The coming war with Iran and how to avoid it . . .

by chumchingee

The dispute with Iran in a word is their choice to become a nuclear power. This makes everyone nervous. Their religious beliefs could push us into a nuclear conflict all over the planet. But let us explore what going down this nuclear peaceful path really means.

Our local power company went nuclear in the 60s or early 70s in partnership with Cincinnati. We are in Dayton. It was called the Mound. It was finally closed down about 10 or 15 years ago. Why? It was way too expensive a program to maintain. It costs a lot of money to maintain. Way out of proportion to any benefits we might have arrived at over time. It came close to bankrupting the utility company at the time.

The facility still has to be maintained in an inactive storage. That is expensive.

Could we sell the whole thing to the Iran government? I doubt it.

The only possible motive is to produce nuclear warheads and bombs.

If you were sitting on an energy source that was relatively clean and you had an almost unlimited supply of that source of energy, why go nuclear which is both dirty and expensive to maintain? I can think of two sources right at the Iranian fingertips. Oil and sunlight are both within their grasp.

Probably I would do it out of being stubborn, because someone told me I wasn’t supposed to even though they are supposed to stay out of my affairs. It can cause radiation sickness if it blows up in your face. It can cause children wasted for no good reason. It can cause men and women to be sterile. Sounds like good reasons to do it to me . . .

My son’s father-in-law was an engineer at the Mound. He died early in life(mid 50s) from side effects of dealing with his job. He had retired a couple of years. He died of cancer. It was a form of leukemia. I am sure it was a direct result of his job. Nuclear plants have a high history of mortality of their engineers.

If it were me, and religious beliefs aside, I think I would work on Solar furnaces in Iran. I would be pumping water that is useless for drinking purposes such as seawater. I would use the heat to distill it. I would used distilled water in steam engines again using the heat from solar furnaces to produce electricity. I would use the distilled minerals whatever way we could to produce marketable products. The result would be an abundance of precious water in an area that has little if any to spare. To do this I would use massive mirrors that follow the sun on wheeled tracks.

Atomic weapons have never been my weapon of choice. It is too dirty. In our age, it is only a matter of time before someone takes the Heinlein solution as described in his Science Fiction book of the early part of the last century. It was called “The Moon is a Harsh Mistress.” The Heinlein solution was to take advantage of the Earth’s rotation to launch rocks at specific targets at calculated angled orbits. 5 tons of massive asteroid is converted from nickel-iron core to molten lava traveling at 2 to 5 miles per second. It is “clean” as there are no radiation factors. The atmosphere warms it up to a couple of thousand degrees in its approach to the planet. This was done with retro rockets placed on the surface of the rock involved. There is no defense against it for anyone.

Any point on the planet can be targeted. It all comes down to rolling rocks down a hill at your enemy.

I agree with the Iranians about one thing. The only real solution to our international political problems is Mind Your Own Business. MYOB is the only solution that really works.

But then they have no national purpose to keep themselves in power. That applies to both sides of the fence. Bush Sr. got us out of Iraq. His reward was to be unelected at the next election. They take those results very seriously.

I suggest we look at the facts. One: we have just crossed a 7 billion threshold of people on this planet. Two: we have not got the resources to feed that many people.

Either we go to war with someone to provide the financial flywheel or we direct the peoples of this planet in another direction that requires enormous resources to accomplish. That was the purpose behind a document by the Rand Corp. in the late 60s called Report from Iron Mountain. It was a report of what the causes and ramifications of war were. It is still fairly accurate to this day.

The Rand document recommended Space Exploration as that tool. We tried it and failed. It fell apart financially. Didn’t have sufficient motivation to continue it. But we do have the financial resources to go to war with people to the tune of trillions of dollars.

I recommend exploring the oceans. Especially around continental shelfs. I recommend we make an all out war on insufficient agriculture to feed the planet. Lets bring the deserts back to life with water pumped in from sources like our oceans. That is a massive financial project all in its self. It really needs to be done.

We have to explore ways to start living in peace with one another. These wars are way too expensive. I recommend MYOB as an international policy for every nation. If someone believes something, let them. If you want to have 4 wives in your own country, that is your business not mine. If you want to believe differently than me, that is your trip to hell, not mine. It is not my business. To invade your mind with my ideas is wrong. I can be just as mistaken as you can. But I have the right to believe whatever I want. Pushing my beliefs on someone else is wrong. That is where wars begin.

Pushing my morales and ethics on my neighbors is a sure recipe for war. Neither shall they push theirs on me. Neither will they execute people for their beliefs. That is inhumane treatment.

The punishment for believing as I do is probably death in any Moslem country. I know when one of them is converted to Christianity, they hold a mock funeral and the person is dead to their family.

I recommend instead of execution, these people be given exile to a neutral country willing to take them in.

But the ultimate choice is simply to let them do their thing in their own country until the people themselves object and change things. Not an easy thing to do.

What is the product of 7 billion people worth? For one thing you have approximately 14 billion future citizens of the world. Just add it up. Four children per couple plus 20 years. Some will have 2 some will have 6 children, some will have 4. Each child is precious. Each child is a different combination of our biological nature. Each child might show the progress needed to produce genius of one kind or another.

Our children are our wealth. Anything that disrupts that flow of wealth is wrong. Atomic energy is basically not feasible financially. The problem is the byproducts down the road and how to deal with them. The problem is filth that is hard to contain and sterile people or people dead of cancers.

We need a change. But the change has to be one that respects all beliefs everywhere. The only war we need is one on war itself.