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Month: February, 2012

Currencies and why Gold won’t work this time

I suggest that the original debt was caused by the Vietnam Fiasco. This was a direct result of LBJ’s advancing the war to a major conflict.

In real money, the man put us in debt to the tune of approximately 450 billion dollars. That is 35 dollars per ounce of gold dollars.

What he then did was not go for re-election. He made approximately 16 million dollars of his personal fortune by promoting the industry behind the war. This was exposed by the Times in London, England at the time. (Little was said about it in this country for some reason.) I guess they were immune from insider trading even back then.

Now we have a repeat performance. Only this time it is Obama not LBJ. This time it has extended over both political parties. Instead of 35 dollars per ounce we are talking a couple of thousand dollars per ounce. (It is less than that right now.) But for conversation purposes lets give it the higher number.

I suggest just like LBJ, Obama is insider trading to promote his personal fortune. This is conjecture on my part. History tends to repeat itself. To do so, the wars must continue after the election. Probably the grand war to come will be with Iran.

The racket here is that they will pay the debt back with devalued dollars. Just like LBJ’s successor Nixon did. He payed it back with dollars worth $600 plus an ounce instead of $35 an ounce. Meantime, back at LBJ’s ranch they invested in commodities big time. So the fortune in today’s dollars multiplied many times over.

I suggest that if the wars are about over with, then these same people will have all their money invested in warehouses and commodities to hold them. When the proverbial hits the fan, then they will be prepared to multiply their money many times over.

I suggest they will close the market on silver and gold when it hits $3,000 an ounce. It will then plunge in value as it is no longer an acceptable medium of exchange. Ask the Hunts about that. They experienced it with silver. The $3K figure is just a figment of my imagination. It could be a lot sooner than that.

If silver and gold have no value in a regulated government market, then everyone will go to commodities as a value of currency.

In the 1960s, South Korea went broke. The currency itself was broken. The government changed it from the equivalent in dollars like this: A dollar became a dime. Ten Dollars became one. Up and down the line their currency went to 1/10th of its previous value. The older and wiser gentlemen of Korea bought warehouses. They stored commodities. Then they sold them at the current currency value to the Korean people so that they could survive day to day. Savings were a joke. No one could survive a 1/10 currency devaluation. I don’t remember how they spelled it. Juan or Won is how it was pronounced.
Anyway, the Korean Juan had no value at all in the Orient for years. There was no valid exchange between that currency and China or Japan.

Services were also a winner. If you spoke pidgin English or better, then working for the foreign American government on base was the way to go. Even if you made poverty wages the exchange rate made you rich on the local level. Prostitution was major business there. So much so, that the American government payed us locally in counterfeit money rather than actual dollars so it could not be exchanged for gold anywhere. That was 1965-66. Apartments for prostitutes was also major business. I know of one woman prostitute who re-invested all her funds in apartments for other prostitutes. She was very wealthy by local standards by the end of a decade. She was about 40 when I was friends with her. Her sisters in crime loved her as she was a gentle person. Even though we had systematic currency returns on base, the local GI currency was valued way more than the local Korean currency. Normally, we exchanged it for Korean currency on base before going to town.

I learned enough of the language to listen to what they had to say. I found that the people I worked with that were Korean were very wealthy on the local level. That is where all this comes from.

In the 50s, my Father worked massive amounts of Overtime. He reinvested that money in our house at the time. In the 60s, he reinvested it in England’s Housing market. It went from $2.50 a pound to a low of $1.15 a pound at one point. The housing floated with the currency. Eventually he made money on the deal as the Real Estate went through the ceiling in actual pounds. The pounds in return went back up eventually floating around $2.00 per pound. His salary in the 50s probably started around $85 a week without overtime. I know in the early 1960s, it had arisen to about $185. The overtime was gradually going away. By the time I retired in the same profession it was close to $800 a week. Which is darn close to the 1/10 valuation I put on it in 1980. Commodities are the secret currency.

A car in 1960 might cost between 2K and 3K depending on what you put on it. A 1985 truck I bought in 1988 used cost me $8,000. The same truck today would cost about 20,000. I know because I bought one. I still own every vehicle I have purchased in the last 25 years. I swap them out and repair the broken ones. The new car would cost about 20K to 35K depending on make and model. The car hasn’t changed value. The wages and currency have.

The wages have not kept up with the cost of commodities. The government killed the real estate market between 2000 and 2009. It was done with fraud. People who could not afford housing were given a boost by the government even though they were poor risks because of their minority status or even just because they were poor. When the job market went bad, these same unskilled people lost their shirts and their houses. This has devalued the price of real estate all over the country.

On my street, there are two 1.5 story houses. One was completely redone, rebuilt, with a price of 125,000 put on it by the government. There are approximately 50 homes that were done this way. The ranch styles sold. The 1.5 story houses sit there. The price for that 1.5 story in my opinion is $85K. At $125K, the house is not marketable. The government threw money at the problem. They are now eating it, because they threw more money at the problem than the house was originally worth. One reason is utilities. The utilities are double what the ranch style houses run. It is not realistic pricing.

There is a fool out there somewhere that will overpay for that house. But it might be several years down the road before it happens.

The government does not care. It was a politically motivated solution that did not work.

