by chumchingee

I have been researching Longevity for a long time. At least 20 years of research into various possibilities of longer life. Most of it is fruitless. Mainly because I am Type II Diabetic with no hope of a cure from this disease that accelerates aging by a factor of 2 to 1 or better in old age

What is aging? At first, I thought of aging as a slow process of radiation poisoning. Instead of it hitting you all at once, aging is a disease like any other disease of an inefficient filtering by our atmosphere of various kinds of radiation coming from the Sun and space.

There is still a lot of evidence that this is one of the major supports of the aging process. People in radiation free valleys between the mountains tend to have longer lives than average. People that eat certain foods, with high levels of certain supplements have a longer lifespan than average. Those foods are basically a protection against radiation poisoning.

Got into the theory of failing endoctrinal glands. As we age, our endoctrinal glands become less efficient in providing us with vital hormones. The master gland in our head, governs ordering these glands to produce or not to produce. Our adrenal glands slow down. In an offshoot experiment, a lab used a German Shepherd to prove this theory. The gland that controls the others in our head uses a chemical called DHEA to signal the other glands to produce. Injecting DHEA into the shepherd at age 11, a remarkable change occurred. The failing organs came back. The Shepherd was in its last stage before death. Its hair was going gray and other features like the heart, muscles and everything else were degenerating towards death. All of these symptoms reversed themselves after the injections. The experiment ended when the dog got severe arthritic pain at the age of 19. Almost double the age of a normal German Shepherd. They put it down at age 19 because of the severe pain in the joints. Otherwise the dog refused to age.

The lab people had tricked the body into maintaining a younger age in the dog.

In recent years, the scientists were able to produce a sheep clone. The clone immediately aged at an accelerated rate until it reached the age of the original sheep. It then aged normally. From this, scientists were able to determine that all animals age based on strands of dna in their cells. The DNA subtracts one strand for each time it is reproduced. Those with huge strands live a lot longer than those with few strands. Basic to almost all animals, this strand system goes wrong when cancers are produced. The cancer cells no longer lose a strand each time, they reproduce. Of course the cancer is fatal to the animal.

So we start out life with approximately 15,000 strands. Most of the strands are destroyed as we progress through pregnancy. At birth, we are left with 6 or 7 thousand strands at most. By the time we are 70, we are down to a minimum for survival. Each reproduction is less authentic than the last.

I believe cancer is an illegitimate attempt by our body to give us immortality. Something vital is missing in the attempt and we get a lethal disease instead. Probably one in a billion attempts leads to someone that does not age. Lots of luck finding that individual or individuals if they exist at all.

In ancient India, science had progressed a lot further than present day science, if we can believe the old writings. At puberty, children deliberately bred for leadership were given a coral poison. For a week or two, the children suffered high temperatures and many died. The remaining children had a metamorphosis change that kept their cells from aging further. They reached adulthood and remained looking like teenagers for the rest of their lives. If the documents are believed, these children remained ageless until accidents killed them off. Some lived thousands of years.

There are approximately 4,500 different Coral plants in the Indian Ocean. They do not specify in the documents which plant it was. They do not specify a formula for determining how much poison should be taken. The dose is critical. Too little and it doesn’t work. Too much and the patient dies.

With our recent discovery of strands, the story makes sense. So someone figured out how to turn the aging mechanism in the cells off without it going cancerous.

Then there is the possibility of a natural anti-aging drug. Our own ancient documents in Genesis refer to a tree of life. If you eat the fruit from this tree, it turns off the aging process. Of course no one in recent history has ever seen the tree or knows what it looks like. I would guess at this point, it is a poisonous fruit. It only works if you take the exact right amount.

If the Sumerian culture is to believed, their “gods” used the tree to give themselves immortality. The legend of the tree is spread over a number of different peoples in the middle east.

In my opinion, some kind of brain purge would have to be given in the process of immortality. Otherwise we would all end up with a brain so cluttered with memory fragmentation that we would all end up as Alzheimer patients in a few thousand years. I believe that may have happened to these Immortals. The only true solution would be a process that defragmented the minds of the individuals involved on a periodic basis.

The other path to longevity would be to slow the entire process down. This would involve what I call the turtle method. The turtles lives long lives barring violent death. Instead of reproducing at a normal rate, we slow the entire process with near starvation of the cells. Keep the oxidation level to a minimum. Use a proper diet to slow the entire process down. Or use drugs to do it for you. Resveratrol is one such supplement that would slow things down. Astaxathin is a supplement used to reverse radiation poisoning. Grapes and krill oil are good sources of the two supplements.

You will still age. You will still die. Only it will take a lot longer to go through the entire aging processs. Doubling the time it takes a cell to lose strands would do this. Strengthening the body with the use of semi-steroids might add ten or twenty years to a lifespan. Ginseng is used in the Orient for that purpose.

DHEA supplements with melatonin at bedtime will help reverse the aging process. I do not know how it works. DHEA is a signal hormone that tells the other endoctrinal glands to produce. It might make you want sex as it stimulates all the adrenal glands.

That is what I know about aging. As it stands, we all die. What the rest of the process is about, I have no real proof. I think standard laws of physics apply. When our bodies do die, the body, brain, everything about us degenerates back to dust. Of course that process is slowed by embalming fluids. The life process has ceased. People brought back from the dead state almost always have evidence of degeneration in their brains.

Our brains appear to be the source of our intelligence. So if we are to believe forensic scientists, that is it. We go dark. No more us.

I believe something survives the death process. I think it is a life force that goes somewhere else. There are minority tales in places like India where an entire life force takes over another body of a living person, complete with all their own memories. That does not compute with forensic science.

It does compute with religious beliefs such as the reincarnation of Budha and Hindu religions.

I am not sure what happens. So I tend to believe my Bible as an authority rather than the forensic evidence. I do believe we leave the body when it dies. Therefore ghosts are a definite possibility. What are the rules after you die?

I do believe a superior intelligence to my own exists out there. If the Bible is to be believed, this intelligence has control over both time and space. I believe our ancestors were a lot more sophisticated than we are led to believe. Oh, I think the sanitation in ancient times was very poor. I think the average person had no idea what was going on in the world around them.

The real question of immortality is: what is the soul and how is it effected by the death of our bodies? Are memories retained on the soul level? The brain obviously dies along with the body. Is there a recyling process involved with all of us? What exactly is a soul?

These are all related to longevity. Because if there is a recycling, then it is probably endless. Then longevity is somewhat obsolete. What we should be doing is making sure that every new baby born has a maximum chance at life and development.

Until further evidence comes into play, I believe in Jesus Christ as my master. I believe he is actually a God, under his father’s direction(The creator of us all), and what he promises us is true. If I am given wisdom. If I am given answers to my questions. It is on his authority not my own. In the meantime, I have to take a lot of it on faith.

Longevity is only good if you have something to live for. Those that lose their lives for Jesus, gain their lives. Those that save their lives, lose their lives. I mention this only because Longevity is only a part of the solution. Thank you for listening.