Be afraid, very afraid . . .

by chumchingee

The other day, Rand Paul was detained for two hours. Rand Paul is a Republican from Kentucky. He was detained by TSA agents because of a malfunction in the scanning equipment. The equipment in question randomly malfunctions to allow TSA agents to stop people and search them. Rand Paul refused to be handled.

Under the Constitution of the country he was illegally detained.

The government in the form of the White House defended the TSA as simply “doing their jobs” even though it was a US Congressman involved. He missed his flight. He was illegally detained. He missed a congressional session.

Who watches the policeman? Apparently no one. Certainly not the White House executives set over this agency. Ramd Paul is a registered Republican. The White House is Democrat.

The TSA agents involved were just doing their job. Their job also entails protecting us from intrusions against our constitutional rights. He had a right to be in DC voting on issues in that session of Congress. It was pointed out in the article exposing this that they were legally entitled to put him in jail for interfering with a police officer. They are correct as far as it goes. They are wrong when they directly oppose federal laws concerning congressmen.

This means that any congressman can be arbitrarily arrested for any or no reason whatsoever. According to laws just passed by this Congress that is now so.

It means that the congressional session held while Rand Paul was not there was illegal. Anything passed while he was not present is unconstitutional. It was an illegal session because he was prevented from attending by a White House representative in the form of the TSA. The White House is from the opposing political party. I repeat myself on purpose. It is a political action of a military form.

Congress, you are going to have to redo the entire session that he missed. He was illegally kept from attending.

I suggest that the laws recently passed are illegal. Under the constitution, you cannot set up a police state. You cannot willfully set up a military where people have no due process. No exception is made for times of war in this case. The people that wrote that document were well aware of what happens in times of war. They did not want it set up so that our government could be set aside because of circumstances of war. It is too easy for that to become a permanent situation.

Now if I could just get those Supreme Court Judges to grow some guts and throw these laws out . . . Or will they also find themselves in a position of disappearing behind some military jail?

I suggest that our military has a fine record of protecting our constitution historically. It is one of the things that they swear to do when they became military. Gee guys, you really think taking orders that are unconstitutional meets that sworn oath? Well, I have been military. The training I received there, set me up to succeed later in life. I have a deep respect for our military. I have no respect for oath breakers. And that is what we might be dealing with somewhere down the road. A lot of these military have no idea they are violating their oaths to protect the constitution before taking orders from a government that is not. They are simply not educated to think for themselves in many cases.

Neither am I against proper security. I once told a young black man in London just that. He was very polite and professional. He asked to search me and my on board luggage as routine and random searches, apologizing to me the entire time. I told him he had no need to apologize to me. I felt he was doing his job. I have been an Air Policeman charged with security. I cooperated with him any way I could. I told him he was a hero in my eyes because he was actually attempting to save my life and everyone else on board that aircraft. And I meant it then, and I mean it now. Professional and polite policemen have my deep respect.

Thugs have no business being in the security business. Polite, honest, prepared, sincere security forces go a long way to giving the profession the respect that it deserves. People that trample all over people’s rights and feelings have no business in the TSA. There is no place for that kind of police force here. I would rather have boy scouts doing security than people that trample over people’s feelings for no valid reason. I think the Boy Scouts, the Rangers, and other training along that line, would go a lot further than intimidation and bully tactics at our transportation terminals.

These thugs did a disservice to the TSA when they detained a United States Congressman. There is not excuse for this. Neither should the laws be set up to allow it. Should, Would, Could are all words of failure. They are used frequently in our jails. In this case, the center of attention should be our US Congress and what they are willing to do to stop this abuse. They deserve whatever they get next November if they do not have the courage to do something about the current way TSA operates. I suggest abandoning the entire TSA and figure out a better way to handle security.

I suggest also that any laws giving ultimate power to any agency be rules unconstitutional and disallowed.

I think it is time that we took our own country back from these thugs.