That is the problem with government. It is not run like a business. Any business out there that worked this way would go broke. That is why the government will go broke in this decade.

Thanks for listening.


A modest solution to welfare states . . . personal instruction instead of mass instruction.

People on welfare do not contribute to our government tax coffers. They have nothing to begin with. But they are coming up in the world of prosperous things like having microwaves, tvs, camcorders, phones, cars, etc. The point is they are stuck in a social network system instead of being able to make money for themselves. Pay taxes and join the upper social classes.

I suggest that we need to rethink our entire education system. Don’t get me wrong, I like history. I wish I had studied more and had personal training with someone in English Grammar. I would have loved to learn how to write professionally. I would have loved to use my imagination to produce good books. I am old. I still have a fairly active mind. I still imagine things. I love fantasy/science fiction, mysteries, adventure, romance, and general fiction.

I am a real estate agent retired, a composing room printer, an Air Force  commercial transportation specialist, an Air Policeman, general handyman, amateur carpenter, photographer, electrician and sometime gadget maker. Not really successful at any of that except printing. Made a good middle class income for most of my life. I also dabble with computers and linux.

Our education system is very bad about a few things. It is dependent on memory. The better you can memorize the better your grades. Things like times tables, addition, subtraction, division, spelling, reading, are all necessary basics for life. But what about those genius level students that are absolutely bored with the mechanical, jail like system forced on us for 12 years of our growing up? What about those of us that can consume a subject in a week? What about challenging out for credit in a subject? No, you have to spend years to get a HS degree.

Private industry would not tolerate any of this inefficient behavior that is designed to employ teachers that teach because they cannot compete in industry. We have a problem. The problem is they are training our children to be just like them. With a high school diploma, your children will make excellent slaves to the system. Probably slinging hamburgers at a hamburger business.

I have been able to read music since I was in my early teens. I can sit at a piano and poke out a tune from a piece of paper. Why should I have to spend years learning things I all ready know?

I type an average of 75 words a minute. To me it is almost like talking.

I am not really good at memorization. At one point, I couldn’t remember a simple sequence of numbers. I take lecithin for that and my memory has improved a lot. Eventually with the diabetes I will probably fall victim to a memory disease. My Dad recognized this early on. He put me in Patterson Coop in Dayton. That allowed me a head start in learning my trade. Otherwise, I would have earned half what I did over a lifetime. I owe you Dad!

I still read a lot. My library is on almost a first name basis with me.

The first thing I would change is the sequence of learning in school. A very brilliant doctor in the 19th century discovered that children go through stages as they grow. Each child is slightly different. For instance between 1 and 4, we go through an intense ability to learn languages. So if a child is exposed, they could learn Spanish, English, French, German,Russian or even an oriental language like Japanese, Chinese, or Korean as easily as learning to walk. But what if we also included spelling as a language ability instead of as a difficult subject later in life? You see that time is entirely wasted.

Languages have sounds that most people are deaf to unless they learn it as a child. Background language lessons can do a lot to change that deafness. Teaching language on a subliminal level helps to give you the accentless learning of a language.

The trick is to make it part of a child’s growing up experience in the home.

As we go through the growing up process, different talents appear and disappear. We should be using this technique in our schools.

I believe in one to one teaching. I believe that the quicker we apply what we learn the longer it stays in our conscious memory. For instance your gang teaching is not retained from year to year. Why? Because we do not use it and make it ours immediately after learning something new. So why haven’t our teachers got that message? Maybe because we could do in 7 years what now takes 12 years to teach? Who benefits from that except inefficient teachers?

I believe every kid should be examined very closely at puberty. I want them given evaluation testing. I want our teachers to know the student’s abilities and work within those abilities to provide the best possible teaching environment. I think a class of 30-40 students is assembly line teaching and produces the equivalent of mindless automations. It does not produce thinking people making decisions important to their lifestyle later in life. The important question is what are you going to do for a living once you leave the education system? Evaluation can provide that answer. Evaluation means thinking on the part of the teachers in the system. It means we are training the children for the life they will have outside the school system.

I figure the best environment is a teacher with approximately 10-12 students at a time. Cost is a problem. But by doing this from the beginning the student is more independent in later grades. You do not even need a teacher a lot of the time if they are taught right from the beginning. I recommend team teaching. That means one teacher in the front of the class. The other teacher drifts from student to student directing and correcting the learning provided. Team teaching means coordination between the two teachers. They have to teach exactly the same thing. The second teacher works with each individual student in the class to make sure they all learn.

Memory training should be given from the beginning. That means one on one. It means teaching the children to file things in their memories in such a way that two years from now they can pull it right out of their memories. Visual memory is one key to doing that. If it is filed properly then the child will remember it.

I evaluate teachers on how well students remember the information given. We used to have a grade system A, B, C, D, or F. The system is an evaluation of the teacher as well as the student. How many C, D, or Fs are in the class? How much in class teaching is done vs the homework system where students are allowed to drift and eventually not learn at all? Principals have a problem. The problem is a teacher that gives out all A’s or all F’s a lot of the time. The first is copping out. The second is on a ego trip. The F indicates that person did not teach the student very well. Unless you are dealing with brilliant, genius level students, the A means they graded on the curve or someone had the answers to the test before it was given.

