his mind shot them both dead before they could react. If they had a K9 German Shepherd with them, it would not have happened. German Shepherds are 10 times quicker than any human I know of.

I simply want good behavior on the part of our police protectors. I want them to be protectors and shepherds, not predatory animals that I must be afraid of. And that is the problem. Police that are predatory rather than shepherds to ordinary people. I have sad news for you predators . . . You need us to survive the job you have. Without the ordinary citizen out there cooperating and helping our police, it is simply impossible for them to do a good job.

I want that agent in the TSA at the airport to be polite. I want the people to realize he is trying to save their lives. The plane might blow up in flight if those guys are not able to do a good job. I want that guy to be a professional. That means he must have public relations training. He must not come across as some thug or bully. He must show common sense. That means the rules have to fit the situation.

Those FBI guys did things by the book. That was a huge mistake in this case. As soon as they realized they had the wrong address they should have repaired that door. They should have treated that woman with respect from the beginning. When she was found to be an innocent bystander she should have been given VIP treatment from then on. The FBI should have been cleaning the piss off the floor. They should have given her any aid or assistance she needed. Including sincere apologies. The next day they should have installed the best door money could buy.

The door should never have been damaged in the first place. Busting down a door of a private residence without a proper search warrant and without identifying yourself is pretty much against the highest law of our land.

Wake up FBI. We are not Nazi government officials. We are from the United States of America. Quit the paranoid behavior and quit the illegal search and seizure activity that is clearly unprofessional and unwarranted.

Breaking our highest laws is no way to leave a message that you are professional police in charge of obeying the law. You are properly servants of the people. You are not dictators. Act like the pros you are supposed to be.

All of this was done to get one drug dealer. I got sad news for you. It is an organized effort with many break off agents that have no clue as to actually who is behind it. You break a thousand dealers and the next day they will be out recruiting more. That is common knowledge that any newspaper person could tell you simply by reading the news. The reason they are able to do this is some big money is behind the whole thing somewhere. I do not know who.

Even if you could use truth drugs to get to the bottom of it, these outer ring people would not know who their own bosses and suppliers are. At best you could clear the bottom rung of the ladder.

I do not know the answer to the drug problem. I think I would go after the source of supplies all over the world. That might lessen the activities by driving the price sky high. Then again it might not. Any known addict should be put in permanent treatment, meaning taken off the streets permanently. They are animals. They cannot be reasoned with. Druggies are addicted and enslaved by their drugs. They cannot be let lose on the streets anywhere once it is established that they are addicted. They need constant supervision and a specialized doctor’s care. A druggie will steal from his own mother to get drugs.

Doing a single raid does nothing to solve the problem.

The truth is you are worse than the druggie if you cannot maintain a professional above board law agency that follows the bill of rights religiously.