We are dealing with an outmoded assembly line teaching system highly dependent on home learning as homework. It does not teach marketable skills most of the time. I am a product of that system. Only years of learning for learning’s sake has changed any of that.

The system is basically teaching science as a religion. It subliminally teaches kids there is no God. It does this by avoiding religion. By neutral teaching you can actually teach agnostic behavior in the students. Take evolution theory as an example. I have no use for it. First of all, we have advanced evolution theory as truth rather than conjecture. So how do you explain our evidence that our genetic nature was obviously altered somewhere in our past? (We have 46 chromosomes not 48, like the entire ape family) (Two of which are double the size of the rest of the chromosomes. This is the way one would go to alter a species and possibly advance it beyond normal progressions in response to environment which is what evolution teaches.) Then the recent discoveries of redundant programming that only comes into play if the environment changes comes to mind. Evolution may be part of the truth. It is not the entire story. Evolutionists avoid the inconvenient facts when it does not conform to their conjecture. Otherwise they might be out of a job. If you are going to teach evolution, then at least set a date of before the change and after the alteration of Chromosomes.

I want to teach average intelligence children to make a living. I mean teach them skills that are marketable right out of high school. Outlaw the use of college as a mandate for higher management jobs in industry. Put together an experience model instead. I feel a manager should at least know what his workers are talking about when they discuss problems on the job. A person can have all the book learning in the world and not know what is going on. The armed forces are notorious for a two class system based on education and money. Their solution under SAC was to produce warrant officers. Warrant officers were non commissioned officers with years of experience. They bypassed the ignorance of the upper class college grad in favor of on job knowledge. It worked.

I would change the entire armed forces. I would break the college system in favor of an experience plus college system. That means a college grad starts out as a basic recruit like everyone else. Officer training starts after they are promoted to sergeant or above after working their way up through the system. The possible exception might be doctors and nurses. Pilots might be another. But the average officer should have to work their way up the ranks. They would have to pass work related tests.

But that is another story. Thanks for listening.










rogue planets in our galaxy

How long does it take for the Sun and solar system to revolve one time around the Galactic Core?

I ask this question because that is how long it would take for us to encounter free floating rogue planets.One orbit around the Galactic Core. Even that is not a certain thing as we move outwards from the core of the galaxy. Meaning we either get drawn into the core or we are well on our way to escaping the core for deep space.

In the course of events, Stars explode. The only way I can see that heavy elements could exist in the current universe is if Stars burn up. The hydrogen becomes Helium then becomes heavier and heavier elements. At some point the heavier elements become unstable. Pretty soon you have a super nova blowing elements all over the universe. Most of these elements are gravity bound to the galaxy. Translated, they cool off and become embers. The embers become planets, complete with atmospheres unless they are too small as the atmosphere escapes. What to us is a planet, is to a massive star a simple dust particle. As it explodes, all gravity is off. The energy of the explosion drives the planet to be at incredible speeds. If Einstein’s theory is correct, it possibly drives the objects backwards in time as the objects exceed the speed of light. I think the object actually runs to a different kind of space called hyperspace.

Translated: the planetary objects lose speed and are drawn into the direction time is going for us. Meaning the objects appear to pop into existence many light years from their originating point. As they lose above light speed capability the objects sync with the time value of our universe. At that point, they leave what I call Hyperspace to become objects in the real universe. Depending on where they were when the explosion occurred, they are going in the direction of the rest of the universe or they are going at an angle to it or in opposition to the orbits around the galactic core. There are enough of these objects for all of the above directions to occur. In the Hyperspace part of our Universe, time works different. Space works different. So it is entirely possible for an object to be driven hundreds or even thousands of light years in an instant of time. It will virtually appear possibly millions of years in our past. It could appear at almost any unknown distance from its origin. This suggests that time itself is more flexible than anyone has conceived of to this point.

I have no idea how gravity effects hyperspace objects. I suggest the warp of space and time caused by high gravitational pulls might influence how an object slows down to below light speeds. There is a direct relationship of phase involved. Objects of intensely high speed would not relate with objects in our universe directly until the object popped back into space/time as we know it. Afterwards it should relate to high gravity objects the same way anything else does. Again, I have no idea how temperature effects this result.

Objects from a large star would have temperatures very high. So when it resolved back into the normal space/time it might do so in  a manner that preserves this high temperature. Your looking at objects with star-like temperatures, that might take a long time to cool down to temperatures typically found on our normal planetary objects. In the meantime, gravity might bring many of these objects together in violent collisions. The result being near star like temperatures. It might also start up new stars.

The practical result is we have enormous amounts of space. Given this enormous amount of space, these objects could cool for millions of years floating around the core at approximately the same speed as the stars do. Inertia from similar objects, could slow these objects down. This would put these objects in direct collision courses with the existing stars. Most likely they would be gathered into orbits around these stars.

And in a nutshell, that is where I think the solar system came from. The entire solar system might have been a combination of debris from Super Novas and naturally occurring left over materials from the formation of our star. Any high gravity object would pull in hydrogen from space to form long term orbits and planets. This theory would also explain the enormous amount of debris that has formed an exceptionally large number of moons around everything in the planetary systems. It also explains the large amount of oxygen in the solar system. This often combines with hydrogen. I suggest it sets of large amounts of energy as the combination occurs. Nickel and Iron are common in the solar system. That would explain it. Both would come from the core of large stars that have exploded.

Neither is it over. I suggest that a number of free planetary objects, some of which are quite hot could even now introduce themselves into Solar orbits as the Sun moves quicker than the debris. I think that would explain the Bubble around the solar system known as the Ort Cloud. I suggest Earth-sized planets and above are common in the outer regions of the cloud. I suggest a force field naturally occurs there that shields us from those objects entering the inner solar system. Otherwise the inner system would be full of Earth-sized planets constantly colliding with one another.

I suggest the Sun’s energy is causing the field. We do not notice it because we are so close into the field. It probably doesn’t work until you get beyond the Ort Cloud. Most of the Ort Cloud is just within the field. I am saying the field is accumulative. This close in the field barely exists. As we get further out the field intensifies.

The saving grace for all of us, is the immense distances involved. Even if we could send a space ship to another star system such as Alpha Centuri, I think it would make contact with this debris and possibly be destroyed in the collisions. The only answer to star travel would be to reach above light speeds and be out of phase with all these objects to a degree that they would not come into direct contact with our ship. Even so, mapping these objects might be a major problem. The denser the object, the less likely we can stay out of phase with it.

There is a bell curve of chance. I personally think within the last 100,000 years at least one body has entered this solar system causing chaos. I refer to the planet Venus. I think it made several comet returns into the inner solar system. Finally it either collided with a major body or side swiped it. The result was its current orbit that is stable at 67 million miles out from the sun. Just a hop skip and jump from the Earth.

I feel it is new. It is too close to the Sun to have an atmosphere approximately 15 times denser than the Earth. It has a day longer than its year. That is a sign of a new planet. It has a surface temperature of over a thousand degrees fahrenheit. Also a new planet feature. The atmosphere is almost pure carbon dioxide and hydrocarbons. Lets translate that to oil. We have large deposits of oil here. That tells me a near collision occurred both with the Earth and possibly the Moon. If we find massive amounts of oil on the moon, that would just about confirm my theory.

Where did Venus come from? I don’t know. But Rogue planet by chance hitting the solar system gives me some thought. Can it happen again? Of course. It is a bell curve of chance that dictates it happening.

Thank you MSNEWS for letting us know . . .

The Buchanan incident is stupid. As a news agency, MSNews is supposed to be unbiased and represent any number of views to the public. They do not have to subscribe to any ideas. They can allow people to present their own ideas and let the public decide for themselves what is valid and not valid . . .  until now . . . Now their true colors have been exposed.

What this incident points out is that NCNews is really in the same category as a government mouth piece. Just like a newspaper in Russia might be somewhat suspect in its printed viewpoint, MSNews has by its actions broadcast that it is the same thing as a Russian Newspaper with a US Government stamp of approval. How can you do this and still represent yourself as the free press?

I really do not care if Mr. Buchanan is any number of things that are obnoxious to the publisher of this service. Even if he went so far as to propose eating babies as a solution to world hunger. (A very famous humorous of centuries past actually wrote such an article to make known how obnoxious the views of the rich were concerning the poverty of the masses of that time.) What I find obnoxious is the attempt to silence the man. Play by my rules or I will take my equipment and go home. Mr. Buchanan says he has been blacklisted. I believe him.

I once told an black employee where I work, “It is stupid not to learn everything about your profession that you can. If it is finance, learn all about how banks really work. How the insurance system works to guarantee our money up to 200,000 dollars. How computers can go wrong in a bank or anywhere else and shouldn’t be trusted with our money. Why direct deposit might be a very bad idea. For that I was convicted by my employer of harassment. I was given 3 days off without pay. And that was a major city newspaper! So forgive me if I am especially sensitive to my rights of free speech. (Incidentally it cost me 3 days pay, it cost the newspaper 1,500 dollars in messed up production costs and advertising.) I was really convicted of opposing the Newspaper management from forcing us into direct deposit on our paychecks. They did that anyway. I warned them 5 years before the banking problem that it was risky because the banks were not stable. Of course back then, I was looked upon as a little bit strange for that view. That was before the banks went from stocks of 11,000 down to 5,900 or approximately so.

I place you in the same category as that newspaper. Do as I say, not as I do. Hide behind the freedom of speech for themselves, but not for their own employees.

I really do not care how biased an author is. I do not care what views he writes about. I could care less if Mr. Buchanan expresses his religious views in public. I certainly could care less if he wrote a book outside his office duties at the MSNews. If he wants to express the views of a hated Nazi organization, that is not the point. The point is we are better than this. We, as a nation, should allow him to express whatever views and opinions he likes without blacklist, censorship, or any other intimidation.

I know a blacklisted author now dead, who wrote all about a bizarre theory concerning the planet Venus in the 1950s. He believed in national amnesia. He believed Venus was a newly born planet that came into existence somewhere around 1,800 BC and had a near miss with our planet and the moon around 1,400 BC. He was not an astronomer. He was a Russian. His field was national psychologies as related in ancient documents written on cuniform stones and elsewhere. He came up with this theory based on Moses and the plagues of Egypt. He claimed we had the dynasty table all wrong.

Scientists universally condemned his writings. Wanted his books banned. He was so far off base it was pathetic . . .The wanted him blacklisted from publishing.

Then the Russians sent unmanned probes to Venus. Our wonderful scientists suddenly went silent. They had claimed an earth-like planet with 100-300 degree Fahrenheit across the planet. They had claimed a rotational period of 22 to 26 hours in a day. They had claimed it was a tropical jungle planet ripe for colonization in their speculations before the probes. The probes revealed an entirely different story. It was a hell hole with 1,000 degree temperatures in an hydrocarbon atmosphere with 98% CO2(carbon dioxiode) with a semi-molten surface. The day is 268 earth days long. The year is 222 earth days long. They couldn’t have been further off base if they tried. They are still silent about how far off base they were and how on base Velinkovski was.

The point being we have to be open to all ideas published. MSNews has fell on its face with this action.

Extremely long life and possibilities . . .

Scientists in Russia have succeeded in germinating a plant that is 30,000 years old.

That leads me to believe several things are possible. A good portion of our Solar System is made up of asteroids with plenty of frozen ice in them. Given for the moment that these ice asteroids came from a sizable planet at one time, and given that planet may have held an abundance of life, it is possible we have a perfectly preserved icebox of various life forms. If they are inside an asteroid, the ice may have preserved the atmosphere of the original planet. Inside the ice, we may have the remains of creatures dating back several million years. I refer to both animal and plants. It is further possible that ungerminated seeds and animal eggs are within these asteroids. If we also have male sperm similarly preserved, it is likely we could conceive a new creature and plant it into a similar species here, and actually get a live animal. If it is an egg before conception, it could be convinced to start the life process from where it left off.

Now the seeds might germinate naturally if brought to Earth. Normally our atmosphere would burn anything up that attempted to land here. Most meteors and small asteroids would die before reaching the surface so this is entirely unlikely to happen naturally. The exception always makes the rule. If a dinosaur was actually instantly frozen then instantly unfrozen it is possible the creature could continue to live as its life processes were frozen in time almost instantly.

Bear in mind at the point these asteroids formed, it is possible they went from normal temperatures to near absolute zero temperature within seconds. Normally crystalization usually kills any animal exposed in this manner. But it could have occurred so quickly, that the animal itself was preserved intact. The trick would be to instantly revive the animal to normal temperatures. That process I am not sure is possible.

I had a dream once of an asteroid that was nothing more than a huge glacier. Inside the glacier, was a dinosaur perfectly frozen solid in an instant of time. So fast was the process that we were able to revive it . . .

I believe that life is a universal process. Our form of life was seeded here an unbelievably long time ago. It was terraformed to this planet deliberately. It started with simple life forms. Progressively more complicated life forms were introduced to produce a balance that is self-sustaining. If that is so, then everything about the Earth is possibly artificial.

Our myths talk about a plant that stopped the aging process for as long as you consumed it. It goes by various names. The most common one is the Tree of Life from Genesis. We lost that tree. Its fruit supposedly gave us eternal life. I maintain that is a partial truth. The fact is there is no eternal life for anything on this planet of death. The natural cycle of things is one of birth, development, entrophy, and finally death. In the course of this cycle we reproduce others to follow the same cycle. The myths talk about immortal gods. So some one some where might have broken the code and lived extra ordinary long lives. Death reaches anyone who occupies this planet sooner or later.

This is a deliberate thing. Life actually has a clock. Various animals have various clock speeds. Some live minutes. Others live several hundred years. We seem to be stuck at around 45 to 120 years. I think the longest person in recorded history of recent times lived to 126 before dying of entrophy.If pre-flood Genesis is to be believed, humans were capable of life spans upwards to a thousand years. I think the longest recorded was in the 900s. So our genetic clock probably shows signs of manipulation to give us the lower life span of about 120 years maximum. Most do not live that long as various factors kill us off. So a plant that germinates after 30,000 years is amazing.

There are life forms on this planet with extremely long lives. Mostly it is plants. Some reptiles and birds have extremely long life cycles. Turtles come to mind. Some parrots have extremely long lives.

The trick is the clock built into all of us. Cancer cells appear to have extremely long life spans. Somehow the clock is broke in them. They reproduce immortal cells. So a plant that when consumed would stop the aging process is entirely possible. The question is whether it is consumable for humans. Nothing says the mythical gods were human. They might have been part of our family tree though. Mixed breeding was possible according to the myths and children were born from such mixes. The tales tell of the women aging and dying while the male gods lived on in a state of youth. The demigods were the result of this mix. They also showed long lives.

Barring accidents, I believe an altered cell structure could cure the aging disease. I think something vital is missing. That vital element makes us go terminal cancer instead of stopping the aging process. The trick is for the cancerous element to take over the processes of the body functions instead of destroying the body. I believe that might be a metabolic metamorphis into a new creature.

The other trick is to regain the regeneration of body parts. The cells have to rebuild the body from scratch over time. That includes every part of the body. The brain is no exception. It would have to be a gradual process. Everything from limbs being regenerated to all vital organs being renewed. We would have to be protected in some way from disease and accidental death. Possibly we would have to have some form of machine that would instantly back up what we are in the form of a memory-related data base. Some form of transporter might work. Instead of transporter it would produce a duplicate of the being that has died.

I have often wondered about the Star Gate sci fi and the god’s process of going into a box and coming out whole. Even if they died, the process reversed the entire death process to bring someone back to life. It was explained away as endorphins. I suggest it might have been time reversal. Taking a body and actually putting time in reverse makes more sense. But then the person loses whatever memories one has back to that point when they died.

Under that process, we could revive practically anyone from the molecules of their bodily remains. Giving them immortal life would be possible.

It is nice to know that life can begin after 30,000 years as a seed. It means there is no limits as to what is really possible.

What happens when you die and we all do sometime.

The law of physics. Nothing is ever created or destroyed. It is simply changed to a different form.

The bible says we came from the dust of the earth and we shall return to dust.

The bible even recognizes ghosts. In the Holy Ghost as an example.

The bible recognizes something called a Soul that is entirely separate from the body.

Other religions also recognize life after death. Minus the body of course. They recognize something called a soul.  My definition of the “soul” then becomes very important to the entire concept of religion and people surviving the death process.

The soul is what is left after the body has shut down. After the brains right and left have shut down. The soul is said to separate from the body at death. This makes the body a dead piece of meat. It is that which has been discarded.

The soul appears to contain the memories of the person after departing the body. How much of those memories are retained is anyone’s guess. I see no reason why all the memories  might be retained in the Soul.

The question then becomes where does the soul reside? I suggest that the soul is like the operator of a computer. The memories, the actions of the machine, are all controlled by the Soul. When the machine (in this case our body) shuts down, then the operator separates from the body into an ether of some kind. It is possible that the soul is in a parallel universe attached to our own. Or it is a natural part of the universe that we are not aware of in our physical bodies. What happens after death is any one’s guess. We think souls go to a place of judgment. From there, they are separated into a groups that go to a good place and those that are sent to a bad place to be punished. Most of the world’s religions are based on this concept.

There is very little hard evidence that this is so. One piece comes from the Hindus. A two young women in two different villages died. One wanted to die and the other didn’t. The one that didn’t want to die took the body of the one that did want to die. She retained her memories from her original body that died. There are tales of this happening in Hindu areas of the world. Again it is part of their belief system that this can occur, so it is fairly sketchy on facts.

But what if it is true. Then the Soul does contain a person’s memories. The Soul becomes the ghost. The ghost can come back in special circumstances and enter another body.

The surviving hindu woman had no memories of the village she came to when she took over the other person’s body. She did remember all kinds of things from her native village.

The same area of the world maintains we are reborn over and over again into new baby bodies.

Anyone that is near someone that has died, can sense that the life has left the body. It is either like a fire going out and all that is left is the ashes, or the life force has departed and changed to a different form outside the body. Spiritualists believe the life force is in the form of a ghost or spirit. A lot of con artists have taken advantage of that belief. Very little evidence supports life after death.

Nothing is ever created or destroyed. Things change form. I use that as a basis that life may change form after death. That the soul might be a real thing. Most of the world’s religions believe a similar thing. Or they are all a bunch of con artists living off people’s desire that life exists after death.

My own personal belief system based on circumstantial evidence from a number of different sources leads me to believe that the soul actually exists. I personally believe that Jesus died on a cross for you and me. I believe that our only hope is that those that believe in Jesus will be restored to life at some future time in new bodies that are immortal. I have no knowledge of how, when, where, or what it will take for that to occur. I have asked him to be my boss. I would like him to take my soul into his care and I will serve him forever if necessary. I do not know the rules of that other place. But I am sure he will house train me just as we house train our pets. I know that if I am in his care then nothing bad will happen to me after I die. I simply have to take that on faith and from what I have read in both bible and other documents. I commit myself to love God also with all my heart and all my soul.

Consider this: If I am right I have committed myself to his service. He tells me his terms of my service to him. If I am wrong, then most likely within the next 40 years I am most certainly dead and gone. My body and life force are dead. I have neither gained nor lost anything I didn’t have before.  If I am right, I have gained everything . . .





A piece of fiction or is it fiction . . .

I dream. Mostly I am into fantasy and occasionally science fiction. Recently as my Type II diabetes has gotten worse, I have been in the habit of researching the disease from all angles. I came across a pattern I find extremely disturbing totally unrelated to diabetes.

Much of our food supply is partially poisoned.

The staple of life used to be bread. It was nutritious. It held all kind of vitamins. Then they bleached it. White bread was stripped of most of the vitamins. They even stripped it then attempted to put vitamins and flavor back in after the process. Only when heart attacks in people’s 20s and 30s became common did people recognize what had been done. It is still done today.

Lab based sweetners. In the 50s, the FDA approved these chemical based sweetners for use in sugar water. Namely various flavored and carbonated drinks. Only after people started having mini-strokes did it become apparent what had been altered was not good for us.

It is the Monsanto GM foods that concern me the most. We have no idea how much of it has infiltrated our food supply. What significance does the altered foods have? Over sterilization with pasteurization alters delicate chemical balances.What could possibly motivate these people to harm large segments of our population.

Nature has a method of eliminating what it does not want. It is called sterilization. Could we be causing our own demises? Much of the GM food is sterile. It does not go beyond a single planting. The seeds for the second generation are no good. You have to buy the seeds over again from Monsanto. Could this sterilization be passed on to human beings? Could our population take a one generation dive?

Another enemy to population growth was introduced in the 60s. It is called birth control. There is many a woman out there that found themselves dead over birth control. In a certain segment of our female population it causes strokes and seizures. It also drastically reduces the next generation of population.

Then there is abortion. More people have been eliminated by abortion than all our wars in history. According to one source we are looking at a potential population reduction of 50 billion people since the 70s. That is when Roe vs Wade made abortion legal.

Do you see the common theme here? The theme is population reduction by various companies and individuals.

Then my old sci fi brain kicked in. I have read science fiction and fantasies most of my life. What if . . . a similar life form to our own, only from another planet decided they wanted the Earth for themselves? Carefully making their appearance the same as our own human form, these aliens infiltrated our industries. Slowly as to not cause alarm, they introduced various factors to reduce and finally sterilize large segments of the Human population.

Perhaps they started with artificial bread that tasted better than the nutritious bread. Perhaps they introduced artificial sugar to eliminate people allergic to it, causing fatal brain injuries. Perhaps they introduced birth control for women so that they had 2 children instead of 6 to 8 in previous generations. Then they introduced laws making abortion legal, destroying 50 billion or more babies in 30 years. Then they introduced altered foods sterilizing large numbers of the population. In one generation, they could eliminate over half the human population on this planet.

If I am right, it is pretty scary. The next step would be a world war to decimate the largest population centers in the world. China would be one. India might be another. America could be totally depopulated overnight. All it would take would be one huge plague released from a lab somewhere. Or it could come from idiots at the top deciding war was the only answer to nations gone broke.

When would they reveal themselves? Probably after the world population is reduced to slavery. They would arrive with pomp and circumstance. They would promise to “fix” everything that is wrong in return for governing the world. These aliens must have small populations that are extremely long lived. Within a generation or two, they would reveal that they are actually our ancient gods and should really be worshipped. Education and science would be eliminated in favor of the god’s technology which would appear to be magic. (Science that is 250 to 500 thousand years old, should be well in advance of anything we currently have.)

Those that supported them would be given long lives and superior medical advantages. The “gods” would reveal that they are actually immortals and we are merely mortals with short life spans. They might have cures for Diabetes, cancer, heart disease, old age, etc.

These “gods” would then reveal how our world religions are all mistaken. (This has been a goal of a lot of scientists for years.) Perhaps “Jesus” would come back to take over Christianity. Or is it really an alien posing as such? That is a mixed up process that is beyond my understanding. The predicted Anti-Christ poses as Christ in the Bible . . .

Well, now you have seen my little fantasy. The real question here is: Is it a fantasy or is it real . . . As much as I would love a lifespan of a couple of thousand years . . . As much as I would love a cure for my type II diabetes and a cure for future cancer that is probably in my future . . . I simply wonder what the motivation of these aliens might be, if they indeed do exist. Hopefully this pattern is simply my fantasy based on reading too many good science fiction books.



Obamacare and birth control pills and the day after pills . . .

There is a big controversy right now in the political arena over the above titled headline meaning.

It is a little bit more complicated than either side is willing to admit.

Nature is cruel. It disperses a large number of sperm to match up with a limited number of eggs in a woman. Most of those sperm die. End of story. Occasionally one makes contact with an egg and a new human being is born. Well we have a planet full of those “accidents.” The eggs die too. Once a month a woman has a mess on her hands as long as she hasn’t had an operation to stop it. That is the way nature works.

Now once an sperm and an egg combine, a human being is conceived. Anywhere in the next nine months it can spontaneously abort. It is called a miscarriage.

Women desperately want control over this situation. After all, it ties them down for nine months, destroys their figure and attraction by the opposite sex, and for the next 20-30 years they are responsible for a human being and its development. The other side of this picture isn’t pretty either. If they get that control a human being dies . . . Our laws concerning this are divided at best. If once a human being is visible, then it is murder. If it happens during pregnancy it isn’t that simple legally.

A woman’s body goes through a number of drastic changes the first time she is pregnant. Mood swings are common. Hormones play a drastic role in depression-related metabolism changes to accommodate a growing baby in her womb. In this time period a lot of women are very vulnerable. This is the time where an understanding male mate goes through a certain amount of hell as the mood swings, morning sickness, and body changes happen. Nature is cruel. Neither is birth without a certain amount of torture as the child is born. For some it is easy. For most it is difficult. Afterwards, for a lot of people, there is the wonderful reward of raising a child. You know never getting enough sleep, midnight feedings, oil changes, etc.

A lot of women feel it is their right to abort. To kill that child before it ever becomes a visible problem. They want the government to help them do that by providing the money necessary through insurance to do that.

The Bishops of the Catholic religion feel that women should not have that right. They should not have the right to kill their children under any circumstances. I am cutting through the bullshit at this point that intellectuals have put in place to make it sound nice. Kill a child not a cell structure, we are talking about legal murder if the child is undeveloped to a certain point without a developed brain.

Nature takes the attitude of survival of the fittest. All those sperm cells and most of those eggs die. But once an egg and a sperm combine, you have the seed of a human being in development.

What the law wants to do is provide semi-free birth control for everyone. They want you to be able to murder that seed after it combines the day after pill.

Where the churches and the women fall flat on their faces is that the human species depends on women having babies. The churches fail because many of these women do not have fathers of the children in the home. So they are stuck. They are going to have to raise a child with all the expenses of in both money and time of raising those bastard children. The children are short changed because without a role model in the home on the male side of things, they are likely to grow up and have bastard children out of wedlock themselves. This is intolerable. The churches have a morale obligation they are not fulfilling.

Once an unwed mother has a child, someone, somewhere has to help them raise that child to its full potential. And that is not happening.

The democrat way is to murder the child before it is born.

The republican way is to bring the child to term and then ignore the tremendous burden of raising said children.

I suggest we need laws to make the raising of the child a lot easier under the game plan. The government makes the rules. Under the current rules neither side of this question can win.

Your next Edison, Einstein, Bill Gates, Steve Jobs, or any number of bright individuals are dependent on us changing the system of illegitimate birth. That does not mean murdering the children. It means the religions of the world have to change so that men feel they have to find the right person, marry that person, and give those children a home to be raised in that gives them the right training in life. It means women’s priorities have to change as well. They do not have it easy in a world full of illegitimate children and single parenthood.

The dumbest thing I have seen in 50 years is changing the rules so that parenthood has no legitimate encouragement in our tax system. You are financially better off to stay single and have children out of wedlock. Well those rules need to change.

If you have to have birth control in our lives, then make it a paid option that you have to pay for separate from your insurance. If you want that day after pill, then it needs to be a paid option not a mandatory thing on everyone.

We all pursue our own ideas of religious belief. That even goes for Atheist and Agnostics. It goes for scientists as well. Under my belief system, many of them will burn in Hell. Maybe that is why they have such a hard time with religious beliefs. If we are right, then they burn. If we are wrong, then there is nothing after death. We die and go back to being inert matter, most likely dust. Under their system, convenience is morale. Whatever is convenient, is morale. Under the religious systems, which influence even people that do not believe, there are rules of morale behavior.

One of those rules universal throughout most religious beliefs is it is wrong to murder a child. I define child as a developing being from conception.



A different view on the origin of planets

We are told the planets probably formed out of the left over gas from the formation of stars. That is a mouthful . . .

I maintain the planets were formed from the debris left over from stars that had devolved from hydrogen burning to white dwarfs to exploding supernovas. The large amount of complex molecules leads me to believe this solution rather than the first one.

We are circling the galaxy core. It stands to reason, that so is the dust from exploded stars also orbiting the galactic core. The laws governing momentum seem to apply. The heavier the object, the more likely you are going to have drag as more and more dust is encountered including a lot of light helium and hydrogen atoms. So where did all the oxygen atoms come from? Where did most of the water come from in our solar system? Europa appears to be full of water. So do several moons and minor planets in the outer solar system have lots of frozen water on them.

Even Mars is thought to have underground oceans around a lot of the equator regions. This is only possible if you are dealing with complex molecules such as oxygen that has formed a bond with hydrogen. Where did all this oxygen come from? More important, when did it combine with free hydrogen to form water?

Another point is temperature. Most of the solar system is too cold to be combining oxygen and hydrogen to become a liquid water. So it had to form around a larger body with better temperatures radiating out from that body. There are only 4 such bodies that we definitely know of in the Solar System. Uranus, Neptune, Saturn, and Jupiter are those bodies. Neptune and Uranus appear to have temperatures in the -220 range. Jupiter is much more volatile. It has huge radiation belts around it. Do not know much about Saturn’s radiation belts if they even exist. The point is Jupiter is hot. Do not know if Saturn is hot as well. Very little data on that planet. What is important is the large amount of hydrogen int he atmosphere. It would appear to be there is a lot of water around the moons of the planet.

This is a source where much of the water in the solar system might have come from.
The question now becomes how did it get distributed to the other planets and their moons?




A thought about the Milky Way

The Milky Way is our own galaxy. What exactly is it?

According to astronomers it is a Super-sized Black Hole somewhere in the center. Everything rotates around that center. We are at least on the second or third such rotation around the center.

The center sucks stars into it as they approach the black hole. Thus the center becomes denser as time goes on. The outer legs show signs of running cold creating an exceptional amount of matter.

All of this rotation must be a product of huge gravitational wells within the black hole. In other words the black hole is rotating.

That rotation does not really make sense unless the black hole itself is orbiting an even bigger black hole somewhere in space. Somewhere there must be an even bigger black hole that all the galaxies are rotating around. No one knows how big a gravitational pull would be necessary to make that happen.

Which brings up another question: How big a black hole can space contain? Is there a limit to the size of a big hole? At what point do you reach this critical size if there is one? What happens at critical mass?

What happens to the matter thrown off by the spin? Does it reach orbit status and gradually come back within range of the Center Hole? Or does it gradually get attracted by Stars within the legs of the galaxy? The black areas between the legs might hold huge amounts of cold matter. As the stars rotate around the core then they pick up all sorts of smaller and older debris.

This brings up the next question: What if one of these bodies floated into the gravity of the Sun? Would we gain another planet around the Sun? Space is very big. It might only happen once in a very great while. Could that be how Venus came to be where it is in our Solar System?

Or how about the many moons around the outer planets. Where did they originate from?

All of this depends on the answers we discover in the next few years as our instruments get better and better in observing the known universe. That is why we need to fund them.